The 50,000th Comment Contest

This site is rapidly approaching the milestone of 50,000 approved comments. (We’re less than 350 comments away.) We had contests awarding the people who made our 10,000th comment (here) and our 30,000th comment (here). Let’s keep up the tradition, and give out a prize to the person who makes comment #50,000!

The Prize

The winner will receive three CDs:

  • Cathedrals – A Farewell Celebration
  • Dixie Melody Boys – Smooth and Easy (Dan Keeton, Bryan Walker, Andrew King, Ed O’Neal)
  • Dove Brothers – Sing the Quartet Way (John Rulapaugh, McCray Dove, Eric Dove, Burman Porter)

If the winner already has one of the CDs, he/she can choose to have one of them sent to the person who made comment #50,001.

The Rules

A comment is disqualified if it (a) is not within this site’s simple comment guidelines, (b) is inconsequential (e.g. “Lol,” “Yeah,” “I agree,” or “great post”), (c) is identical to posts you just made on other threads. If a comment is disqualified, the next qualifying comment wins.

Let’s consider today’s post an open thread to talk about anything Southern Gospel-related. To kick that off: How did you first hear about this site?

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  1. I ran across this post when I Google’d Mack Taunton. I was able to catch up with what Mack was doing. I had contacted Steven a couple of times, but last time I tried to contact him, I did not have a response. Would love to hear from Mack, since I had a long history with him from the Flint Baptist Temple days. He is a great man.

  2. I wish I could remember. I know I have checked in almost everyday since Day One. Thanks for keeping it current and posting everyday.

  3. I believe I first came across this site via Google. I’m not sure what I was searching for, but now that I’ve found this site, it has become addictive.

  4. I discovered this site through Aaron Swain and i check here for all things southern gospel

  5. I believe I first came across this blog while searching for info on the changes in the Gaither Vocal Band back in 2009. Since then, it has become my “go-to” source. I appreciate not only the articles, but also the informative and enlightening comments. The conversations are always positive and never demeaning, like you see on other forums. In many other blogs and forums, the first 5 or 10 comments or relevant, and it just goes down-hill from there, even to the point of name- calling and bashing of faiths. Daniel has done a tremendous job of explaining and enforcing the comment guidelines.

    Overall I just find this to be a great source of information and discussion in the field of southern gospel music. I enjoy reading all the different insights and opinions. Plus I think it’s very cool that the artists even chime in from time to time.

  6. I came across the site through searching SG-related things on Google…the CD reviews would often come up, and I read them, then became hooked!

  7. I’ve been here so long I don’t remember how I got onto this blog. Maybe Daniel does, we’ve had several e-mail conversations over the years. I like Joseph, appreciate all the articles and comments. But one of the things I like best that I save are posts Daniel does on missing lyrics, and lyrics to songs I sometimes can’t remember. I love song lyrics. They’re the most portable theology we have, even if you only remember the chorus!!!! Happy Holidays, ya”all!!! And a Blessed 2014!!!!

  8. I came across this site by googling southern gospel blogs. It came out as the first one. I think it is with good reason. I find it to be very up to date. I love the different kinds of topics that are discussed and the positive format of the comments. Thanks for holding the line!!

  9. I heard about this site from another site. I believe it was Aaron Swain’s site, if I’m not mistaken. I check it every day to keep up with all of the news and “going’s on” in Southern Gospel Music. Thank you for your love for the music and the artists in the field!

  10. From the three cd’s listed, Do we get our choice of which three cd’s we want?…….
    Thanks Daniel you always come up with great things to keep your blog interesting.

    • The winner gets all three, unless said winner declines one or more of them. 🙂

  11. Thanks to everyone for the comments about how you found this! I find this to be fascinating!

  12. Did I win?

    • Yes, Pat. The coveted “Most Facetious Bass Vocalist” award goes to you.

