Mike Holcomb signs with Song Garden

Song Garden announced this morning that it has signed a solo recording contract with Mike Holcomb. Holcomb sang bass for The Inspirations for forty-one years before leaving earlier this year and launching a solo career.

His new solo project, produced by Mylon Hayes, is scheduled to release in January 2014. In a statement on his website, Holcomb commented: “It will have some of the very best songs I’ve ever had the privilege to sing on it, and I’m very excited about it.”

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  1. Mike is one of the finest bass singers I have ever heard, and I will definitely be purchasing this recording!

  2. I thought he retired so he could go into a full time preaching ministry. Guess I missed the part about him launching a solo career. Whatever the case, it’s good to see him continuing to sing, even if it is solo.

    • He retired to go into full-time ministry. Some stories may indeed have referred to it as “full-time preaching ministry,” because preaching is a pretty large chunk of what he has done and will undoubtedly be doing. But, as I understand it, many of his solo preaching dates all along have incorporated him singing some, too. Hey, if your preacher is one of the best bass singers out there, you might as well unleash him on a couple of songs, too, right? 🙂

      • Good point, Daniel. 🙂 That last sentence got me to thinking: I wondering how many singers out there are also ordained ministers? I believe Mark Trammell is. And maybe Brian Free as well? I am sure that you could rattle off a much longer list. 🙂

      • Yes, I believe Mark Trammell and Brian Free are. Given time, I could probably think of more, but those are also the first to come to my mind.

      • Another person that comes to mind for me is Eric Bennett. He used to pastor a church before joining the Kingdom Heirs.

  3. Actually, this is his third solo recording…not his debut solo recording. It is, however, his debut recording with Song Garden.

    • Oh, dear. Shame on myself! I knew better! While I don’t actually own any of those solo projects, I think, I believe my father or a sister does; either way, I’ve personally held one in my hands before and heard them playing it. So I really ought to have remembered.

      The press release said it was his first. I was mainly focused on other details of the story (e.g. tracking down whether he had a website, since the release didn’t give it) and didn’t think that one through all the way. I’ll edit promptly.

      • 🙂 Okie dokie. It happens to the best of us!

  4. Chris Allman and Jeff Steele are two additional ministers that come to mind… Several denominations will license someone to preach – so I am not sure if any of the singers mentioned here or in previous posts went to seminary – not that is a “must” requirement.

    I’ve always wanted Squire Parsons to break into a good sermon… I just bet he has a few.