A Hint: Guy Penrod to Return to GVB?

Granted, this isn’t anywhere near as official as a press release, but the February Singing News Top 80 chart lists the Gaither Vocal Band’s new single: “Jesus and John Wayne.” [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

Not only does the song feature Guy Penrod, but also it’s so Guy that it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing itโ€”and certainly not any of the three singers currently filling in.

So it’s nothing official, but at any rate it seems to indicate that Guy Penrod isn’t officially gone yet.

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  1. Daniel, has there been talk that he wouldn’t return and do anyone know why he took off. Sure hope his health is ok.

    • Just noticed your comment and someone may have answered later on….go to Guy’s website and you will find out the information you are looking for.

      • Guy Penrod has several fall concerts lined up with Jason Crabb. Although I really hope he will be back with the Gaithers, I think Guy wanted to have his own Christian Ministry. And with his large family, maybe he can get a little time to enjoy them before they get too old. His whole โ€œbunchโ€ sings some and from what I have heard, they sound like they may have inherited Guyโ€™s tenor voice. At any rate, I feel Guy is a true believer in the word of God and will send this message through song and maybe ministry as well in the future. May God bless and keep him and his family in whatever he choses to do.

      • I think you are exactly right. I saw Guy and Jason last night in concert in Holland, Ohio. Guy looked like he was so happy to be doing everything the way he wanted to. He may have talked as much as he sang. Between many songs he talked for as long as 10 minutes. He so badly wants to change the culture today. And he wants Christians to stand on the “Rock of Jesus”. That everything we read in the Bible is “real”! Very real! It was incredible. About 20 minutes before the end of Guys set, Jason came out and was sitting on a flight of stairs about 20 feet from me and he was listening to Guy and clapping and raising his hands. It was a true worship experience. I was disappointed that he only sang one song from the GVB days and that was “I Bowed On My Knees” with Jason. He said it was too difficult to sing those songs solo.

      • I just attended a concert with Jason Crabb and Guy on 11/4/10. And I agree with you. Guy is doing what God has mapped out for him. He ministered in song as well as speaking. He is presenting a message that all can understand. His soft approach won’t “scare off” the younger generation. And he has kept the price to attend these concerts down so more can attend and receive the blessings God has for all of us. And if you will notice his scheduled tour with Jason Crabb is all close to his home so he can be with his family. The Lord is blessing him and has His hand upon his every move, thought and response.

  2. Most everyone in the know has been pretty tight-lipped. So there’s not been any announcement that he’s not coming back; just some people were wondering is all.

  3. It seems to me that if I were Bill Gaither, I would just say “yes” or “no.” Now all these rumors are floating around and some people will for sure only get a little bit of the story. On the other hand, I wonder if sometimes groups appreciate the free publicity? It is keeping the GVB on folks’ minds.

    Maybe that’s why I’m not Bill Gaither. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Now it’s not exactly true, but in marketing courses they teach you that all publicity is good publicity.

      Plus, there’s always the chance that Bill himself doesn’t know if Guy’s coming back. Maybe Guy came to him and said he needed to take a few months off to reassess his priorities (or something like that) and Bill doesn’t know how it will end up.

  4. #4-That’s what I was thinking of, although I didn’t know the phrase. When you spend money, familiarity/name recognition is what will do it.

    I had seen enough of BF&A’s Hymns Vol. 2 floating around, that when I made out my last music order from Springside I ordered that instead of L5’s latest. It’s just what was on my mind. (And I consider myself a rather marketing-resistant person. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • I think most Americans are over-saturated with marketing. That makes marketing tough!

  5. #5: IMHO, you bought the better project of the two. I’m a huge L5 fan, but I was somewhat disappointed with that project. It had a couple of good songs, but I didn’t care for the rest. Vocal production wasn’t all that great on most of the songs either.

  6. Well, I would just like to hear it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have Know So Salvation, and that one has grown on me more and more in the 6 months or so I’ve had it. I would like to hear the first “real” production with Tim Parton. Besides, I will need it eventually to have a complete collection.

  7. But BF&A’s was really good. I preferred Vol. 1, but that’s just me.

  8. The sincerity of GVB members hasn’t always come across in stage presence, but with Guy, it was a thing of beauty. If he doesn’t return, I wouldn’t be as excited to see them in concert.

    Do you think it would affect their sales? Would he go solo?

    • I sincerely agree with you, Guy made that group special the years he was with them. Really do not enjoy the group nearly as much with the tall cowboy gone. His faith surrounded him like a visable light.

  9. In all honesty, that doesn’t seem like a glimmer of hope at all for me. I think they could just as easily keep ‘Jesus and John Wayne’ in the radio stations, etc. even if Guy decides to leave permanently. But you never know…:)

    #4 – Daniel, I think that is very true. People are criticising Bill Gaither for not telling enough, but in reality, we have no way of knowing if he even knows the end result of this.

    #9 – I actually think that most members, overall, have been very sincere performers. Especially in recent years.

    This is just another reminder that a group is not one person. People change and come and go all the time. I just hope it all works out for the best, whatever happens.

  10. And isn’t the whole thing even more peculiar when you consider the interesting timing of the upcoming GVB Reunion release? Hmm…

  11. I think the approximate timing of the GVB reunion release was under way months before Guy’s sabbatical.

  12. I’m shocked you hadn’t picked up on this before now. The song has been charting on the SoGospelNews Top 40 for almost two months now (the song is already in the Top 20).

  13. Sorry, and please don’t take offense, I typically only monitor the SN chart. I’ll be sending you an email with a question or two about yours, if you don’t mind.

