2013 SouthernGospelBlog.com Awards: Voting for Best Southern Gospel Concept Video

Quite a few Southern Gospel magazines and websites offer “best of” contests and awards shows. But they often cover much the same ground: Favorite artist, song, album, male singer, female singer, soprano, alto, tenor, lead, baritone, bass, and the like. Let’s do something different. Let’s honor the best Southern Gospel videos—concept videos, behind-the-scenes videos (including studio videos), and live concert videos. For each category, we’ll do a nominations post and a follow-up post with a poll featuring the top nominees.

The original intent in this category was to list the top five nominees, but since there were only nine overall nominees, and I would have had to cast a decisive tie-breaking vote to choose the fifth spot, let’s just add them all to the poll.

Let’s start with concept videos. What were the best Southern Gospel concept videos posted this year? We accepted nominations on Monday; now, it’s time to vote! Here are the nominees; pick the one you think is the best.

Final results:

  1. “Sometimes I Wonder,” Ernie Haase and Signature Sound: 32.85%
  2. “Cookes and Hinsons,” Zach and Rodney: 23.34%
  3. “While I Still Can,” Devin McGlamery: 14.18%
  4. “Something To Say,” Dills: 10.95%
  5. “Excuse Me, Are You Jesus,” Nelons: 8.62%
  6. “Love is Stronger,” Jason Crabb: 6.1%
  7. “Lead Me Home.” Freemans: 2.51%
  8. “Kneel,” Akins: 1.08%
  9. “The Scarlet Cord,” Southern Raised: 0.36%

There were 557 votes cast.

Links to nominee videos:

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  1. #1has to be Zach and Rodney!!! I loved it the first time I heard it, then add in the cameos by Ronnie Hindon and the Cookes…..whew.

    Soft #2 is the Nelons.

  2. Devin McGlamery – While I Still Can

  3. Akins – “Kneel”
    Zach & Rodney & Michael Lee – “Cookes & Hinsons”

  4. EHSS: Sometimes I wonder, and Devin McGlamery: While I still can.

  5. After seeing Zach & Rodney’s Tribute, not sure if this is even a contest. If it’s not the best for others, it’s certainly the most unique. And it’s not even ‘overly’ cheesy.

  6. Put me down for : 1) The Freemans -Lead Me Home
    2) Zach & Rodney – Cookes & Hinsons

  7. 1. Love is Stronger by Jason Crabb
    2. Sometimes I Wonder by EH&SS

  8. Put me down for : 1) The Freemans – Lead Me Home &
    2) Zach & Rodney – Cookes and Hinsons

  9. 1. Love is Stronger by Jason Crabb
    2. Sometimes I Wonder by EH&SS.

  10. Zach and Rodney and also the Freemans get my vote.

  11. Jason Crabb’s video is the best but the Dills is a close second. They all were great but these two stood out to me.

  12. I’m surprised to be the first to comment as I’ve never done this before. I follow your blog every day, though, and am a big fan.

    The video that touched my heart the most was “While I Still Can” by Devin McGlamery. I LOVED it.
    There were others that came close but this one was my favorite.


  13. The Nelons

  14. To all: Please accept my apologies. I just discovered that, for whatever reason, my site’s spam filter tagged every single vote via comment as spam. If it wasn’t so clearly a landslide for the Cookes & Hinsons video at this point, I would probably do a re-vote. But at this point, I think we’re safe in saying that the Cookes & Hinsons video is the winner, no matter how we crunch the numbers.

  15. Devin McGlamery – “While I Still Can” – I pray that anyone with children who watch that video will be touched by it!

  16. Zach & Rodney deserve the win! No other video stands out. They bring originality and creativity to the music industry. God Bless You Zach & Rodney & Michael Lee!

  17. How many people actually voted on the videos? At 1st it said vote by comment, then was wisely revised to vote anonymously. I loved “Cookes & Hinsons & The Dills running 1st &2nd, but that has changed since just yesterday. Glad to see & hope there is a lot of traffic to this site. Cookes & Hinsons is #1 this week on Southern Gospel Times Top 40 chart. Happy for that am I!!

    • There are presently 550 votes on the poll – 183 for the EH&SS video, 128 for Cookes & Hinsons, 77 for Devin McGlamery, 60 for Dills, 48 for Nelons, 33 for Jason Crabb, 14 for Freemans, 6 for Akins, 1 for Southern Raised.

      I added the anonymous poll because of the comment disappearing issue that I posted about here: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/21530

      • Interesting!!! I am glad you got that much traffic on your site. Thanks for presenting that poll. A topic I would like to see discussed is single group gospel concert length. I have driven hours for a concert that consists of 10 -12 songs, apprx 1 hour. I know people who have driven 14 hrs for same. I have been to many secular concerts that ,maybe cost more money, but last 2 1/2 hrs or more, just 1 group, with the opening act in addition. Why don’t we get that type of presentation from our gospel groups? Don’t say they don’t want to strain their voices. I ‘ sure they rehearse for hours at a time. Singers love to sing. It is hard to tear yourselves away from the piano.

      • Most SG groups go 90+ minutes, unless it’s less at the request of the host venue (e.g. a Sunday morning service where there’s also a sermon, or a multi-artist-event).

        Part of the reason they don’t do 2 1/2 hours is that they’re doing 200 concerts a year instead of 50. Another part is that the 2 1/2 hour concerts often cost $30-$50 and up. They’ll often get at or less than $10/person at a SG concert; people are paying 1/3 as much but getting 1/2 as much music.

  18. Because of this poll, I probably will buy the Akins’ s cd. I LOVE their song here, “Kneel”. I had never heard them before.

  19. Wow, that was a hard decision! They all had good points…

    Thanks Daniel, that was a great idea.