Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, December 2013

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon, Sonlite, Gaither Music Group, Stow Town, New Haven, Difference Media, Song Garden, Mansion, and major independent group releases where known.

December 2013

  • December: Christmas on Union Street, Union Street (independent)
  • 12/17: NQC Live Volume 13 CD/DVD (Crossroads)

January 2014

  • January: Title TBA, Mike Holcomb (Song Garden)
  • 1/7: Triplicity, Red Roots (Daywind)
  • 1/21: Drive, Doug Anderson (Stow Town / Provident)
  • 1/21: A Gathering, The Hoskins Family (Daywind)
  • 1/24: Best of the Booth Brothers, Booth Brothers (Gaither Music Group / Capitol)

February 2014

  • 2/4: Oh What a Savior, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound (CD/DVD) (Gaither Music Group / Capitol)
  • 2/18: Unashamed, Brian Free & Assurance (Daywind)

Worth noting: The Gaither Vocal Band Hymns CD, originally slated for earlier in the year, has been bumped back to March 4th. It has been removed from the currently visible Capitol Christian upcoming releases page (here). Could this be a sign that the vocals will be replaced with the new lineup? It could certainly make sense from a sales standpoint; that would have product for sale from the new lineup almost immediately.

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among major independent releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Legacy Five’s is supposed to be released sometime in January, I believe, but I don’t have a specific date.

    • I’m thinking that’s when people who contributed to the Kickstarter get it. I’m not sure that’s the retail date.

      • Good point.

  2. ie: gaither’s Hymns. In my humble opinion, 🙂 if it should win an award, you certainly want the current members present.

    • Don’t write off the upcoming lineup before we even know who it is. Gaither has blown everyone away before, and he may well again. It’s not a guarantee that the new lineup will be inferior.

      • Looks like I didn’t word my message correctly. Intended: in case of an award, would want the current (whoever they may be) vocals to be present, not the former ones (Mark/Michael)

      • Ah! Sorry I misunderstood you. Yes, I agree.

        Quite a few readers have written off the new lineup already, assuming that it couldn’t quite measure up. If I’ve understood a couple of comments correctly, I think some readers would just as rather Gaither already had his next few years’ worth of recordings already in the can, and didn’t do anything with the new guys. I think that’s taking it a little far; I’m glad to hear you’re not in that number! 🙂

      • The new lineup will be different, but based on history, there is no reason to think it couldn’t be better.

  3. I have read every message in this thread and don’t remember anyone saying or suggesting “some readers would just as rather Gaither already had his next few years’ worth of recordings already in the can” and not do anything with the new guys. Please point me to anyone who has said or suggested this. Perhaps you should moderate your own post. However, I will say that putting out the Hymns record would be a wonderful gift to the fans Bill, Wes, David, Mark, and Michael.

    • I don’t really need to remove something that’s true; there have been enough woe-is-me, the GVB-will-never-be-the-same comments that it would be fair enough to say that quite a few people think the GVB will never measure up. I was using a level of mildly humorous irony to make that point.

    • Daniel did not imply that anyone HERE, TODAY, said that. I completely understand what he meant from reading comments from other sites. There are those out there who are very upset about Michael (and Mark) leaving.

      About the ‘Hymns’…if it won’t be released until March, 2014, then it should have the new members on it…not the past. There are other recordings with those you mentioned.

  4. The Gaither Hymns upcoming release is on the Capitol Christian Distribution site here

    It is interesting to note that on the marketing information there is a note that says, “Last recording with the All-star line up of Mark Lowry and Michael English.” That leads me to think they aren’t gonna replace the vocals, and honestly I don’t think leaving the vocals unreplaced would hurt product sales. Then again, the marketing info could easily be changed to “first recording with the new line up of so and so, and so and so” if they choose to replace the vocals.

    • Exactly; a final decision hasn’t necessarily been made. If it were going out today, that would be the case, but Gaither has changed plans and replaced vocals on previous releases in the past.

      • Just the fact that it’s been pushed back indicates that it will be re-done with the new members. Daniel, I believe it was in last month’s “Upcoming Releases” post that you stated it would be released in late November. That tells me that it was almost ready to go, and then he decided to delay it when he found out Mark and Michael were leaving. If he delayed it first until January, and now until March, I think he’s going to re-cut the vocals with the new members doing Mark and Michael’s parts. If he was going to release it with Mark & Michael, why not do it now while the sentiments are fresh?

        But I think he knows that the true GVB fans (as opposed to Michael English or Mark Lowry – only fans) are going to want to hear the new lineup as soon as possible, so better to do it now than have to make them wait another year or so to work on a new project. I mean, come on, there were more albums released under the most recent lineup than any other previous lineup! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaither_Vocal_Band). Not to discount the most recent lineup, but I for one am excited at the prospect of hearing something new and fresh!