  14. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Gaither Music announced today that Gaither Vocal Band lead singer, Guy Penrod, will be taking a sabbatical from the Homecoming Tour for a few weeks. He has been singing and traveling full-time with the Gaither Vocal Band since 1994 and his faithfulness throughout that time is being honored with some much-deserved rest and personal time. Guy will spend these weeks resting, enjoying his family and recharging physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    The Vocal Band will be assisted by distinguished GVB alumni Mark Lowry and David Phelps, as well as young vocal sensation, Jason Crabb, who will alternately cover Guyโ€™s vocal part during the next few weeks. As always, the Gaither organization is committed to creating an unparalleled concert experience for ticket holders and anticipates that these three gifted artists will contribute an extraordinary element to the Homecoming program during Guyโ€™s temporary absence.
    โ€œthe Homecoming family extends our sincere thanks in advance for fansโ€™ support of this decision to give our friend some time off.โ€ โ€œGuy has a tremendous following of friends and fans around the world who care about his well-being,โ€ Bill Gaither expressed, โ€œSo the Homecoming family extends our sincere thanks in advance for fansโ€™ support of this decision to give our friend some time off.โ€ โ€œGuy is more than a big voice on whom the Vocal Band relies heavily,โ€ he added. โ€œHe is first a father, husband and friend and honestly, this time of rest was my idea because I love him and I know that our busy lives rarely offer the opportunity to look after our own needs. I look at this sabbatical as a gift that will refresh Guy and help him keep his body and spirit strong for the years to come.โ€ โ€”ยฉ2008 CCAUTHORITY.COM BREAKING NEWS

  15. When I first heard about Guy’s sabbatical, my first thought was that Bill might be getting ready to retire (or slow down some, anyway) & he wanted to hand off the VB duties to Guy. (Bill has had some health issues in recent years & Benjy has that cute little grandson…you know, time to stop & smell the roses?) With the timing of the VB reunion release, it kinda made sense. But, with all of the whispering about what the “real” reason is, my theory is probably way off base. Besides, Bill Gaither retire? Would the earth keep spinning on its axis & all that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Daniel, I’ve seen a several groups that has had songs on the SN charts well after the group had disbaned. Don’t you can ‘go to the bank’ that someone may be returning just because a song hits SN charts. I for one certainly hope that Guy does RETURN to GVB.

  17. About every time a person leaves a group and someone takes over his or her place, they continue and even gets better. We
    are replaceable believe it or not. God is still in control and we
    must believe that he will continue to bless regardless who is
    singing. If it is gods plan for guy to return he will. We are
    with you guy contine to do gods will. OLS

  18. #11 and #18, I agree that it is not definite. That’s why I mentioned it as a hint, nothing more. That said, Bill Gaither seems to be a master marketer, and I’d be rather surprised if he sent a single to the radio without giving some thought as to who had the solo and whether it was a wise idea for the group to be identified with the song for the next six months and beyond.

  19. #19 – I agree with a lot of what you said, but I’m not sure I agree that most member changes are for the better. I think I’d say that 25% of the time, they get a better vocalist, 25% of the time, they take a step down, and perhaps 50% of the time they find someone of about the same caliber.

  20. That single was chosen back before Guy left the road. I interviewed Bill about it the same day I interviewed Guy at a Gaither concert.

  21. Fascinating. That clears some questions up, for sure. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know!

  22. Could be worse….they could’ve released “Journey To The Sky.” Remember that little fiasco??

  23. Vaguely, but I’ve forgotten most of the specifics.

  24. I wrote Jason Crapp a mail, and thats what he answered:

    “(…) believe me thats not up to me if he (Guy) comes back(…)”
    I’m not sure what to thnk about that…:-/

    • That one sounds pretty simple to me: Jason is just saying it’s not his call, his decision whether Guy comes back. That’s Guy’s call to make.

  25. If I remember correctly, an other promoter, who had been working with Gaither for a while, released “Journey To The Sky” as a single to radio. This was a couple months before the release of “Lovin’ Life.” Gaither immediately sent a press release stating that “When I Cry” should be the new single and that “Journey To The Sky” should never have been released to radio. As a result, Rick Hendrix got an exclusive on the Gaither Music Group artists, and the other promoter….well, didn’t.

  26. Excuse me I am a lover of the GVB as much as any one else. As I remember when Mark Lowry and David Phelps left. There were rumors that the vocal band would never be the same. the GVB will survive.

    I pray that Guy comes Back. But the man has gone nonstop since 94. I can’t blame him for wanting time off. He is missing a bunch of his children’s growing up years. I’m sure that he will make the right decision.

  27. Well it’s final!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s leaving GVB. The new GVB has brilliant singers in it, BUT BUT BUT there is only ONE Guy Penrod!!!!!!!!! He is way way way more than just a singer. Something happens when he makes an appearance …
    There is nobody like Guy. Yes, other can maybe even sing better than him, but no-one is as anointed as Guy!!!!!

    • Amen!!!!

  28. I may never know for sure, but if Guy’s leaving the Vocal Band was his choice, then I’ll still be a fan of and support the group. If Bill asked him to leave, I’ll save a lot of money because there will be no need to subscribe to the website, the magazine or buy DVDs. I know the group will go on, but there is no one that shows a love for God like Guy when he sings.

    • Rita, I have connections, and from everything I have heard from multiple sources, Guy’s choice to leave was his own.

      I haven’t talked to Guy himself, so that’s not 100% definite or anything, but I think it’s pretty reliable.

  29. Thanks, Daniel. That makes me feel better. God is in control with all that happens in all of our lives. Guy and his family will certainly be blessed as will all of the new GVB.

  30. Yes, God is in control, and I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Rita, I know for a fact it was Guy’s choice. I feel the same
    way you do, and I have said more than I should about my
    feelings, but even if this all wasn’t done in the best of ways
    we can take comfort in that God can use any situation for
    good! Take comfort, God will care for Guy and his own.

  32. When I was first “introduced” to the GVB, I was impresed with the closeness of the group. At that time it was Mark, David, Guy and, of course, Bill. In a very short time I was a “groupie.”
    For some reason Guy was the magnet that kept drawing me to the GVB. My friends teased me that I had a crush on him. I insisted that I didn’t like tall skinny men, add that to the fact that I don’t like long hair on a man. I won’t even adress the belt buckle. The magnet was his faith that just surrounded him when ever he sang and when he spoke of his faith, well that just has been such an inspiration to me and I am sure, many other people. I truly wish him and his family well and trust that he and God have spent many hours making this decision togeather.

  33. First off, great job Daniel with breaking this GVB story and your follow up in-depth analysis which always sheds light on all aspects of the situation.

    Does anyone know how the “Together” tours are going too work with this new revamped GVB and EHSS?

    The Three Tenors anyone?! lol!

    • Thanks! No official word yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that.

