Inspirations Announce Matt Dibler on Lead, Jon Epley on Bass

Over the last couple of months, the Inspirations’ lineup was in transition. In comments made yesterday to, the Inspirations answered most of the questions by announcing that former lead singer Matt Dibler has returned to his old job, and baritone Jon Epley has officially moved to bass.

Manager/pianist Martin Cook said, “The group is going on more determined than ever to have a good time, do our absolute best, and continue the legacy of The Inspirations.”

“We are very excited about Matt returning to the group,” shared Jon Epley, “and the morale of the group has been better the last couple of weeks than it has in a long time. Great things are in store for The Inspirations, and we eagerly anticipate the future and what God has planned for the group. Change is inevitable, and rocky times are going to happen, but we are so thankful for the privilege we’ve been given to spread the Gospel through song, and will continue to do our best to be good stewards of this responsibility.”

With Epley’s move from baritone to bass, the baritone position is the only one not completely settled. Daron Osborne, who has filled in on various occasions in the past, is presently filling in.

Here’s a look at the new lineup:

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  1. WOW! But we still didn’t get the baritone question answer. lol

    • Well, Jon’s move from baritone to bass is only now official. Up until this juncture, it would have been theoretically possible for the best bass you’ve never heard of to show up (or maybe the best one you have heard of) and Jon return to baritone. So in a sense it’s only now that the baritone search begins.

  2. Good for Matt and the Inspirations. I hope they’ll still have Jon singing some of his non-bass features. No doubt he can handle that bass part.

  3. Love it. Glad to have Matt back !. Epley at Bass is only going to get better as he adjusts. Great move on Dibler coming back

  4. Jon leaves HUGE shoes to fill in the baritone slot. Tremendous singer!!

    • Thanks a lot Jaron! Sure appreciate that man.

    • Agreed! Mike left huge shoes to fill in the bass spot also and Jon has stepped up and way more than filled them!

  5. This is great news for the Inspirations! The sound will stay the same, with Matt back, it connects with the past and should be a real favorite with the Inspiration fan faithful. I am glad they are continuing on. There is still a great market for their brand of gospel music! I love the Inspirations, old and new and as a Pastor and gospel music lover, this is a good day for us all.

  6. So happy for the Inspirations! Jon, you are so talented, and thank you for the incredible opportunity to sing with you all back in November! Matt will definitely keep the classic sound to the group! The next album’s gonna be a killer!

  7. They need to make sure the guy they hire is named Luke. Then they once again would be The Gospels. 🙂

  8. I’ve seen this coming. I was SHOCKED at just how great Jon sounded on the bass part. I never would have thought he was capable of that. As soon as I heard it, I didn’t think they needed to look any further.

    By the way, what’s to keep Darren from just joining them full time?

    • Isn’t he naturally a tenor? Hasn’t he filled in for Archie before? Some tenors don’t have enough low end to do the baritone part 200 nights a year.

      • He is an “Archie” type tenor I believe…meaning he has pretty much a lead range.

      • I don’t know enough about Darren’s voice to say what his low end is like, but really, how much of a “low end” are baritones expected to have? Rarely have I heard a baritone slide down to a truly low note, though plenty of them are capable of soaring up to the high notes (Ott, Trammell, Lowry). There have been many tenors who have moved themselves to baritone in order to AVOID vocal strain.

  9. That’s great news! I watched most of the live streaming concert on Saturday and they had a great sound. Jon is so very talented at the bass as well as the baritone. Looking forward to hearing more from this group!

  10. This is exciting! Now if they could somehow convince Melton Campbell to come back…

    • Jon has got to be one of the best bass singers in SG music and the guy just got the job! I cannot overlook the contributions of Luke. Besides being a very nice young man, he is easily the most talented musician in the business today; plus he sings!

      Best wishes to Martin and all of the Inspirations. Like I have said before, going to see most groups is just a concert. Going to see the Inspirations is an experience…

  11. From the first time I heard Jon Epley singing the bass part for this group, I knew there was absolutely no way he would move back to the baritone slot, short of George Younce 2.0 being discovered and signing on. Jon is obviously just an incredible vocalist and he is doing a most excellent job holding down the low notes for the Inspirations. I think about the only thing left for him is to sing both the bass AND baritone parts! 😉

  12. Jon was singing Baritone in my opinion as an “Undiscovered Bass” he is no doubt about the shoe that fits. Also I feel that Daron Osborne would definatly be the best fit as Baritone as well. He would fit the “true” Inspiration Description being able to sing all the parts. Daron filled in for Archie and filled in after Matt’s Departure for a number of years even making an appearance on a Singing News cover with the group after Archie’s return from vocal surgery. So Daron is a true Inspiration fit already. I think the above line up definatly gives the long time Inspiration fan a big boost of spiritual moral. I pray Daron will truly get his shot this time and Pray he makes the moves the Lord wants. He is a great singer and christian and is the Pastor of Friends Baptist Church in Clemmons NC. To review the full concert above

  13. Listen at that bass voice!!! Wow! I knew Jon had a good low baritone range but man…talk about a good full sounding bass from upper register to bottom. Awesome.

  14. Can’t wait to hear the new lineup. I love to hear all of these guys sing. It will be interesting to see who the next baritone will be. Excited to see what great things are in store for the Inspirations!!

  15. The Inspirations seam to always be singing from their Heart! Always enjoyable songs with a GREAT message!! Excited about Matt coming back as lead!! Wow, I knew Jon could sing some bass, but I had no clue he was this good! I pray that the Inspirations keep this strong lineup for a long time and that their baritone part gets settled soon… Looking forward to seeing the Inspirations on the Singing at Sea Cruise in February!!

  16. Can’t wait to hear this new lineup!! I always enjoyed hearing Matt Dibler sing during his previous time with the group and Jon Epley has been doing a great job on the bass part. I am looking forward to hearing who the next baritone will be. These are exciting days for this great group. I believe there will be many wonderful things ahead.

  17. They deserve only the best. Wish them all the luck in the world!

  18. Wow I just read all these comments, and I just wanna say thanks to everybody for the support! On behalf of the entire group, we appreciate it very much!

  19. What happened to Steve Srein? Did’nt he just start.

    • Yes, but Steve was more just trying it out.