      • I think you make some great points. The fact that it has been delayed is certainly a clue that Gaither is at least considering replacing vocals.

        I also agree: There are Lowry-only, English-only, and Lowry-and-English-only fans. But true GVB fans, Gaither fans, Phelps phans, Hampton fans, and fans of whoever the new singers are will be delighted to hear something with the new lineup. I loved the old lineup, but I’m quite excited to hear something with the new lineup.

      • I went back to your past few “Upcoming Releases” posts, and couldn’t find what I thought I had seen earlier about them releasing it in late November. I may have read that <> somewhere else! 😛

      • I think there was some discussion in the comments, not the main post. (?)

      • There was supposed to be a “GASP” between the ‘s.

      • I was just listening to the first album released by the 5-man group “Reunited”. It jogged my memory a little bit. Those personnel changes occurred fairly quickly after “Lovin’ Life” was released, maybe 2-3 months. Bill was probably just getting started on song selection for the next album, then Penrod and Hall left. When Phelps, Lowry, and English re-joined, in order to answer the call for a quick release with the all-new lineup, he put out “Reunited”, which was basically all songs that had been released before. All he had to do was vocals; the music was done. I’m not even sure if Bill re-recorded his part! This allowed him to release an album with the all-new lineup within months of the change.

        All I’m doing here is just further making the case that it makes good business sense to re-do Michael and Mark’s parts when the new guys join and release it as the new group.

      • OK, I think that horse is officially dead, so I’ll stop beating it now! 😛

    • This might be considered heretical but given who most likely is going to be the replacements I might rather hear what they can do…

  5. The release I’m most looking forward to nest year is BF&A’s new album. I can’t wait to hear their new baritone and the songs Brian picked to sing.

  6. I’ve heard that Wes Hampton was going to be releasing a new CD, I thought sometime in November. Any word on that?

    • I seem to recall hearing some discussion of that, but I don’t seem to recall hearing anything recently.

      • Wes mentioned at a solo concert last week that he’s planning a release in January.

      • Thanks! Did you happen to hear his intended title? Do you also have any idea if this is table-only or being picked up for retail release?

      • Wes didn’t mention an album title.

    • did Wes indicate a specific release date in January?

      • It’s tentatively titled ‘Reality’

  7. I’m looking forward to both of those February releases. Even though I don’t much about the project right now, since it’s probably going to have Ernie’s signature song on it and Bill Gaither is involved, I’m betting (not literally) that it’s not going to include a lot of new material. I could be wrong though.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken this release for BF&A is the first with Mike Rogers. It’ll be interesting to hear their first effort with him on it. I’m not sure but did Mike even get on a release when he when he was with the Dixie Melody Boys? Not bashing him, just not sure.

  8. I find it interesting that Ernie’s new DVD is being released through Gaither not Stow Town

  9. Union Street has a new Christmas project titled “Christmas on Union Street”. They will also be doing a DVD taping this Friday night.

    Here’s a preview: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3490407155821
    (Note: Facebook log-in required)

    • Thanks! I’ll add that one as, vaguely, “December.”

  10. I’m definitely looking forward to the BFA album, as well! Can’t wait to hear what Mike Rogers brings to the group. Also, any idea about the “Best of the Booth Brothers” CD? Is it a compilation of past recorded songs, a live album, or new versions of old songs?

    • It’s a Gaither Homecoming compilation, along the lines of the Best of Anthony Burger or Best of The Cathedrals compilations.

      • Okay, thank you! 🙂

  11. Hey Daniel, who are new GVB Vocalists going to be?

    • Daniel, if you can answer that, I’ve got some perplexing questions about life I want to ask you! 🙂

    • Adam: Psalm 44:21 (KJV).

      • Wait, are you saying you’re God?! (joke)

      • so you’re saying you won’t tell (all secret information)

      • What I’m saying is that Gaither has previously changed plans at the last minute, right before the press release comes out.

    • In all seriousness, no announcements have been made. Adam Crabb, Marshall Hall, Travis Cottrell, Reggie Smith and Wesley Pritchard have all acted as fill-in’s thus far and there’s a rumor that at least for Adam Crabb there is potential for him to join, but until you’ve got an announcement from Gaither himself, it’s all rumor.

  12. I feel like I’m “digging up bones”…
    On David Phelps Dedicated Fans, someone just posted a picture of the Gaither “Hymns” CD. It has the 5 from 2009-2013 on the cover. Hmmm. No words were posted, just the cover. Now, I don’t know what to think. 🙂

    • If it was a fan, they probably just downloaded the picture from the same Capitol distribution page that quite a few readers have linked to.

      • The situation is similar to when Michael English left the first time (followed quickly by Terry Franklin). No one was expecting in and they were in the middle of recording an album, Michael already having laid down some backing vocal and keyboard tracks. Instead, Buddy Mullins was the featured lead singer for the first and last time (he never intended to join the group full-time as he was still with the Mullins Family but is considered an “alumni” now because he recorded an album with them).

