Classic groups re-doing current projects

In a recent discussion (password-protected link) on the “We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History” Facebook group, a member asked: “What if a newer group were to ‘re-cut’ a legendary LIVE recording? What record would you suggest, and what group would you like to see do it?”

Not surprisingly, quite the discussion ensued, with many predictable suggestions (Perrys or Diplomats covering Happy Goodmans, Kingdom Heirs covering classic Kingsmen) and a few unique ones (Triumphant Quartet covering Naomi and the Segos!)

I think, however, that it would be even more interesting to turn this question backwards. What if time travel were possible, and a classic Southern Gospel group were to re-cut one of the strongest recordings of the past decade? What record would you suggest, and what group would you like to see do it?

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  1. An example: The Collingsworth Family’s 2011 project Part of the Family. I’d love to have heard the 1959 Weatherfords (with Lily Fern, Glen Payne, Earl, Armond Morales, and Henry Slaughter) cut these songs.

  2. I’d like to hear the Statesmen cut of the GVB’s “Give it Away”.

  3. I’d like to hear the chuck wagon gang re-do the crab family, Blur The Lines cd

  4. The Statesmen (Chief, Doy, Jake, Denver) re-cut Gold City’s landmark recording “Acapella Gold”.

    • Now THAT would really be something neat!

  5. I know this is from about 20 years ago, but I would have loved to har the Happy Goodman family do a remake of the McKameys “With Feeling Live”. I could hear them now belting out “Do You Know How It Feels”, “I Prayed For You”, and “I Can Almost Hear The Trumpet”!!

    • Hey, that’s actually a pretty cool idea!

  6. I’d love to hear the LeFevres or Happy Goodmans do a re-make of the “This Is The Day” recording by the Perrys, which is what I consider still one of their very best, if not their finest, recording to date. Or perhaps the Speers during the Sue Dodge years doing a remake of “The Ride” by the Hoppers. I’d like to hear the Strickland/English line-up of Singing Americans re-make Triumphant’s project “Every Day” or “Love Came Calling.” Another interesting topic today, Daniel!

  7. That’s easy. The Cathedral Quartet (the 80’s version with Danny, Mark and either Roger or Gerald on Piano) doing the Tribute Quartet “My Anthem” project with “Good News From Jerusalem”,” Homesick Angel” and ” The Song of Heaven”.

    • I was actually thinking, after I’d posted, how I’d love to hear a group such as the Jay/Jonathan line up of Gold City or the Cats with Ernie and Scott do Tribute’s Homecoming Day, because I think those two tenors from those line-ups could shine on that song, not taking anything away from the incredible job Riley Clark does on it. That said, I’d love to have heard the Cats with Mark Trammell do Tribute’s “Good News From Jerusalem,” because I’d like to see what Mark did with those verse, not that I think anyone could top what Josh Singletary did. That song seems to have been made for him.

  8. I would love to see the Statesmen do some of EHSS stuff.

  9. Little twist…I’d like to hear the 1987 Cathedral Quartet do the 1993 Cathedral Quartet’s “High and Lifted Up” album.

  10. Great topic! I have several:
    90’s Cathedrals: Triumphant’s “Everyday”

    Happy Goodmans: Really anything the Perry’s have done since they dropped the soprano. Hearing Vestal sing “Celebrate Me Home” would be epic! Or hearing the Goodmans cut “I Know It Was The Blood”. Always heard Vestal singing the Pfeifers “Father’s House”.

    Couriers: Mark Trammell Trios “Always Have A Song”

    Funderburk Cathedrals: Liberty Quartet “Gods Been Faithful” and Legacy Fives “London”

    Karen Peck Nelons : Anything the Hoppers have done since Kim joined.

    The possibilities are endless! Again great topic, Daniel.


  11. I’d like to hear the early 1980s Kingsmen (Burger, Hamill, Fox, Reese, Phillips, Maynard) do a live version of Gold City’s _Walk The Talk_.

  12. I’d like to hear the Kingsmen of circa 1973 doing the 1999 Kingsmen’s “Not Quite as Big But Live Again”. I bet they’d have a good take on it.

    • Make that “Not Quite as Big But Just as Live Again”. 🙂

    • If this was a contest, your suggestion would be the landslide winner. 🙂 😀 😛

  13. The Hinsons doing “Come Fly With The McGruders”

    • I have that album of the McGruders, Live in Jonesboro, AR, early 1990s. I believe the Hinsons may have been there as well that night. Ronnie Hinson introduced them.

