2013 SouthernGospelBlog.com Awards: Nominations for Best Southern Gospel Concept Video

Quite a few Southern Gospel magazines and websites offer “best of” contests and awards shows. But they often cover much the same ground: Favorite artist, song, album, male singer, female singer, soprano, alto, tenor, lead, baritone, bass, and the like. Let’s do something different. Let’s honor the best Southern Gospel videos—concept videos, behind-the-scenes videos (including studio videos), and live concert videos. For each category, we’ll do a nominations post and a follow-up post with a poll featuring the top five nominees.

Let’s start with concept videos. What were the best Southern Gospel concept videos posted this year? Nominate up to two; nominations with three or more videos listed will not be counted.

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  1. Brian Free & Assurance: I Want To Be That Man

    • Great choice but it was released in 2012 so thats why I didn’t vote for it. I don’t know if that matters or not Daniel?

      • Good point. I said “posted this year,” which means, “since January 1, 2013.”

  2. Gaither Vocal Band – Pure And Simple Vol. 1 and 2

    • I second that nomination! Pure and Simple was definitely a new concept. 🙂

      • By concept videos, I mean non-concert videos. A concept video is a single-song video posted to YouTube, filmed at assorted non-concert locations and often containing some acting-style scenes acting out parts of the song. Think Legacy Five’s “Ask Me Why” video or Brian Free & Assurance”s “I Want to Be That Man,” though I’m not sure if either came out this year.

  3. Southern Raised has a ton of concept videos on YouTube.

    • Any suggestions about a strongest one released this year?

      • In my opinion, “The Scarlet Cord”.

      • I can think of 2 concept videos: number 1: EHSS- Sometimes I wonder and number 2, Dvin McGlamery: While I still can.

  4. The Freemans – “Lead Me Home”

    • “Lead Me Home” The Freemans, featuring, Darrell Freeman and Buck Rambo

  5. Daniel,

    The title of this post says Best Concept video but you wrote “Let’s honor the best Southern Gospel videos—concept videos, behind-the-scenes videos (including studio videos), and live concert videos. ”

    That lead me to believe it was more then just concept videos. Thanks.

    • After the sentence you quoted, the next two were: “For each category, we’ll do a nominations post and a follow-up post with a poll featuring the top five nominees” and “Let’s start with concept videos.” 🙂

      • LOL yea you got me there 🙂

      • OK. I probably should be more clear on the next ones, so I’m trying to think of a way to do that efficiently. 🙂

  6. Devin McGlamery’s “While I Still Can” and Jason Crabb’s “Love Is Stronger”

  7. ASK ME WHY by Legacy Five

    • According to Youtube, Ask Me Why was uploaded by L5 in April 2012.

      • In an earlier comment, I wasn’t meaning to suggest that it was uploaded this year; my intent was more to provide an example of what a concept video is.

        There were a couple of great ones last year. I don’t think there were enough to sustain a solid top 10 in a poll. This year, I think we’ve now hit that point.

      • Hey, Daniel, I knew where you were coming from, but there were a couple of folks who nominated “Ask Me Why”. Just pointing out that, while it’s a great video, it’s not eligible for nomination. Now if this had been last year, you’d have had some really interesting nominations: Tell Me Why, I Want To Be That Man, She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name…2012 really seemed to be the year for the SG concept video.

      • True. 2012 was the year where a few stellar examples brought the concept to the forefront. Now practically everyone’s doing it. That said, if I’d had this idea last year, I may well have done it then.

      • Since there wasn’t such a category in 2012, I would petition for the 2012 entry’s to be allowed. In the opinion of some, L5’s “Ask Me Why” is THE reason why so many are doing them now. So therefore it deserves recognition. It was a “defining” type of project. Just sayin…..

      • If all we were doing was concept videos, I’d seriously consider that, and quite possibly take you up on the idea. But this is one of the categories in a multi-category contest, and it would be kind of weird to do it for one and not for the rest.

  8. Zach & Rodney – “Cookes & The Hinsons” is definitely my favorite concept video for 2013.

  9. Zach and Rodney “Cookes and Hinsons” ,also Freemans “Lead Me Home”

  10. 1) Ask Me Why – Legacy Five
    2) Count Me In – The Hoppers

    • Sorry Daniel….don’t know how my wires got crossed. That should have read:

      1) Ask Me Why – Legacy Five
      2) I Wish We’d All Been Ready – The Hoppers

      • OK! I was thinking I hadn’t heard of any concept videos for the song “Count Me In,” but I had been tentatively planning to look around YouTube after work tonight to be reasonably sure before asking.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TT-UsiPQ6o
    Excuse Me Are You Jesus? – The Nelons

    Love is Stonger – Jason Crabb

  12. The Hoppers I Wish We’d All Been Ready doesn’t count because it was uploaded in 2012 not 2013.

  13. The Cookes and the Hinsons by Zach and Rodney for sure is my favorite.

  14. Devin McGlamery’s – “While I Still Can” – concept video

  15. I’ll nominate The Akins’ video – Kneel.

  16. Devin McGlamery’s “While I a still Can.”

  17. Jason Crabb – Love is Stronger

    Aaron and Amanda Crabb – Take Him to the Place

  18. Devin McGlamery – While I Still Can


    Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Sometimes I Wonder


  19. 1) Freemans “Lead Me Home

    2) Zach and Rodney “Cookes and Hinsons”

  20. (reminder to myself)

    Submitted by Tim Dill on Facebook – Something to Say, The Dills

  21. Zach & Rodney & Michael Lee…Cookes & Hinsons
    The Dills…Something to Say

  22. Do you have a comment from me that didn’t get posted? I nominated Zach & Rodney & Michael Lee’s Cookes & Hinsons & The Dills’ Something to say. Posted mid afternoon today. Then I sent you a tweet. 🙂 RR