Scott Godsey joins Daywind staff

Daywind announced yesterday that they have hired Scott Godsey to be their new Vice President of A&R. Godsey is only the third A&R director in Daywind’s 26-year history; he replaces the recently retired Norm Holland.

A&R stands for artists & repertoire; an A&R director is usually the record company staffer who works most directly with artists, helping shape the direction of their releases and overall careers. The press release states that Godsey will “give creative direction to Daywind’s artists, seek out the next generation of Southern Gospel music ministries, and develop audio, video, digital, merchandising, and live experience ventures to bring Daywind’s artists in closer relationship with their expanding audience.”

Godsey’s earliest exposure to Southern Gospel came through his father’s group, The Northmen. He has previously worked with the Eddie Crook Company and Homeland; during his Homeland years, he worked with artists like Freedom, the Toney Brothers, and Heirline; he also had a stint at the Eddie Crook Company. In May 2012, he launched his own production company, Godsey & Associates. They produced a number of successful concept videos, including Legacy Five’s “Ask Me Why” video.

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  1. This is a great addition for Daywind. Scott is one of the most forward-thinking individuals in this business. I can’t wait to see just all he does while at Daywind.

  2. I loved the concept video Legacy Five did of “Ask Me Why”. I am curious how many groups will do these concept videos. I know Brian Free and Assurance has done one (I Want To Be That Man). I am not aware of too many more. I believe these concept videos could be a new way to get the message out, especially to the younger crowd and the more technologically advanced people.

    • Other SG groups who have done concept videos are Phil Cross, the Dills, the Browders, the Freemans, Paul’s Journey, and the Penny Loafers. I’m sure there a few others, probably even major ones. Those are just the first to come to mind.)

      • If I’m not mistaken, this is the first Southern Gospel concept video ever:

      • The Gaither Vocal Band also did one.

      • The first “concept” video that I recall was by the Perry Sisters. I think it was of a soldier returning from the civil war.

    • Oh, and Jason Crabb!

  3. Hoppers, Booth Brothers, Old time Gospel Hour Qt, Gold City, Red Roots all have done one too.

    • Ah, yes, I’ve seen all of those. I knew there were some huge ones I had seen but hadn’t immediately come to mind.

  4. When you get the chance, go to Youtube and look up the Statesmen singing “Heading Home”. I would label that one of the first Southern Gospel concept videos…..

    • I’m not seeing anything show up when I search for that on YouTube.

  5. Many of us firmly believe that the Statesmen Quartet truly had the first “concept videos” in any genre of music! They had a network TV show sponsored by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) in the late 1950s. Some of the songs performed on that show were concept videos. “Heading Home” was indeed one of them. There is also another song where Hovie is trying to get a little mule to cross a stream, and it is pretty funny. However, right now I can not recall the title of the song. They are on the Gaither videos that he released with the Statesmen Nabisco shows. Just as an extra aside – I have an original 16 millimeter film of several of the Nabisco shows that I bought years ago on Ebay. Hovie told me that it was indeed one that had been “bicycled” from station to station to play!

    • Might that be “Cool Water”?

      I’ve never seen the video of either. Can anyone find the video on YouTube that Brent’s talking about?

      • I looked but don’t see it. It is on the Gaither Hall of Honor video for the Statesmen if you ever get a chance to buy that. However, “Cowboy Campmeetin”” and “Trail to Paradise” are both excellent examples and on YouTube.

  6. Remember Welcome To Heaven by the Singing Americans or did y’all mention that one already. Clayton Inman was in it. Also Rick Strickland Ed Hill Dwayne Burke.

  7. The Nelons had 2 and won awards for “Excuse Me Are You Jesus?”and “Famine in Their Land” To my knowledge they were the only SG to win 2 video awards for their 2 videos.

  8. Scott is a blessing to the entire field of Gospel Music. I love to work with him and believe he will accomplish great things!

  9. Speers – City Coming Down

  10. Sorry Daniel. I was thinking it was on YouTube at one point. Oh well…..

  11. The Perrys also did one in the early 80s called ” GetBehind Me Satan”..pretty interesting video…but yes, I do believe the Statesmen were the first to do it!