Saturday News Roundup #200

Milestones are fun! Thanks to everyone who has commented on past Saturday News Roundups. What you’ve done to make it a conversation instead of a monologue is the reason this column has reached its 200th post.

Worth Knowing

  • The Dixie Echoes’ most recent email newsletter announced that they’re working on a new recording to come out in early 2014. Notably, for the first time in around a decade, it will include “brand new songs from some of the most popular songwriters in the industry.”
  • Worth reading: Musicscribe’s interview with Scotty Inman.

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Saturdayโ€”you decide!

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  1. I’m still waiting for some news from the Gaither Vocal Band. There are some recent videos on youtube on which Wesley Pritchard is apparantly filling in the lead part, but I haven’t sean any official announcments yet.

    • I wasn’t really expecting any announcement over the Thanksgiving weekend. Gaither might even wait till the first of the year; not sure.

    • I saw the Gaither Homecoming Christian Spectacular last night in Indianaplis. There was no mention of any replacements; however, Adam Crabb was filling in and doing a great job. It also happened to be Mark’s last performance with them and he was as funny and irreverent as always. He will surely be missed although I see Kevin Williams filling the comedic gap. I know of no other person that can put on a presentation like Bill. 12,000 in attendance and over $560,00 was raised for the Wheeler Mission. By the way, Carl Erskine (former ’50s Brooklyn Dodger pitcher) plays a mean harmonica.

      • Was the last comment completely random, or was he there and did Gaither bring him on stage? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Carl was there, Bill brought him on stage and he played three tunes with Buddy Greene. It was not in jest when I said that he played the harmonica well. Carl is from Anderson, Indiana about 12 miles from where Bill Gaither lives. He has been not only a successful businessman but also very active in his church as well as many youth programs. Without question he is a positive example of christian living.

      • Thanks! That’s cool!

      • Now that Mark Lowry’s mother has passed away, he has revised his schedule. He won’t be with the GVB for this weekend’s 3 concerts, so he only has 3 more dates with them this year!

      • My wording wasn’t the best on that last post. Makes it sound like I was anticipating her passing. I should have said “In view of his mother’s passing…” I apologize for not proofing my post better!

        I in fact feel for Mark and his family right now. Praying the Lord would be with them and comfort them during this time.

      • No worries; I understood what you meant.

  2. I always look forward to the Saturday News Roundup. #200 is quite a milestone. I am certain that I speak for many when I say THANK YOU for keeping us informed.

    • You’re welcome! It was a cool milestone!

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work – I look forward to reading the blog every day and only wish I’d found it sooner! Keep on keeping on and know how much you’re appreciated!

    • You’re welcome! Thank you very much!

  4. Other news, TBN founder Paul Crouch passes away.

    TBN, though considered infamous by many, has brought us (and I’m sure will continue bringing us) some fantastic broadcasts of SG events.

    • Thanks!

      Well, technically, I don’t think *he* will continue to bring them to us, though the network he founded will. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes, the network he founded will. Hey, I’m still learning English.

      • Oh, I’m sorry! Your command of our language is so solid that I assumed you had been speaking English since birth. (That’s a compliment!)

      • Thanks for the compliment, you’re too kind ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You’re welcome, but the compliment was earned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I like to keep up with certain SG groups, and reading a blurb on Legacy Five’s page, they mention their thanks to someone for the Cracker Barrel restaurant, and about how expensive it is to feed a crew of 30 on the road for 18 days. Just curious if those kind of daily expenses are covered by the group typically or if the individuals pay as they go, so to speak?

    • It’s often a mixture. Groups often cover some meals and members others. Some probably cover all and some none, though.

  6. Did you see the tweet I sent you, #Jubilee Christmas opening night? @RitaTow

    • I see it now! Thanks! Glad to hear it went so well!

  7. I was at Gaither Christmas in Indianapolis 11-30 Bill said we are looking at Adam and he is looking at us I felt he did a good job He is different from Michael but has very strong voice Bill announced they had 560000 at intermission he challenged everybody to give to a roving group in building to try for a Million no results were announced ….Great Gaither Event

    • Crabb did a great job but I think they need to avoid songs that were intended for Michael. They had him do Rasslin Jacob and he struggled with it a little. He just can’t hit the high notes like Michael. I think it would just help out whoever the lead ends up being to do stuff not so associated with Michael to cut down on the comparisons.

    • Was anything said at the concert that would indicate it was Mark’s last performance with the group? I wanted to try to get another source in addition to the comment above from DARRELLININDIANA.

      • Not that I heard.

      • Thank you for the input.

      • I may have misspoke about Mark. I thought he was only singing until the end of the year and this was their last performance this year. Nothing was said.

      • No problem! Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses! Notwithstanding the fundraising event in Indianapolis Saturday, their normal tour has ended and now they are doing all Christmas shows for the rest of the year. Maybe that was what you heard?

    • I know this gets confusing but is it Adam or Aaron Crabb? In another post I referred to Adam Crabb as the one filling in and someone corrected me that it was Aaron. Have both of them now filled in with GVB or just one of them? If so which one is it?

      • Adam Crabb is the one who’s been filling in with the GVB. To my knowledge, Aaron hasn’t filled in. He is currently singing full time with Canton Junction.

  8. I think it will once a new project comes out and Adam gets songs that play to his strengths vocally the Michael comparsions will stop

    • Sounds like you are assuming he is getting hired. I get the impression he is just filling in….

      • I think he is just filling in as well.

      • Who else do you think is a contender for the job

  9. Mark Lowry has posted that his mother, Bev, passed away this evening.

    • I noticed that a couple of minutes ago, and I’ve been drafting a post.

  10. I never knew this guy sang with the Melody Boys!

    • I did! It must have been a while since I discussed it in a post, though! I have a CD he did with them.