Favorite 5 Songs in 2006

What were the best five Southern Gospel songs of 2006?

That objective question is nearly impossible to answer. So, instead, this post is a response to the more subjective question of which were my favorite songs from the year. These songs either had to be from 2006 projects or from late 2005 projects whose songs singles were on radio most of 2006.

So here’s the list:

  1. Forgiven Again – Signature Sound
  2. Walk Away Free – Perrys
  3. When Mercy Came Down – Mark Trammell Trio
  4. I Have Been Changed – Legacy Five
  5. Paid in Full through Jesus, Amen – Greater Vision

In a very real sense, I perceive the first four songs as tied for first place. Each touched me deeply, and I like the songs equally.

Before I saw Signature Sound do “Forgiven Again” live, there is no way I would have put it at #1 on my list. I would still have put it on the top 5, but probably at #3. Yet there was something about seeing him do it live that I cannot quite capture in words, though I’ve tried several times.

The second, third, and fourth songs all touched me deeply as well, and Greater Vision’s song is one I simply found to be a fun tune.

After I had compiled the list of my favorite four, a thought struck me. None of my four favorite songs of the year 2006 have been sent to radio.

I’m still chewing on that one.

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  1. “Forgiven Again” was never a single and from an album that released in 2005.

  2. The same can be said for “When Mercy Came Down.” But different songs from each album were nominated for “song of the year” for 2006 in most awards ceremonies.

  3. And Daywind releases ‘He Forgot’ as the Perrys next radio single. I don’t understand that one??

  4. So it’s confirmed now? I had heard unofficially that they were thinking about it. I think it’s a bad move for the future of the group…especially because this the song released now would be the one they would have nominated for song of the year.

  5. I think “He Forgot” is a solid song. Plus, it features Joseph who is after all the lead singer now.