        This time it appears that Gaither is pushing back the release of what we all assume was a finished album. Why? Probably because once he chooses the new member(s) he’ll want the next CD released to be one that gets the public familiar with what they bring to the group.

  13. Speaking of BF & A…I was SO looking forward to their concert tonight in Bethel Springs here in West TN. Enter ICE STORM. The concert was canceled & the group headed further southeast. KUDOS to those churches &/or auditoriums who either started from scratch or changed their schedules to accomodate the group. I admire organizations who are willing to adapt.

    • I was at last night’s BF&A concert in Lexington, SC. They had to do some rescheduling because of the storm but had managed to schedule bookings for Friday through Sunday in SC and GA. One of the local pastors whose church already had them booked for sometime in January stepped up and booked them for Saturday.

      This was the first time I’ve heard Mike, and what a sweet-sounding voice he has.

  14. Daniel, I saw a picture on GVB Facebook of Wes, Bill, David, Adam Crabb and Reggie Smith, are Adam and Reggie the new GVB Vocalists? because I those two would fit perfectly

    • I accidentally left out the word “think” in “because I those, sorry about that

    • With Gaither, nothing is official until the press release comes out.

      • How do you think Adam Crabb will fit? will he blend with David and Wes?

      • I think Adam will do great, though to be honest, after hearing Jason sing with them when he filled in after Guy left, I REALLY wanted him to join, and I’m a little sad that he’s not in the running this time (that we know of). I also hope beyond hope that some day Scott Allen gets his chance to sing with them.

  15. FYI: GVB Hymns CD will be released with Mark and Michael on it, because Bill can’t change the CD and re-record it with new vocalists, because Mark and Michael are already on the CD cover.

    • That picture was taken in front of a “green screen”, a still shot from when they shot “The Star-Spangled Banner” music video a year or so ago. I highly doubt that’s an official album cover. Probably just a preliminary teaser..

    • Yes, Adam, pretty much unless you have inside word from Gaither himself, I’d be inclined to agree with Joseph. Album covers get changed all the time prior to release, sometimes even when there is no personnel change.

  16. The GVB released “Lovin’ God & Lovin’ Each Other” with Jonathan Pierce on September 9, 1997. Around that time I think is when David Phelps first joined the GVB (I remember Mark Lowry mentioning in his reMarkables email newsletter about a “new tenor” at that time), but they still released the album with his vocals intact and his photo on the packaging.

  17. Does anybody know about a new video from Gaither called God Bless the USA (I think). It’s just a repackaging of songs that shows the “American Spirit” in gospel music. They plugged it during the Gaither hour on TBN Saturday?

    • God Bless The USA was released last year, and yes it is a collection of songs from previous Homecoming videos, mostly from the Carnegie taping.

  18. do you really think Bill will re-record the vocals for Hymns? my dad says it would take too much time to do it over again.

    • One or two days in the studio would probably be enough. It’s not as big a deal as you might think.

    • Daniel’s right. He wouldn’t have to literally do the whole thing over. Literally all that would need doing is the dubbing of new vocal tracks for two men. That’s all. All the instrumentation tracks and the tracks of David, Wes and Bill can remain as is. And then new album artwork, but that shouldn’t take more than an afternoon.

      • There’s that, and the part that the artwork may well not be finalized yet anyhow.

    • Not only that, but they can do some of it remotely and email it. I’ve heard David Phelps talk about doing this on some of the previous GVB projects. He has a studio on his farm.

      You can rest assured that part of the audition process involves songs from that album, so by default, they’re already rehearsing. Whoever is selected will probably already know their part on those particular songs pretty well.

      • Not only that, but they wouldn’t even have to know their part on the songs prior to going into the studio. Gaither is sure to hire good enough singers that they can just hear a song through once or twice and get it from that. That sort of thing is done in the studio quite frequently. Some groups try to not even work on harmonies much prior to heading into the studio so that they don’t learn wrong or not-quite-as-good harmonies and have difficulties switching to the harmonies that the producer prefers.

  19. Hmmm…. Great Point! do you think they’ll really do that?

  20. Has Bill decided yet who the new vocalists will be? and have they sung before in a quartet?

    • The best answer can be provided by heading over to gaither.com and seeing if there’s been an announcement. There hasn’t, as of this writing, and I have a feeling we won’t see one until early next year.

      There is heavy speculation (but that is ALL it is) that Gaither may hire Adam Crabb. Apparently he confirmed that Adam is not merely “filling in” but that “we (the GVB) are looking at Adam, and he is looking at us.” Doesn’t guarantee anything, but there it is.