    • Pat i want a singers perspective maybe to get in the head if Gaither David and Wes but i wanted what does a group manager or remaining group members look for in a new hire

  13. Does “ROLL TIDE” count as acceptable. (be careful, I still want to be friends after this contest)

    • It sure doesn’t offend me! I’m not even sure the name of the team it’s associated with. All I know is that it was sung at the opening of one of the greatest Southern Gospel live albums ever. 🙂

  14. Tuscaloosa live doesn’t give you a hint?

    • Well, I know it’s one of the teams that plays in Alabama, since that album was recorded in Alabama. 🙂

  15. There’s two universities in Alabama? I’m only familiar with the university of Alabama.

    • I actually started my Bachelor’s degree through distance learning at another state university in Alabama, Troy State University Montgomery. I have no idea if it had a sports team, though, or what other universities there are in the state and what sports teams they may field. 🙂

  16. I started reading this site only 3 weeks ago. I was looking for news about GVB’s changes. I checked an on line mag, all they had was the hard facts. I wanted to know what people were saying about it. I saw this blog listed close under that mag & clicked it . I hit PAYDIRT. There were already over 250 comments about who MIGHT replace ML & ME. It took me 2 days, but I think I read them all. I have been back to your site every day since. You put forth good topics & have an informed group of commenters.

    • Thank you! Wow – it’s neat to hear from a newcomer! 🙂

  17. I first found this site on a Google search for Legacy Five back in 2005. I had just heard a copy of the “Monuments” project, and it was my first exposure to Southern Gospel music. I wanted to know everything about the group and the music! This site was in the top five search results, and I’ve been reading ever since.

    Congrats on reaching this milestone!

    • Thanks! It’s especially neat to hear from you, since a couple people who’ve commented mentioned that they first heard about this site on your own! 🙂

      • Yes, which is a shock! I’m glad they found their way here, though; it’s a good community of commenters. 🙂

      • Thanks! I’m glad they read your site, too. 🙂 Southern Gospel is far stronger when there are a number of strong bloggers out there!

  18. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the first thing that brought me here was Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver news. I think my first comment was on your review of their Help Is on the Way album in August of 2008.

    It’s kind of ironic, because in the five years since, southern gospel has totally dominated my music interest, and I listen to bluegrass every now and then. Back then, it was the other way around.

  19. I first found this site when I discovered the GVB, and my hero, Wes Hampton. So I was desperately searching the internet for southern gospel bloggers, I found the enLighten page that has SG News and Views, found and have checked it every day since.

    • Thank you! enLighten’s page listing the most recent stories on a variety of SG sites is one of the coolest ways to keep up with what’s going on across SG’s portion of the Internet.

      • I recently found the SG News and Views page and now use it as my hub for SG internet browsing. Its usually how I arrive at this site everyday.

      • The enLighten page really is great, it helped me discover yankeegospelgirl’s page and musicscribe.

  20. I found this site about 4 weeks or so ago.
    Whenever the GVB news hit. I was heartbroken, because I had just reacquainted myself with SG music after many years of not listening.
    My daughter took me to a David Phelps concert in Indianapolis on July 19th and I was hooked on David. Then I started getting the GVB DVD’s and I bought everyone that I could find with the Phelps, English, Hampton, Lowery, Gaither lineup. Plus, all I could find of David’s solo albums.
    Then, I was just settling in to enjoying my new found friends when the breakup happened.

    Back to the point of the thread….I did a Google search for ANY news about what was happening and I came across this blog. Long story short, I have returned here everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day to read.

    Daniel, I must say you have a very informative group of people that frequent here. It has been a pleasure. 🙂

    • Thank you! You all who join in the comments make it a pleasure! 🙂

  21. Hi Daniel — Like others have stated I honestly can’t recall when I found it! Years?? I can tell you that you and this blog have become an integral part of my day. I check in every morning because I know there will be fresh, up-to-date material. (I do miss the book reviews web site).

    • Cool; thanks! You’re probably the first person in two years to mention that site!

  22. Not sure as to when I found this site, but I’m certainly glad that I did. Where else could I read the witty posts of Ed and his equally handsome and humble counterpart, Pat Barker?

    BTW Pat, sorry to learn of the tragic fire at the University of Alabama library. Both books burned up…

    • It wasn’t a huge loss. Most of the pop-up pages were torn anyway.

  23. I found this place last year sometime. I actually remember being on Dianna Brantley’s old sgconcerts site and I’m pretty sure I found this blog along with a lot of other blogs too on her recommendation list. I can’t remember my first post, I just remember being amazed at the amount of coverage Daniel was (is) giving on SG music. Plus, the name was easy to remember so that probably helped bring me back. Now, it’s the first thing I check after my email.