      • I’ve been pondering by what frame of reference that album would count as a current project. I wasn’t even in Pre-K when it came out. 😛

  14. I was only 10 years old. The 2 songs that really got a lot of radio time from that live album are “I’m Going Home With Jesus” and “I’m Just Warming Up”.

    • OK. In my initial post, I had mentioned albums “of the past decade,” which is why a 23-year-old one surfacing brought a smile. 🙂

      • The “past decade” part wipes mine out. I would love to hear the Johnny Parrack or Ernie Phillips era Kingsmen on the live albums with Garry Shephard. I always liked those songs and I have nothing against Shep, but I would love to hear Johnny or Ernie do them. Regardless, my post doesn’t meet the criteria, yet for some reason I’m still submitting it. 🙂

      • It doesn’t really bother me; I just found some of the older ones listed here funny. I’m not going to delete them or anything like that!

  15. How about the Happy Goodmans remake of the Perrys I wish I Could of Been there…or better yet the Perrys (Mike Bowling and Nicole Watts era) remake of it.

  16. I know this might not classify as a “classic” group, and it’s only one song, but I just had a mental picture/video of the Crabb Family singing “If You Knew Him”. Wow!

  17. Few more thoughts:

    1) The Cathedrals with Mark and Danny doing Legacy Five’s “Live in Music City” and the Cathedrals with Ernie and Sxott doing Greater Vision’s “For All He’s Done” project;

    2) The Janet Paschal era Nelons doing Mark Trammall Quartet’s “Way Past Ready” and the Hoppers’ “Here I Am”.

    3) The Ivan Parker-Brian Free- Mike Lefevre- Tim Riley Gold City doing The Booth Brothers “Room For More” project, the Booth Brothers “He Saw It All” and the Kingfom Heirs “We Will Stand Our Ground” and The Perry’s “I Wish I Could Have Been There”;

    4) The Hinsons doing The Bowling’s “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master”;

    5) The late 70’s Florida Boys doing Triumphant’s “Old White Flag”;

    6) Any actual version of The Cathedrals doing The Cathedrals Family Reunion’s “We’ll Work”; and

    7) While it’s a little out of the timeline, I’ve always wondered how the Rosie-Jake-Doy-Big Chief-Hovie group of The Statesmen would have sounded on Greater Vision’s “My Name Is Lazarus”!

  18. Since time travel’s not an issue here, how about favorite incarnations of the Statesmen and the Cathedrals doing the GVB/EHSS “Together” project? Or add the Goodmans to that mix for the to get a trifecta for the Booth/Legacy/GV Jubilee albums?

    • That would be awesome. A Statesmen-Cathedrals “Together” Album…. WOW….that would have been THE quartet project to end all quartet projects.

      I had also thought about a “Classic Jubilee Pairing”. The only problem was that I grew up watching those classic groups come together every Sunday on the original “Gospel Singing Jubilee”! So I’ve already seen that and it’s sort of hard to imagine a pairing in the 70’s we didn’t see on that show. The Cat’s, The Goodmans, The Speers, The Florida Boys, The Nelons, The Hinsons, The Inspirations….they were all apart of it. I guess a 1990’s Cathedral’s group (Ernie & Scott Era), a Gold City group (Brian,Ivan, Mike and Tim) and Bill Gaither Trio (Bill, Gloria and Danny Gaither) doing the current Jubilee Gang stuff might be pretty interesting because it’s not a line-up we ever saw together!

  19. Hey Daniel,

    Talking about old groups, have you heard anything about Tim getting Ivan Parker, Brian Free, Jay Parrack, Mark Trammall, Jonathan Wilburn and Mike Levefre together to do a reunion concert something similiar to what Cathedrals Family Reunion just did and recording a project of new songs with the old guys?

    • The late 80s and late 90s Gold City lineups have both gotten together from time to time, but they haven’t recorded anything more than videos in their brief appearances. Part of it, I think, is that Gold City is still on the road. The Cathedrals Family Reunion didn’t happen until 14 years after the group’s retirement. If we have to wait 14 years after retirement for Gold City, we’ll be waiting quite a while yet.

      • What about the Reunion in 1993? Why couldn’t they do a reunion style like that?

  20. There have been some incredible suggestions! These have been really cool to imagine!

  21. I think it would be awesome to have a remake of KingsGold recording of Looking for a City with a few suprise guests. Can you imagine if Johnny Parrack, Ernie Phillips, Gary Shepherd, Brian Free, Jay Parrack, and throw in Johnny Cook and Vestal for good messure and have them blow the roof off with those high notes.