  34. …and I thought the planet would stop turning when Danny Gaither left the Gaither Trio!! Then we lost Gloria and fell for Russ and Mark and Guy et al….and the earth still rotated on its axis and God will still worked through the musicians and vocalists whom He ordained. Patience, folks! God will use singers as soloists, as Daddies, as choir memebrs or at Homecomings- and His Word will go forth in cantatas, folk music, gospel quartets, choirs, basses and sopranos, orchestras and flutes as well as guitars! It is exciting to see how each group makes a joyful noise UNTO THE LORD- which is what all this is about!! Stay tuned and prya them all through the transitions…God bless them every one!!

  35. So sorry to hear Guy is leaving and hope he is going out on his own and not sick. I have been a follower of the Vocal Band for a long time and just love Guy. Glad to see David is back but sure will miss Guy. If Guy is going solo I hope Bill will let us know where and when we can see Guy.

  36. We LOVED Guy Penrod & met his family on a Gaither cruise two years ago. It won’t be the same without guy. He is so recognizable & so approachable to his fans. LaV.

    • I think it’s safe to say that Guy has the most recognizable face in Gospel music.

  37. I know that Guy did a lot of praying over his decision to leave the band, bu I will miss him being there more than anyone could ever know. I was only familiar with the GVB when my husband passed away in September of 2002, only nine months after I completed a year long battle with breast cancer. Upon my return home from KY, where my husband was buried, I went into my favorite shop to buy a cd, (any cd that might help me through this time). They were playing the GVB). The song that came on immediately, as I stood in the store was “Knowing You’ll Be There’. Do you think God was speaking to me??? I fell in love with the ministry of GVB that day. My dream since that day has been to meet my earthy Hero—Mr. Guy Penrod. I”ll still love the GVB, cause I love, Mark, David, and Michael, but I’m still looking to meet Guy. OH! how I love gospel music.

  38. When you do get to meet him it will be an experience you
    will never forget! I have had the priviledge to meet several artist, which were all wonderful people, but there is just something different about him. He is the most kindest, most humble human being I believe I have ever met! It was an honor
    to have been able to speak with him.

  39. I was disappointed to hear that Guy Penrod would not be at the concert in Dothan, Ala. Jan 30th 2009. But I left there that night so high that I had to look down to see God. Michael English’s testimony and David Phelp’s unbelievable voice made the concert one of the best I’ve been too.

    I wish Guy Penrod the best. And hope to see him again with the GVB.

    And I hope to see the Gaither Homecoming back in Dothan, Al. again next year.

    God Bless,

  40. Gaithergirl, I agree with you again. I had the priviledge to meet Guy also, and he is in person just as he appears on stage. It’s obvious that he is truly sincere and that he believes everything he sings and says. I’m sure that the vocal band will go on successfully but I can’t imagine anyone else singing “Knowing You’ll Be There”. That’s just one of the songs that has Guy’s mark on it.
    I guess when it comes right down to it, I’m more of a Guy Penrod fan than a Gaither Vocal Band fan, and I will watch for any news of him that I can find.

  41. Well Rita, you are right. I am more of a Guy Penrod fan than a GVB fan. I just want to know that he and his family are O.K. He has a spirit that shows his love of God when he sings and speaks. I also met Guy and he is “real”. I admire his wife and family also. Angie seems to be a real lady. I love their committment to their family.

  42. Just want to say I believe Guy Penrod deserves some rest. On the latest Reunion DVD they did he looked like he had lost lots of weight. This could be on purpose or maybe he is just worn out. We love you Guy and you have been an inspiration to all our lives. God bless you and your family and look forward to your return to the Gaither Vocal Band.

  43. Well, Rita and Nancy I totally agree with both of you! I didn’t realize it until all this took place, but I am much more a Guy Penrod fan than GVB! (Although that was my favorite group).
    I too, just want to know all is alright w/he and his. They are
    one special family.

    If anyone gets word of a website please share! Thanks to you both!

  44. I met Guy Penrod years ago in Peoria, Illinois–he was
    taking a break between songs. I wanted to thank him for
    the picture he autographed for me and sent by a close
    friend(Doc) I called his name and he turned around and
    came back to talk to me–so I got to thank him. He is such
    a nice, kind and loving man. I will never forget how nice he
    was—even gave me a hug. I still have that picture in a frame.
    I was sorry to he was leaving. However I will be a GUY PENROD
    fan for the rest of my life. He has a voice that NO ONE can
    replace. I wish him and his family all the best. Hope to hear
    more about his singing!!!!!!

  45. The GVB will never be the same without Guy and Marshall. I will be like one of the other responders, I can save alot of money now by now buying CD’s, concert tickets, merchandise, etc. I love Guy and he made the GVB. Just need to find his website so we will be able to hear him sing again. What about Marshall……such a great, young man and there was absolutely no reason given for his leaving. Mark and David are great singers…..alone. I don’t even care to see another concert now without Guy. I do think sales will hurt Bill Gaither. JUST WAITING TO HEAR WHEN I CAN HEAR GUY AGAIN. I really like the song….Jesus and John Wayne

  46. Daniel, will you be kind enough to let us know if Guy does
    give any kind of interview (or Marsh), and please let us know
    if Guy’s website goes up? Thanking you in advance!

  47. Sure, I’ll let you know.

  48. Even though I’ll often chime in, I am generally pretty content to let conversations in this blog’s comments section run their course, so long as they are not getting too heated. But I will comment on the ongoing discussion about the recent Gaither Vocal Band lineup changes. Several readers here have posted urging Bill Gaither to make a public statement to tell the fans more about what happened.

    We’ve already heard quite a bit from Bill Gaither and Marshall Hall. First Gaither did a press release and an extensive interview with Daniel Britt. More recently, we’ve had several blog posts from Emily Sutherland and a post or two from Wes Hampton. Several of these share thoughts directly from Hall.

    And here’s the thing: While we might not know every detail about the change, we know all we need to know. Hall is planning to pursue a worship leader position, and Penrod is planning to pursue a solo career, and they appear to remain on good terms with Gaither. As an example, take this recent Wes Hampton blog post:

    “Marsh will be filling in during the Ft. Myers concert this next weekend! Mark and David have some last schedule conflicts, so Marsh has graciously stepped in to help Bill and the GVB out. What a guy he is. So, for all those critics out there who seem to know what’s going on and say that there’s bad blood between Marsh and Bill and whomever else…there you go.”

    That tells us enough to know that Hall didn’t leave on bad terms, and that’s really all we need to know. Even if Gaither did raise the idea, it could have been in the context of accelerating a move that Hall was already contemplating himself.

    I haven’t closed comments on those threads yet, because I generally avoid doing that whenever possible. But seriously, folks, I don’t think we need to know more than we already do.

  49. Daniel,
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with all the news. We have given you almost a full time job keeping up with news about the GVB and I appreciate all your hard work. I know it may sound like some of us have Guy up on a pedestal but that’s not the case. I think he is a very special person with a wonderful ministry in song and words, and he will be missed. Hopefully we can hear more from him soon.
    Thanks again.


  51. Go to Micheal English website it will show you the new group.

  52. I’m new to all this….but the GVG has meant a lot in my personal search for faith. Both Guy & Marshall were so inspiring. It will be very tough to receive the message of hope
    and love without them.
    I hope they are well and will be blessed to have success.
    Peace and Blessings.

  53. There will never be anyone to replace Guy and My prayers have been with Guy and his family for a long time. Marshall is very special too and aI wish them both Gods blessing and a great future.


  54. Thanks for the info Daniel.
    The only press release I have seen was in Homecoming Magazine and that was very limited. The Gaither Homecoming programs have changed my life, and especially the GVB and Guy Penrod. It was a shock and sickening feeling when I read the news about the changes in the GVB. I hope you are right that Guy and Marshall made there deceisions without any pressure fom anyone else.

  55. Guy Penrod has been and always will be the greatest lead singer I’ve ever heard. When I was growing up in Ohio I got the great privelage of meeting several of the older groups. Our churh had all night Saturday night singing. As a matter of fact several of you might know Sonny Simmons his dad was the Pastor. But back to Guy he has an annoiting of God on him like know other I’ve ever known I hope he does return to the GVB but if not and he does as David Phelps has and go out on his own I’ll still be praying for him and his family ,no matter what happens God is still in CONTROL.

  56. I think the reason we are having so much trouble with Guy Penrod leaving GVB is simply this: we are worried about him. We know Guy loved being part of the group. We know his philosophy about being in a group as opposed to being on his own. His departure was abrupt. The explaination wasn’t believable. He then dropped out of sight. So we continue to worry about him and pray for him and will continue to do so until we hear something that makes sense.

  57. Conspiracy theory on post #63. Please. First let me address that worry, according to God’s word is sin, so don’t.

    Second. I don’t blame Guy one bit. It’s been like 13 or 15 years of straight touring with the GVB with little to no breaks at all. Through all of his children and the death of his mother Guy was there every night singing his heart out.

    I’ve seen so called fans literally grab him in arenas like he owes them something. Get over it. the man obviously wants, peace and quiet and calm and rest and relaxation with his family. Give him a break.

    If Guy wants us to know something, we will know it. Until then, know that God is taking care of Guy and his family.

    He deserves a break and he deserves respect and privacy.

    Just because an individual says one thing, like when Guy said he had no plans to leave GVB and then does, that just means God led him in a different direction and he followed God’s leading.

    Relax, chill out. He’s fine!

  58. Judith, I’m with you, and you said it exactly right. I don’t believe in a ‘conspiracy theory’, but something pretty significant
    happened in his life to cause him to end his career w/GVB.
    Guy would put family first and I believe that is just what has happened. Now, I agree with the above post, in that he and his family deserve respect and privacy. Even though we are concerned all we can do is pray. God is in control and will work things out for His glory. But I will also say that I am getting really tired of people responding to these kinds of posts in such a pious and rude manner. We are allowed to express sorrow that he is gone, and concern. If you don’t agree just don’t open post.

  59. I’ll throw in my two cents. I’ve moderated some posts that were too rude or simply just not Christlike from people who liked and didn’t like Guy.

    Some thoughts are best kept to ourselves. Well, for that matter, some thoughts are best not even thought! But we need to keep in mind that we have no idea who is reading this, and we need to say nothing we’d be embarrassed to have just about anyone see.

  60. Daniel, I do apologize for the above remark. I have only started to post recently, anywhere. I am not sure why I am posting! But, you are right, keeping my thoughts to myself would be much better.

  61. No, no, no…your comment was fine! I was agreeing with you!

    “But I will also say that I am getting really tired of people responding to these kinds of posts in such a pious and rude manner. We are allowed to express sorrow that he is gone, and concern. If you donโ€™t agree just donโ€™t open post.”

    I agree exactly!

  62. Thanks!

  63. Gaithergirl,

    Wes Hampton just uploaded a video and answered a question about Marsh and Guy. He said “Guy is actually working on a solo record right now. He has been in the studio recording that, so hopefully he will be out and about doing some solo work as well.”
    I’m sure you’ll be on the look out for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I don’t know if this will help you find solace but if you go to Mark Lowry’s website and read his ramblings from way back in 2000 he talks about how a rumor was started that he was leaving the vocal band. He denied it at that time yet exactly one year later he resigned from the band. It’s interesting how in such a short time a person can have a change of heart or feel like they need to change directions. Mark didn’t say anything really significant happened in his life just that he simply needed to rest. And in the result of resigning he took the year off to recuperate. Perhaps Guy is doing something similar? Changing directions.

    I hope you can find peace with Guy’s decision and I hope you will continue to follow the GVB along with Guy’s solo career.
    Have a wonderful day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Good input, Katie – good thoughts and information!

  65. Katie, thank you so much! I hadn’t been to Wes’s sight in a week or so… . Great news about Guy! Maybe he will have a website up soon. I appreciate the news, and the kind comments! You have a great day as well. (Your info made my day!)

  66. Thank you, Daniel!

    You’re Welcome, Gaithergirl! I’m glad I made your day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sure good things are in store for Guy. He is one of a kind! I’m just as excited about his solo adventures as I am about this new GVB. There are so many more possibilities for him now that he is solo. He can have whoever he wants on his records and with his experience in ministry he would make for an awesome solo concert. Talking about the Lord as well as singing about him.
    Just as this new GVB has many more possibilities with a 5 man group. Everyone seems to be changing course these days but hopefully in the end they all point in the same direction… towards Him.
    It’s going to be an interesting time in the Gaither world this year. Hold on tight. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh and thank you, my day was wonderful!

  67. Hope this top announcement is correct and they Guy is coming back full steam ahead. When he sings it just fills my soul with the love of God.

  68. Wes also went into a bit more detail about what’s happening with Guy and Marsh on his blog on the Gaither Community site.

  69. No, De, Guy is not coming back to GVB. He is in the process of making a country C.D. Hopefully it will be released later this year, but no release date yet.

  70. Surprised none of you realise that no-one leaves the Gaither Vocal Band for ever – they’re held together it seems by love and elastic! Or perhaps it is distance which makes the difference, being a resident on other shores.

    Yes, I thought Bill, Guy, Marsh and Wes were the perfect cohesive group too, and may be they will be again one day.

  71. I like most people will miss Guy from the GVB but we have to respect whatever God has called him to do and know that it is in his hands that Guy has put his and his families lives. I have followed the GVB for any many years and have seen various changes and with each change we think it won’t be the same but God uses this group in so many ways it gets better each time, (maybe because each change seems to move them in a different avenue of music. I feel when Guy sang that I could hear and feel the presence of God through his voice and like one of your other writers the song Knowing you’ll be there” will not be the same without his voice, I well up each time and think of my own parents and loved ones it touches me so deeply. God Bless the GVB and all past and present members of this wonderful group and especially the Penrod family.

    Sheril from Canada

  72. I can’t help but feel very sad about Guy’s departure from the GVB. I too, hope and pray that he doesn’t have any health issues and this decision was what God felt was best for him at this time. I do however, pray he will be back with the GVB or at least often with the other Homecoming projects. God Bless Guy, Angie and their family and wish success to the new GVB.

  73. I have been reading all mthe comments about Guy,& I will miss
    him greatly. I have been following the GVB for about 15 years.
    Guy was singing with the band when I gave my life to the LOrd.
    I feel i’ve lost my touch stone,of course the Lord is my real touch stone,but I will surley miss Guy.I hope nothing but the best for him & his family.

  74. It seems I can’t spell either,sorry I mean well.

  75. Attended a concert earlier this month in Pa. and if we had known that Guy Penrod wasn’t going to be there we would not have attended. However we already had our tickets so we did attend. It was just not the same without Guy. The Signature Sound were great & the Vocal Band was good as well but you knew something was misiing. Guess I’ll wait until Guy returns ( if he does )before I attend again.

  76. I always felt that Guy should be at home with his family, not traveling so much. His family needs him more than all of us millions of fans. I have enjoyed him so much throughout the years. It is not, and never will be the same the same without him. I will miss him dearly but I hope he stays home with his family.

  77. Check out Marshall Hall’s blog on Gaither communities. He met with Guy and has a great report on him.

  78. Guy’s first solo concert is in Branson, Mo August 30, 2009. I’ve got my tickets!!

  79. http://www.rhshelpinghands.org/Welcome.html

    Guy will be singing here also.

  80. I have so appreciated Guy’s spirit as he sings. The joy of the Lord shines through. Anybody know where one can get a schedule of his solo concerts?
    I so hope he comes back to the GVB!!

  81. This thread has been interesting to read – I have been out of the GVB loop for a while – but I would offer this perspective: The GVB has had soooo many variations – starting with STEVE GREEN and Jon Mohr – and seeing faces like Jim Murray, Larnelle Harris, Terry Franklin – pretty significant voices for their periods. When Terry and Michael went – it looked like there could be a slide – and I knew who Guy was from my time in Nashville – he was a session singer and working on a country show called Crook & Chase –
    All this is to say – Guy is amazing, but the GVB has always been about something larger than the components – and while it is absolutely appropriate to pray for Guy and his family – (which is appropriate regardless of his employment) – there is something special about seeing a prodigal story lived out again, and a reunion of Mark & Michael – and the chance to hear Michael and David work together.
    Thanks for the information – and all the thoughts!

  82. Bill Gaither made a big mistake when he let Guy Penrod go. He is the “Gaither Vocal Band”.

  83. Gotta agree with ya, Juanita! But soon we will get to hear him again. Saw on Gaither Community an article of Guy being interviewed for the the Rector Arkansas concert and he said he hoped his C.D. would be out in June or July! Hope all goes on schedule for him. I am more than anxious to hear this C.D.!!

  84. Juanita and Gaithergirl, I also read on a Gaither thread this weekend that Guy will soon have a website up and running. That’s good news.

  85. Rita, please let us know when! Don’t let us miss it! Thank you for the info!

  86. Guy is scheduled to appear in Branson Missouri in (I think) July or August.

  87. Guy was the biggest reason I was a GVB fan. The others are okay but it’s was Guy’s voice and the feeling that he put into his songs that made me a fan of the group. I’ll be glad when he releases his first solo CD!

  88. Darla, how is he supposed to feed that very large family if he doesn’t do the profession he has chosen and for which God has so richly blessed him? Remember, professional singers may be on the road for a few weeks at a time but their schedules also allow them to be at home for several weeks at a time, too. Maybe launching a solo career will allow him more home time since he won’t be tied to the same schedule as the GVB. I wish him every success and I’m pleased to see him strike out on his own. Can’t wait to buy his music. The only one I have (“The Best of Guy Penrod”) is about worn out!! ha!!

  89. I just got back from a concert in MN…God was in the Room!!! I too miss the gifts of Guy Penrod, but I must say that Mark, David, Michael, and even Wes were on their game…amazing gifts have been given to them as well. I pray that the Penrod family is WHOLE and HEALTHY and that even with the pursuit of a “solo” career Guy does not lose sight of the even bigger gifts God’s granted him in his beautiful wife and children…God is in CONTROL…Amen!

  90. I just now got the news. Wow! As far as I’m concerned; the GVB is just not the same without Guy.

    To me; he was the biggest part. I always love to watch him
    and he was just so much of the show.

    I want be a concerned now of watching knowing that he is not there.

  91. Wendy, I was at the same concert, but I didn’t have the same feeling that you did. Neither did the people who were with me and they had never been to a GVB concert before, so they didn’t have anything to compare it to. And I don’t think Guy will ever lose sight of the gifts God has given him.

  92. Hi Rita…that’s interesting…why didn’t you sense God working? I felt that Bill was genuine when he said he was overwhelmed, and I just felt like Heaven had come to earth for a few moments last night, when the 2 girls from the Collinsworth family played…well I had tears. I loved how they threw in clips from the past mixing it with the future…I know that Guy is a huge presence, and no one can deny the gifts he’s been given, but I just felt like God is bigger than all of that, and when Greg was injured and had to leave, the care and concern was something else, how people just jumped to cover him and pray for him during the concert…anyway…I meant no disrespect about Guy losing sight of his gifts, but I know that it can be easy to immerse oneself in the music and that balance comes hard and not always easy…but again, God is faithful and His Mercies are NEW every morning! Praise God!!!

  93. Just found this from a Review by a gentlemen named David Bruce Murray…

    “One tidbit that should make GVB fans very happy in light of recent changes in the group…Penrod said he likes singing in a team setting too much to seriously consider a major solo career.”

  94. Wendy,
    You are right about God’s presence being felt. I wasn’t clear with what I said. I was talking mainly about the GVB. I just don’t feel the same Spirit with the new group as I did with Guy. Bill is very sincere and SSQ was great. The Collingsworth Family was inspiring. Someone with me who had never been to a Gaither concert before said that if you didn’t know the Lord when you got there, you certainly should when you left. I just don’t feel the Spirit with a couple of the GVB members like I did with Guy. And I had heard him say before that he did not really like solo work. He has always been a team player. And thinking about that, maybe that’s what missing in the new group. I got the feeling from one of them in particular that it was all about him.

  95. I see what you are saying…and yes, I believe I know who you are talking about…There was a very awkward moment when Bill was tagging the guys for “solo’s” … Thanks for defining what you meant ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. i saw that judy posted that Guy will be in Branson on Aug 30. How can I find out what theater and where can I get tickets please? I attended the Gaither concert in Little Rock on 3/20 and was hoping for Guy but instead saw Michael English and Mark Lowry. They didn’t measure up. David Phelps didn’t come to that concert or it would have been better, but without Guy it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

  97. Cindy, Guy will be at Music City Centre in Branson. Web site is http://www.MusicCityCentre.com or box office phone is 417-339-7469. I have my tickets. I agree with you. The GVB is not the same without Guy.

  98. Daniel, its been months. Any word at all on an upcoming
    website or C.D. for Guy? I thought since he was taking
    concert dates, he would have a site up. Anything????

  99. I think he’s taking his time and enjoying time off with his family. If he planned right, and I’m assuming he did, he probably got into a position where he could literally take a year off with his family to make up for all the missed dates and birthdays and ball games over the last 14 or 16 years. And that gives him the freedom to spend time making a really really good CD, instead of rushing to get something out.

  100. Thank you Danie, you are always so willing to be helpful.
    Please let us know whenever that really, really good C.D. does
    come out, or when the website goes up!

  101. I will certainly do that!

  102. I have love the GVB for several years and a large part of it has been Guy. Somehow it’s not the same. Please deep us posted as to what is next for Guy. I miss him!!!

  103. Does anyone know where in Branson Guy is suppose to be at?
    If so please share that info with me as I do plan to be in Branson at that time. God Bless Nancy

  104. Nancy, he will be at the Music City Centre on Aug 30th. Web site is http://www.MusicCityCentre.com. Box office phone number is 417-339-7469
    I’ll be there, too.

  105. Guy will do VERY well as a solo artist and I can’t wait for his first (away from GVB) CD!

  106. The thing I will miss most about Guy being gone from the GVB is the sincerity with which he sang. There have been so many times when I’ve been at concerts or just watching a Gaither video that I’ve been touched by the spirit just by listening to Guy or simply looking at him and his facial expressions while he was listening to other singers sing. Guy’s faith is expessed by his songs and, I believe, his evident faith in God. I wish him, Angie, their boys and their daughter the very best God has to offer. I wanted David and Mark back, but I wanted them with Guy and Bill. Not that I didn’t love Wes and Marsh but I think Bill, David, Mark and Guy will always be my GVB favorite.

  107. I lovedGuy so much I can’t watch the new (old) vocal band. Michael ENglish is a good singer but doesn’t have near the talent of Guy Penrod. You also cannot convince me Guy left on his own. He always said 4 voices are better than one, and he did not want to go solo. I won’t be buying Gaither music anymore unless he comes back, nor will I go to any concerts. Out here in the West we don’t get concerts like you do in the south and east.

  108. Lanna, I do not care for the current VB either, but we have alot to look forward to! Guy’s C.D. will be out this month! I t doesn’t get any better than that!

    Since Guy left I have switched over to listening to Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers. They really are great and there is alot of worship with these guys too…there is much to enjoy.

    I don’t have anything against M.E., I just don’t care for the style. This goes back for me long before Guy ever joined VB. Just find other groups you can enjoy, and soon you’ll have Guy’s C.D. too. I, personally, can’t wait!

  109. Thanks for your positive attitude, gaithergirl!

  110. I have been a Gaither fan since they started making videos. I have spent over $4,000.00 on videos and c.d.s. That money was spent because I am such a huge fan of Guy Penrod. I will just continue to enjoy the old videos and forget about the new ones. I don’t know where I could buy any of Guy’s new music. Our stores in the area where I live don’t carry Gaither, and I doubt Bill Gaither’s catalog he sends out will carry Guy’s stuff. I am at a loss as to how to get Guy’s music again. I sure will miss him with the Gaithers. But I would buy any music by him if I can find it. thanks for your response Gaithergirl!!

  111. Gaither still carries Penrod’s “Best of Guy Penrod” and various other titles featuring Guy. And just like David Phelps, Russ Taff, and other alumni continued to appear at Homecoming videotapings, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Guy at least on the big ones.

    • Guy Penrod has several fall concerts lined up with Jason Crabb. Although I really hope he will be back with the Gaithers, I think Guy wanted to have his own Christian Ministry. And with his large family, maybe he can get a little time to enjoy them before they get too old. His whole “bunch” sings some and from what I have heard, they sound like they may have inherited Guy’s tenor voice. At any rate, I feel Guy is a true believer in the word of God and will send this message through song and maybe ministry as well in the future. May God bless and keep him and his family in whatever he choses to do.

  112. Not trying to spam the board or anything, but if he does get a new CD out, I think it’s 95% likely that http://www.springside.com will carry it.

    • No, that’s fine – the Heils are great supporters of Southern Gospel, and I don’t mind their store being mentioned. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m sure they’ll carry it if it’s a Gospel CD.

      • Actually, I just meant I had made a whole bunch of comments in a row there!

      • OK. Well, so long as they’re on different posts (or within reason on the same), I don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Lanna – great news, Guy’s site is supposed to up and runnin on MONDAY, AUG. 10th!!! http://www.guypenrod.com You can pre-order his new C.D. there! Woo-Hoo!

  114. Great news! I went to the Aug 4 concert in Rector AR, and the Isaacs and Guy were there! He looked and sounded Wonderful! He sang some songs from the new CD and it was for sale and I bought it! If you love him, you will love it!!! He now has a Facebook page also. I got to meet him and Angie and the kids and they were all so gracious and kind.

    Lanna is right, everyone can order it tomorrow from his website!

  115. Will someone post on here when his new C.D. comes out? This is the only way I will know. It would be helpful if someone knows where to order it from too. Thanks.

    • Ignore above post, just saw previous posts. Thanks for the info, I am ordering right now.

  116. I listened to samples of his songs on his new c.d. I have to say I prefer him singing gospel, but I like him singing anything. I already ordered the c.d. I appreciate those of you who let the rest of us know what is going on with Guy.

  117. hey my family and i just saw guy penrod and his family in branson sunday night. it was his first concert after leaving gvb. he had his wife and kids on stage with him. it was great he sang his new stuff and some old. their traveling the country side doing concerts. we talked to his wife in the hallway for a few minutes that was awsome. we al need to com togeather and support him and his new carrier. God bless. P.S.he is on face book

  118. just like to say that i love love the “old”version of the gvg with bill,mark,guy and daivd.daivd is just plain soulfully incrediable..”the voice”that wonders. he and guy are the group.can anyone tell me the latest on guy and daivd.are they back w/ the gvg???and most important i read a piece awhile ago that that bill has been ill.true??anyway,may god bless him,the group and the entire gvg families.

  119. any new news about guy and his situation?and can anyone tell if david has a new cd-cvd out.thanks all.[reallt enjoy all the comments everyone sends in]..bless —

  120. For sure GVB isn’t as good as it was with Guy.
    I would go see Guy in concert before GVB now.
    I think with Guy leaving it has or will hurt GVB ratings.
    Miss you Guy!!!

  121. Just got Guys new solo CD . What a hit. The songs will touch your heart and bring heart touching memories of yesterday,today and those to come in the future. Im am so proud of Guy. The Lord is giving him a time to shine and he is doing a great job at it. Bless you guy and thanks for signing my copy. My prayers are with you.

  122. I don’t think it’s fair to say the other three that are filling in don’t stand up to Guy. I appreciate all of them for their talent. Michael English is home again, I love that. Wes Hampton is fantastic, he just doesn’t break out of the box. I think Guy brings in not only his unbelievable talent, but a spirituality that just brings the Honly Spirit right there. I love them all and wish they’d bring Guy back into this mix, it would be fantastic.

    • Hate to interrupt this Guy Fest, but as someone who has been a GVB fan since way before anyone heard of Guy, when Michael was the lead the first time, it boggles my mind to see someone say that “the three that are filling in don’t stand up to Guy”. First of all…they are not filling in for Guy. Secondly, each of them has a talent that Guy could only dream about. I never was a big Guy fan as you can see, and don’t see the “spirituality” some of you see; but I do see spirituality in Michael, Mark & David (and of course Bill & Wes too). If you haven’t seen this 5-man group, you must. You’ll be blown away by the vocals and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

      Granted, we’ll all always have our favorites…yours will probably always be Guy and mine has always and always will be Michael (along with the underated Mark). The say I heard that Michael & Mark were back with the GVB was one of the happiest of my life!

  123. Celia, all I can say in reply is, each to their own. I could say some of the same things you said about the current group. So, I guess all this means is just that each of us finds God’s special message in differant packages. Isn’t is so good of Him, who made us all so differant to deliver His Good News in so many differant artists? Each of us is spoken to in His way and time. PTL

  124. Truth be told, I miss Marshall Hall more than Guy. Although I will say having seen the “new” GVB in the not too distant past, they are very good. Mark seems to be much better as a vocalist and the group has a good vibe. I don’t think we need to be comparing artist that have been in the group to artist currently in the group. It’s just a new chapter in the GVB book and we should enjoy it while we can!

  125. I do not know if this was Bill Gaither’s doing but if it is he needs to have his head examined. I think that was the last think that should have happened. I do not know why Guy would want to do this but I hope that the Lord blesses him and his family.
    Please reply and tell me if you know if he is coming back and when.

    A fan,


    • Kathy, apparently Guy wanted to go out on a solo career. Can anyone blame him for wanting to set his own schedule?

      And in this week’s news headlines: Gaither Music Group will be the one releasing Guy’s solo CD to stores. ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Kathy – do visit Guy’s website : http://www.guypenrod.com
    His CD can be ordered directly from his website. It will only hit the retail stores (Walmart etc.) towards the end of February 2010.
    The CD is FANTASTIC and Guy has never sounded better!
    The Spirit of God is all over that man and that family! What a testimony they are to so many people out there.
    It is Guy who got me interested in Gaither music – his LIFE and ENERGY and HUMILITY!!

  127. Ditto! It was Guy that got me interested too! I wouldn’t watch Gaither before that, thinking it was only for ‘old people’! LOL He got me hooked! He is such a Godly man, the fingerprints of God are so evident!

  128. I agree with you all. He is a very Godly man and I hope sometime that I might be able to see him in person. That would just make my day. I will not look at the Gaither Vocal Band just the old ones that have him in it.

  129. Guy Penrod is certainly one of a kind. I really miss him from
    the GVB however, as much as we have our favorites, God is
    not a respecter of persons and neither should we be. I miss
    Guy’s voice and his personality and his love for the Lord, but
    most of people whom I’ve see on the Gaither videos who that
    same love when they sing and play. I can’t imagine what it
    would be like to lead such a large ministry that Bill and Gloria
    Gaither do. I had a small arts troupe and traveled the US and
    once out of the country and the responsibilities and logistics of
    this kind of thing could be overwhelming. Of course, Bill has
    lots of help. Anyone who appreciates this ministry should pray
    for them. The Israel DVDs are my personal favorite and the
    Canadian ones. The Gaither Homecoming ministry has evolved into a much more professional and exciting group.
    Evolving is the key. Let the changes come; God is in it.

    • Amen Hap! And now that Guy has a solo career we can enjoy him as much as we want to. He has a heart for God and carries a message that he wants to share with the world – God was certainly in the changes that took place. I’m praying for every success to come Guy’s way as he has embarked on this new solo venture. It is exciting that Guy has now signed a contract with the Gaither Music Group. This keeps him “in the family” so to speak. We haven’t seen the end of him yet. In the meantime Bill is having a lot of fun with the New GVB. May God bless all his servants.

  130. Ihope Guy comes back to the GVB,it’snot the same without him

  131. I hope Guy comes back to the GVB,it isn’t the same without him i will be buying his new cd .Ithink he is great.

  132. Guy is a great singer, and Michael at his age cannot compete. That being said, there are a couple of songs recorded on the “Reunited” project, where David and Wes sing together, and all i can say is wow!!

  133. I would just be repeating what is on here already. I fell in love with Guy and his family and Gaither music is not the same without him. I would not go to a concert now. Hoping this CD is available in Maine soon.

  134. Like all the rest have said,Guy is Very Special!!God has blessed him with such a powerful voice like non other.

    He is a (Maverick) one of the sweetest gentlmen I know.

    I grew up on John Wayne movies, and Elvis
    Presly’s music.
    I loved both of them. This young man has it all wrapped up in one.

    Thank yu God, for giving his this gift.


  135. I have been on a Gaither cruise and to 3 concerts. I am beside myself over Guy’s leaving. Can you tell me where Bill & Gloria live in Alexandria? How do they get out of there as it seems like a small town. Do they travel by bus? If so where do they keep it? I just have all these questions!

  136. I have been a fan of the GVB since the videos started being sold. I love Guy Penrod and was sad when I heard the group were regrouping. But I have been to see the new group 3 time in the last year. I have traveled 8 hours on two occasions to see them. If you have not seen this new group I urge you to give them a chance to change your mind. They are amazing. You just sit their in awe of them. I have so much respect for Michael for all he went through and to be able to come back from it and perform again. His voice is not as it was 15 years ago but whose is. He is so humble and greatfull for this opportunity to serve the Lord again. Just watch the 2 Reunion Videos and you will see how humbled he is and what he brings to gospel music.

  137. I discovered the GVB in 1987 possibly on my first trip to our Christian bookstore (well, at least by myself to buy something. I had been in there a few times with the family as a kid.) I was looking for some Christian music. I had bought some clearance lps at Target (including the Gaither Trio Live Across America which included the GVB’s first appearance. However, I am not sure which came first. I may not have gotten that lp until after the fact.)

    However, the bookstore had their first three cassettes in demos. The first one that really appealed to me was the New Point of View one. I thought it had great songs and performances on there. I did get a new copy of that and either then or later, the first two cassettes as well. I pretty much rated them backwards in order of release as my preferences. I can’t even recall if I listened to the first two much, if at all prior to buying them.

    The funny thing is, I went in there looking for Gary McSpadden stuff. I had read the Oaks Ridge Boys book and was curious what his voice sounded like which leads me to believe the Trio lp above may have came later in my purchases. Anyhow, I got his best of tape and really liked several songs on it.

    At the same bookstore later on I got to hear the Cathedrals Goin’ In Style and the portion I heard did not impress me with the group. This was after the GVB WIngs tape was out and I thought their version of Daystar was very surperior (I still do). However, not too long later, I heard the Cats do “This Old House” on Jubilate 88 on TV (coincidentally the first time I saw Lowry with the GVB), and was knocked out by Funderburk’s tenor voice which was the first I remember hearing a full-voiced tenor in a SG quartet (instead of the pansy ones I had heard on TV.) I had already I think heard a performance of Champion of Love and liked the song (done by someone locally here) so went to the same store and got the Symphony of Praise CD and eventually everything else they had. I also managed to get from the other bookstore a copy of the GVB’s One X 1 on CD which is rare. The funny thing is, I never saw the New Point of View on CD until less than a decade ago on eBay and managed to get it there. Our bookstores never carried it that I saw, and I looked everytime I went in. I have more to say here, but need to get ready for church. ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Last sat the Gaithers were in Toledo and as a fill in Marshall Hall was with the
    group filling in for a couple weeks…I did have tickets but could not attend due to health reasons…J.S.

  139. I have heard the new GVB on the Reunion videos and I love Wes Hampton but as a group they don’t compare to the group before Guy and Marshall left, especially on songs like “Worthy the Lamb”. I am very excited about all the success that Guy is having as a solo artist with his new CD “Breathe Deep”. He is a special man with a special heart.

  140. It’s to be understood that no group is the same as the preceding. It is also expected that in this case changing to a five voice group and throwing five people together that haven’t all worked together would take some time to establish their sound (even though they are pros.) For that matter English in particular and Phelps to some degree, haven’t used the ranges in their solo work that are needed in the group.

    With that said, I have been English, Phelps and Lowry fan for a long time (shortly after each joined) and LOVE the new group. Each group has had songs I have liked, and each group had gifts, but this version is awesome and definitely one of my favorite versions at the very least.

  141. I have heard there was a problem between Bill and Guy about the beliefs concerning alcohol. This is not to say he used it but each has there own ideas and if he was, the boss has the final say, AS for the sincerity about members, (all groups) I agree in some aspects. The last few concerts i have attended after it was over you never saw any of the members of the group at there display booths and some of the things said on stage I would question( Esp Mark Lowery), personally I would have shut him down a long time ago.

    • Mark Lowry is a little edgy for me at times, too . . . but the fans seem to really love his style (and honestly, nearly all his jokes are fine with me, too).

  142. I’ve tried for several years to get a message to Mr. Penrod. For some reason, God put Guy and his family on my heart to carry them in prayer. Recently, I’ve had such an urge to cover them, especially in prayer. I love listening to the Gaither Band and I know by just watching an listening that Guy is in tune with our mighty God. I’m going on 82 years old and I just want Guy to know that I’ve been carrying him in prayer for a number of years. I’d love to hear an update on his family. Has something happened to his wife? God bless you all

  143. Guy is now on his way. Would Guy consider to have a concert tour here in the Philippines before the Lord Returns? Or will the GVB come over with Guy? What a wonderful event would that be!

    • Guy Penrod is alive and well! Attended his concert at the Orlando Baptist Church a few weeks ago. God’s message of love continues to be heard through Guy’s beautiful voice. Inspirational!


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