      That said, there are two spots to fill, apparently, as it becomes more apparent that Bill is keeping the five-man group at least for now. So really, he could hire any of the others who have filled in, such as Wesley Pritchard, Travis Cottrell or even Reggie Smith. I wouldn’t hold your breath about Pritchard or Smith as both have performed with the GVB when Bill needed a new member, and neither has ever joined. In Pritchard’s case, he’s a pastor, so I don’t see him joining permanently. In Smith’s case, it seems like he doesn’t really want to join full time.

  21. I’m nowhere near a professional singer, but I have recorded a song in the studio before. The music tracks were pretty much finished when we got to the studio. My wife went in and sand the lead part. I went in and sang the harmony (duet). I had to redo a couple of parts. The producer mixed it. When listened to the mix with the guy who was having the CD made. We made a slight change to the volume on my volcals relative to the lead and we were done. Probably less than an hour of studio time…and we didn’t even know for sure what key we would be singing in when we got there which meant almost no practice before hand.

    My wife made an album of her own about 10 years ago. She cut the whole thing in one day, I believe.

    So, the singers of the caliber that Gaither hires could easily recut a whole album of hymns (most of which they probably already know), in about the first 24 hours after they’re hired.

    Just my opinion from my very limited studio expereince.

    • I’ve never recorded in a studio, but I do lead a choir and do some custom arrangements. I can tell you the singing part is the easiest. The hardest part is chording the music, adding subtleties to the chords to give it that special sound, working with the musicians, the whole “producing” thing. I would imagine it’s probably the same way in studio work. Once the music is established, the vocals are easy, especially if the singers can read music. Everything I do is by ear, so I have to learn the part and memorize it. I can see where that would take longer. But if a demo tape is made of the part that the singer can listen to (as in Mark Lowry’s case), then he can have the part down before studio day.

      In the case of the GVB, I’m not sure if Bill is going to let David and Wes keep whatever parts they’ve already laid, or if he’ll rearrange and give them some of Michael and Mark’s parts. I suspect he will leave their parts as is and give the new guys a track of Michael and Mark’s parts, respectively.

  22. Well how about Travis Cottrell as baritone?

    • There’s rumors there, too. But again, that’s all they are at this point. And there’s less substantial there than with Adam Crabb.

  23. what specific date will we get an official announcement from Bill?

    • He hasn’t announced. It’s very rare to announce the date to expect an announcement.

  24. Will Bill hire Adam Crabb, he would be a terrific addition, and is he interested in joining up?

    • He hasn’t announced, and he hasn’t said.

  25. Has Wes announced a specific release date for his new CD?

  26. will we have a press announcement release from Bill by at least January or February?

    • As I indicated earlier, it’s a fairly simple answer: He hasn’t said.

  27. Adam. Your jets, you should cool them. 🙂

  28. Josh, I resent that remark, cool your blasters.

  29. Josh, It’s not bad to be curious, I’m just a huge GVB/Wes Hampton fan.

  30. Thanks for your time Daniel, I’m finished checking this website, see ya.

  31. Feels like offense was taken when none was meant. I was just ribbing about the amount of times a certain poster asked the same or similar questions. But, it looks like he’s not around to apologize to, so, okay then.

    • You’ve been a regular around here for long enough that I could tell no offense was meant. I really don’t think you came across the wrong way.

      • Thanks. I actually included the smiley just to let him know the spirit in which it was meant, but in all honesty I have this feeling that he’s pretty young, and didn’t catch that.

  32. Daniel, when will the rapture take place? 🙂

    • That is perfect and priceless. 🙂

      Depending on your eschatology: Right before the tribulation, halfway through the tribulation, or at the end of the tribulation. (I should say, depending on God’s eschatology, come to think of it.)

      • You have pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib. I’m pan-trib: however it pans out, I just want to be ready!

      • And while you’re at it, who killed JFK? And where is Amelia Earhart, anyway?

      • Joshua: Finally, an easy question. (The second one, that is!) Whether or not she survived the crash, and whether or not she lived days, months or years, she’s most certainly dead by now. She was baptized into the Episcopal church as a child and attended it in her childhood, but “had little interest in religion as an adult.” So I suspect that answers the question.

      • And Jimmy Hoffa? Is Elvis still alive? 🙂

        We’re having too much fun with this!

      • Yes, Joseph, Elvis is still alive! You can catch glimpses of him on Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Quartet videos!

  33. The answer to that question is the same answer when Bill will make an announcement: “No man knows the day or the hour…” Possibly not even Bill himself!

  34. I would have liked to get the GVB Hymns project early in the year with the old lineup and a different new recording in the spring with the new lineup rather than see them push it back and change it. Twice the music!

    How soon do you think Gaither will announce the new roster?

  35. I have just discovered that Soul’d Out Quartet has released two brand new recordings, Re-Soul’d, Vol. 3 and Soulace 3 available now for download on ITunes and there website.