Joseph Habedank launches solo career

An attentive reader noticed that Joseph Habedank has launched a solo website, here. It lists a number of solo concerts scheduled for this month.

Habedank’s ten-year run with the Perrys ended in May. During that time, he moved from being completely unknown to being heralded as one of the genre’s most promising young talents—both for his voice and his songwriting. After a couple of months off of the genre’s radar, so to speak, it’s encouraging to see him back on the road.

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  1. The Perrys facebook page also says he is back on facebook but there is no link and his former page hasnt had a post since he resigned. Good to see The Perrys telling people to go out and support him.

    • Yes, he is back on Facebook – with a personal, private account. I haven’t seen him posting anything to his public page, either.

  2. That makes my day! I’ve been waiting to hear something about him!!! Glad he is back on the road!!

  3. Well, I guess this pretty much excludes the possibility of Joseph H. joining the GVB! His name had come up in the GVB thread.

    • Not necessarily, but it would seem to indicate that he’s probably not a current finalist. On the flip side, most GVB members in decent years do some level of solo concerts on the side.

  4. You have a good point there. I’ve only had 2 or 3 sips of coffee this morning, so the fog is still there! 🙂 I wasn’t even thinking about the other members having a solo career. I was mainly thinking about it from the angle of the likelihood of launching something new if he was in any type of negotiations with Gaither. To my little pea-brain, that would be too many major decisions to make at once!!

  5. Joseph is a great young talent with many miles ahead of him. I know God will use him to do great things in this ministry. It is certainly exciting news to hear!!

  6. Good for Joseph. He has alot of work ahead of him as a solo act, but if anyone can pull it off at this time, he can. Love Joseph!! Praying for him and his wife as they move forward.

  7. I was so excited to hear about this! I had the privilege of being at his very last NQC performance with the Perrys! I really looked up to Joseph, both from a musical perspective and a spiritual perspective…one of my favorite “Habedank Moments” is right here: