Sony’s Thoughts: Through Joy and Sorrow, God is There

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only ten days away! My sister is flying in today to be with us for nearly two weeks. Amid the excitement and preparation for her arrival, I am sad for a friend whose wife is going Home very soon. A glad day for her but sad for him who will need extra strength from God to endure the lonely, quiet house without her. Then I’m also thinking of my cousin who is in the hospital today with what they think are gall stones.

It seems like each day is full of joys or sorrows–sometimes both. Rarely is there much middle ground (at least for me); yet, we know the One who controls everything, and He is the One we look to for strength to get through each day. I sometimes wonder how people get through life without God but, when I think about it, they don’t get through it very well. In the words of Ronnie Hinson, I’m so glad He found me! Life may be hard but God is so good! I pray that is your testimony as well.

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  1. Yes,Sony,I totally agree. I know that without the Lord i could not have made it this well after my husband passed away.God is my strength and I rely on Him to see me through each day.