Legacy Five, Freedom Quartet Kickstarter campaigns concluding today

Over the last month—here and here—we have covered the Kickstarter campaigns from Legacy Five and Freedom Quartet. Both conclude today. Legacy Five’s campaign, which has exceeded its $25,000 goal (currently at $26,557), concludes in about ninety minutes. 

Freedom’s has 16 hours to go—it concludes around midnight—and is currently $475 away from its $5000 goal. (If they do not hit their goal, they get none of the money pledged.) So fans of John Rulapaugh, Burman Porter, and Dale Shipley may want to check out the campaign here.

UPDATE, 9 AM: Legacy Five’s project has been successfully funded. The final total was $26,492; one or more donors must have cancelled or shrunk their pledges within the last few minutes of the campaign.

UPDATE, 11 AM: Freedom has also reached their goal.

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  1. Whoever withdrew some from Legacy 5 might put it in Freedoms pocket.

  2. It looks like Freedom got a big donation that pushed them over their goal! $5,035 now!!

    • Very cool! Thanks for the update!

  3. It feels good to be able to support something that will make a difference in this world we live in. I am glad that both projects achieved their goals, and I am honored to be a small part of this achievenemt. Thanks, Daniel, for keeping us posted!