  24. A few years back — not even going to guess the year — I got a phonecall from my sister who lives in central Tennessee. (We’re from Indiana, where I still reside.) She said the Gaither Vocal Band had just announced their new tenor. I said yes I’d heard the same — somebody-or-other Hampton so some such. She responded that it was Wesley Hampton and she knew him; he had actually been in her house when he was a little tyke. Further explanation found that when my sister and family lived in western Tennessee (Nut Bush TN, home of Tina Turner, to be exact) where her husband was from, she had a birthday party for her oldest son, and the guests were the boys from his elementary class, and that included little Wes Hampton.

    A couple years ago I spoke with Wes at NQC in this regard, and when I mentioned my sister’s last name, he nearly shouted my nephew’s entire name. 🙂 Wes was so friendly and genuinely excited to hear about my nephew and his family (wife and 3 daughters). I love it when our favored performers are “real”, down-to-my-level people.

    (So — there’s my contribution — and we still need over 300 more posts before we reach 50,000 …) Next?!

    • That’s so cool! Wes is one of the more down-to-earth people I’ve met.

      By the way: Thanks to comments on other threads, we’re well under 300 comments away.

  25. Love the blog! Saturday news round up ALWAYS gets read on the iphone! Keeps me current in the news since i came off the road.

    • Thanks! I’m glad the column is proving useful. I think it took a while to catch on, but I also think it’s found its niche now.

  26. I actually found this site the last Friday Night of this years NQC 2013 free streaming. Someone mentioned that your blog was posting info of each group & activities from behind the scenes. I look forward to you blog every day. God bless you for bringing the southern gospel community news of our favorite groups & singers.

    • Julia, He does! And one of the biggest blessings – the one that keeps me going – is the commenters who keep it a conversation and not just a monologue. I’d get tired of just talking into the wind by myself pretty quickly!

  27. I’ve already told of my first encounter with this blog, the Guy Penrod april fools story.

    Since this is an open thread let me take advantage and of it to alert all Mark Trammell fans to tune in to a channel called 3ABN at 1pm GMT (about three hours from now). Brother Trammell will be singing a couple of solos. The program will be repeated at 7pm GMT (about 9 hours from now). I’ve seen the program before, but it’s always nice to watch it again.

    • …advantage and of……

    • Brother Mark Trammell just finished singing christmas music for 45 minutes on 3ABN, did anyone tune in? Wow, that man sure can sing!

  28. Not sure how to go about posting a new topic news bulletin…I have not kept tabs on M. English’s personal tour, but just learned he is scheduled into a West TN auditorium April 18, 2014. Tickets go on sale TODAY. This was not even announced on our local radio before this morning. Is this sudden??

    • Not necessarily; scheduling a concert five or six months out is fairly normal.

  29. I’m another one who doesn’t remember how long I’ve been following the blog…daily…! I remember seeing it listed somewhere else; but again, I don’t remember where! I’ll just say it’s old age creeping up on me. 🙂

    I’m anxious to see where GVB is heading; and knowing Bill’s commitment, it will be as good as possible!

    BTY, speaking of GVB, I have family in Lynchburg, VA, so will be watching for Bev Lowry’s obituary in their newspaper. Too bad I’m not visiting there right now. I’ve never met Mark, but he’s “top-notch” and will be sorely missed on GVB.

    Thanks, Daniel, for all your work on the blog. I couldn’t go without it. 🙂

  30. Lol, yeah…I agree,, this is a great post!

    But seriously, you do an excellent job Daniel! I’m so glad that you keep this blog going. I check it everyday, and get notifications through facebook as well. It’s the best way to help me keep on top of what’s going on – and that’s something I need!

    Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see who wins!

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I won’t disqualify a comment simply because it contains “lol” or “I agree,” provided it contains something of substance, as well. 🙂

  31. Found your site looking for why David left the Inspirations . I find your site very entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! I shall certainly try!

  32. Here’s an unusual milestone: I just noticed that this morning’s post is the 3,333rd published post on this site. 🙂

  33. I see some people mentioning the GVB and leads me to this question: what’s going on with them? We heard several weeks ago that two members were history and it sounded like Bill had already picked replacements. And to date, I haven’t heard anything more. Did I miss something? Did I miss Bill’s phone call? 🙂

    • Another commenter on this site hinted that a reliable source told him that Bill had two “unknowns” stepping into the roles. Of course, that’s a relative term; some of us may have seen at least one of the “new” faces singing somewhere else for a time.

