Saturday News Roundup #202

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Here’s Wes Hampton singing a song introduced by Travis Cottrell, “Jesus Saves”:

Also worth watching: On The Couch with Fouch: Matt Fouch interviews Scott Fowler.

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It’s open thread Saturday–you decide!

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  1. Isn’t that song the same one the Lafevre Quartet made popular a few years ago? I didn’t check my history, but I would say it charted in the top 5. Very interesting that it was written by a praise and worship leader and was so well received by the SG crowd. 🙂 (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) LOL!

    • Yes, same song. Wes has been singing it for a while—for long enough that I’m not really sure who brought it to SG first.

      By the way: The LeFevre Quartet singled it two years ago; it didn’t make it into the top 20. It peaked at #25 in October 2011.

      • Ok so Iwas a bit off on my guess. 🙂 I do wonder if that song peaked higher for them than Days of Eljjah. That was and is a very obvious P&W song. I guess we can say that the Lafevre Quartet is not your typical SG quartet.

  2. I don’t quite understand — why can’t praise and worship songs be SG music?

  3. Does anyone know how Tracy Stuffle is doing? And is he still traveling on the bus and singing in
    the concerts?

    • Libbi posts updates on Tracy every few days on Facebook. Tracy is touring some, but he usually doesn’t go too far from home or for extended periods of time. He is slowly but surely progressing!

  4. It appears that Randy Byrd has left the Lefevre Quartet and Brandon Berry has re-joined. There was no announcement made, but the group’s photo on Facebook was updated yesterday with Brandon in it. Also, Brandon has appeared in several videos of the Nelon/Lefevre Christmas tour.

    • Randy Byrd is now in the Songfellows Quartet with Rick Strickland, Bob Jones, Jr. and Ed Hill. Their website hasn’t been updated yet, but they made a Facebook annoucement on November 23 and said that Randy would be on their new CD which is supposed to be released before Christmas.

      • Randy was a very good choice for the Lefevre Quartet and has certainly helped maintain the image of this classy quartet. I wish him all the best with the Songfellows.

        Brandon Barry is an excellent (underrated) bass singer and a very cordial guy. I also appreciate his sense of humor. Hopefully, he will come up with some hilarious Socialcams for the group. Brandon, if you are reading this, you may remember me from earlier this year when you were volunteering to be a “roadie” for the Lefevres is South Carolina. We had a great conversation after the concert. I’m glad to see you back!

  5. Speaking of changes, what is going on with The Inspirations’ lineup? I know Jon took over the bass position. But what happened to the new lead singer, Steve? It seems Matt Dibler is with them in everything they post on Facebook these days. And yesterday they posted an awesome Christmas song from sound check, and Martin and Myron weren’t in it.

    • It’s hard to say because Martin doesn’t make public announcements. Jon is now the official bass singer. I believe they are looking for a lead and baritone, and Matt is filling in. I have not seen Myron in any videos with them in a while. Martin still plays and is the boss…he just wasn’t out there during the soundcheck in that video. But it’s hard to know any of it for sure without asking directly.

      • The posts i have seen with matt on lead are great. It is a great lineup. Really hope they stay with what they have now.

  6. While I was doing some Christmas shopping I saw a cd by Harry Connick Jr. As I was looking at the back cover I saw this phrase below the executive producer credits “No Vocal Pitch Correction” It made me think about Southern Gospel Music. How many groups could put the same statement on the back of their major label releases?

    • I think most groups would use that technology at least a little. And I think that’s a good thing.

      • Brian, I agree that using technology a little is a good thing. It’s just that I remember the old live albums by the Kingsmen and a few others when not every pitch was perfect. I liked that because I knew that it was a real live concert album. Sadly too many “live” albums today are fixed up in post production and I think something is lost that a live concert album should have.

        As far as studio recordings go I think that if you can’t sing on pitch in the studio, in a controlled environment, then heaven help the audience in a concert setting!

    • The last group in Southern Gospel music that I saw use that statement on their album notes was Valor on their “What It Took” project. That was some good singing.

  7. My opinion on the pitches is that in this day and time, no group is gonna let a project go for sale if there are bad pitches and I’m pretty sure that the company represented will not let a cd go like that. As far as Harry Connick Jr goes he mught not fix every little thing but if there’s a big enough boo boo he will fix it by just re singung the phrase over. Most studios will use ProTools and it has pitch correction or I saw a program called Mellodyne that is awesome for pitches. Also either of those have software that will fix instrument bad notes. Pretty cool how all that works.

  8. I can’t have one post without having a typo. Lol Supposed to be might not mught. BTW I like Harry Connick. I took my wife with me on a trip to Schenectady NY a few years ago. It was a company wide meeting I had to attend so she went and while we were there Harry Connick was in “The City” as its called there and we saw him at Times Square. I never heard in blunders in his playing or singing. He’s incredible.

  9. Prayers needed for the Rick Webb Family.

    Parker Webb put on twitter that their Suburban was burnt in a car fire. Thankfully, the car next to them was the one that actually caught fire. No injuries reported. If you can picture it. The car looks like a marshmallow that you only roasted on one side.

    I don’t think that’s their transportation to shows but either way they’ll need prayers.

  10. The NQC Evening Concert schedules have been released to the official NQC website. Here is the link:

    It looks like the committee has added several first-time or returning groups. This is exciting. The lack of the GVB, however, and for whatever reason, is heart breaking to me. I am, though, looking forward to this years Convention, no doubt.