      I’d imagine that, like the announcement of the five-man lineup with English and Lowry, we’ll see something near the beginning of the new year; a fresh start of sorts.

    • Some people believe that Bill has made a decision. The consensus seems to be that he has started discussing the position with at least one of the possible replacements, but that a final decision has not yet been reached. I’m not saying the consensus is right just because it’s a consensus, but that nonetheless seems to be the consensus position.

      • In other words, Daniel knows, but he is patiently waiting until the beginning of the year for people without “reliable sources” and “little birdies” to find out normally. 🙂

      • Pretty much everyone I know in Southern Gospel knows that I run a news website. So any time I’m told about personnel changes before it’s public knowledge, it’s either (a) on the condition that I keep it secret or (b) on the condition that I keep it secret until a certain time. Sometimes I know about changes weeks in advance; other times, I find out when the rest of the world does.

  34. Just noticed Joseph habedank has website with some tour dates scheduled for December…

    • Thanks for the tip! I just made the story this morning’s post.

  35. I can’t exactly remember but I believe I found your site during the Guy/Marshall leaving GVB time. However, when I did start I read so many of the back posts it’s hard to remember which post brought me in or if that’s what I was looking for at the time.

    Since Google R was discontinued I’ve been getting them by email so I don’t miss any of them. If I want to read the comments or more about it I go on to the website to finish the article there.

  36. I made this a seperate comment to get it closer to 50k 😉

    I would say my favorite regular post is the Saturday News Roundup because it catches all of the things I missed throughout the week. That is with reguards to your current lineup of regular series. You’ve had other series in the past which were really good and captivating as well.

    Thanks for all of your efforts!

    • Cool, and thanks! By the way, we’re less than 200 comments away now.

  37. I first found this site by just simply searching for Southern Gospel threads and here I am! I absolutely love this site. It keeps me up to date on the majority of all the happenings in Southern Gospel. I would love to win and get those three CDs btw! You do an amazing job Daniel! Keep it up!

  38. How are we doing on the comment number?

    • Well under the 200 mark, but not under the 100.

  39. If I can just drop in 200 relevant comments without anyone else saying anything, I’m guaranteed the prize!

    • Well, if you put in the time to find 200 old threads and post one relevant comment on each, I would say that the prize would be well deserved and fairly earned!

    • I’m quite tempted to do the same thing myself…

      • Either if you are welcome to do it, if you so desire. Without offering any opinions on whether it is a wise use of your time, I can say that, provided the comments genuinely add something to the discussion at hand, I would not disqualify them.

  40. I see where the dove brothers are looking for a tenor now.

  41. You are correct Jeremy ! The Dove Brothers have had some great tenors thru the years but I don’t mind saying Jonathan was my favorite ! Jonathan is coming off the road to spend more time with his 2 year old son and you can’t be upset with that because family is important ! So we are tenor hunting ! Let me also say this the Dove Brothers Band are doing fine ! No you don’t see are picture in the trade magazines you don’t see us in the top five qts anymore but we are singing and playing every week ! With the changes we have went thru since August I decided to wait on a new cd until we find the right tenor for the dove brothers ! We are still performing in Churches ‘ Aud etc and singing and playing Live Southern and Country GOSPEL MUSIC ! I know some of the industry don’t want to believe it but I’m sorry it’s true ! Yes I’m playing piano and left hand keyboard bass and singing and loving it ! Mike Salley plays the Steel, lead guitar, dobro and Banjo ! My nephew is still playing the drums ! Lance Jeffery took my brothers place singing the baritone and David Cable is singing the bass ! I will miss Jonathan price not only his singing but I will miss him period ! There is only two things you can do about change in your group ! You can go with the change or you can QUIT ! I’ve gave 27 years of my life to singing Gospel Music I’m not stopping now ! God always provides and he will again !

  42. I’m looking for a couple quartet Christmas songs for a program. What about a post for favorite non-traditional quartet songs? Or have u
    Done that in the past?

    • I believe I have, but it’s been a couple of years.

  43. I think I found it when searching for information on the runner from Ravenshead.

    • Wow! That’s an unexpected point of entry!

  44. The 50,000th comment has just been made!

    Ignore the part about comment-129284 in the link. That just means that there have also been 79,284 deleted comments (99%+ spam).