National Quartet Convention posts 2014 Schedule

This afternoon, the National Quartet Convention posted their 2014 mainstage schedule. Here are the changes:

New to 2014: Allen Boys, Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion, Ball Brothers, Blackwood Brothers, Bowlings, Browders, Canton Junction, Childress Family, Down East Boys, Driven, Erwins, First Love, Forgiven, Freedom, Gospel Harmony Boys, Guy Penrod, High Road III, Hyssongs, Jay Stone Singers, King’s Heralds, Littles, Lore Family, Marshall Hall, Masters Voice, Mattingly Family, Michael Frost Trio, Mylon Hayes Family, Paul’s Journey, Penny Loafers, Porter Family, Renaissance Quartet, Roarkes, Shaffers, Sheri LaFontaine, Skyline Boys, Sneed Family

Not returning from 2013: Browns, Gaither Vocal Band, Inspirations, Ivan Parker, Torchmen, Voices of Lee

Unchanged: 11th Hour, Booth Brothers, Brian Free & Assurance, Collingsworth Family, Crist Family, Diplomats, Dixie Echoes, Dixie Melody Boys, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gold City, Greater Vision, Hoppers, Isaacs, Jason Crabb, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, Keepers of the Faith, Kingdom Heirs, Kingsmen, LeFevre Quartet, Legacy Five, Lesters, Mark Bishop, Mark Trammell Quartet, McKameys, Nelons, Old Paths, Perrys, Primitives, Providence Quartet, Rick Webb Family, Soul’d Out, Squire Parsons, Talleys, Taylors, Tribute, Triumphant, Whisnants, Wilburn & Wilburn

For the last few years, NQC has incorporated two to four of the best performances from the evening’s showcases into their mainstage slots for a single-song set. Instead of being selected that day, it looks like they’re selecting many of those shorter sets in advance this year. 

NQC also posted an incomplete daytime showcase schedule. The Wednesday-Saturday mainstage programs are largely familiar, mostly repeats from previous years: Dennis Swanberg, David Jeremiah, a Bluegrass Jamboree, a Redbook congregational sing, NQC Music Awards, Guy Penrod, and Jason Crabb. It looks like the marquee event—at least, of anything that’s new—is a 90-minute Cathedrals Family Reunion showcase on the Saturday schedule.

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  1. Wow, totally shocked that the GVB is not a part of this in 2014.

    • The Nqc schedule say schedule is expected to change maybe Nqc hasn’t comfirmed The Vocal Band until the new lineup is announced i just don’t see Gaither not doing the quartet convention and dont see Nqc turning their backs on Gaither because he is one of the reasons that people go to the convention

  2. The absence of Gaither is interesting. That’s the only non-returnee that surprises me.

    • He doesn’t live practically down the street, like he used to.

      • Very true and they do have Family Fest in Gatlinburg every year in May. Still a surprise to me.

      • Exactly, NQC would be a direct conflict for the Gaither Family Fest in Gatlinburg. I do not see them going to NQC for 2014.

  3. I’ll start. Wow! That’s a lot of new faces and not many leaving so you would have to assume some groups will losing a mainstage slot or two.

    A lot of deserving folks got a spot. I love those Erwin kids. Good to see the Blackwood Brothers back too.

    Shocked by all the names left off from last year. No Browns despite their new deal with StowTown. No Gaither Vocal Band? No Inspirations? Not quite as surprised by the other 3. Still Voices of Lee added a novelty to the week.

    This seems like a throwback to the days when the NQC tried to get a lot of different people onstage. It’s a roll of the dice but I like the freshness behind the idea.

    I’m glad the NQC is trying a new approach to scheduling, but man, some of the groups they left out are pretty surprising.

    Already looking forward to it. Wish I could go as usual but a college education will still be my life.

  4. Interesting that after the success it seemed to be last year that they decided to scrap Quartet Night

  5. Is there bad blood between the Convention and Gaither again? Or could they just not get it in their schedule?

  6. Hasn’t the GVB always been there in the past? I live very near Louisville and I recall them ALWAYS being there. I wonder if this has anything to do with Bill slowing down? More of my curiosity….

  7. I had time so I did the yearly break down of number of performances (boy it took longer with all the groups). No particular order.

    3 times:
    – Gold City
    – Kingdom Heirs
    – Legacy Five
    – Mark Trammell Quartet
    – Talley Trio
    – Tribute
    – Booth Brothers
    – Collingsworth Family
    – Greater Vision
    – Perrys
    – Triumphant
    – Hoppers
    – Whisnants

    2 times:
    – Brian Free & Assurance
    – Dixie Melody Boys
    – Karen Peck & New River
    – Keepers of the Faith
    – Lefvre Quartet
    – Jason Crabb
    – Jeff & Sheri Easter
    – McKameys
    – Primitives
    – Sneed Family
    – Taylors
    – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    – Kingsmen
    – Old Paths
    – Dixie Echoes
    – Isaacs

    1 time:
    – Ball Brothers
    – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
    – Mark Bishop
    – Michael Frost Trio
    – Paul’s Journey
    – Penny Loafers
    – Sheri Lafontaine
    – Wilburn & Wilburn
    – Allen Boys
    – Blackwood Brothers
    – Browders
    – Crist Family
    – Down East Boys
    – Marshall Hall
    – Nelons
    – Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion
    – Driven
    – Forgiven
    – Guy Penrod
    – Kings Heralds
    – Lesters
    – Mylon Hayes Family
    – Rick Webb Family
    – Roarkes
    – Bowlings
    – Freedom Quartet
    – Gospel Harmony Boys
    – High Road III
    – Hyssongs
    – Masters Voice
    – Shaffers
    – Squire Parsons
    – 11th Hour
    – Canton Junction
    – Childress Family
    – Diplomats
    – Erwins
    – First Love
    – Jay Stone Singers
    – Littles
    – Lore Family
    – Mattingly Family
    – Porter Family
    – Providence Quartet
    – Renaissance Quartet
    – Soul’d Out Quartet

  8. Looks like another great year of NQC!

  9. Is that Renaissance Quartet the group from Bethel College in McKenzie, TN? I saw them in August this year. Matthew Holt played piano for them & was the college’s Associate Creative Director for the Renaissance Choir & Quartet. They were on program with Greater Vision. Needless to say, it was an outstanding concert.

  10. My sources have informed me that there’s no bad blood between Gaither and NQC. Gaither and his business manager, Barry Jennings, decided that NQC’s location and time in the year was close enough to their May event in the same area that they ought to just stick to their May event.

    Time and again, I’ve found something like this to be the case when a high-profile artist isn’t making it back. The answers are often simple enough. 🙂

    • I wonder how they will go about it, seeing that almost all the homecoming friends will be at NQC.

      • Being a “Homecoming Friend” is just how they refer to the people. It’s not an official title. For example, Ray Boltz was technically a Homecoming Friend. When you aren’t at a Gaither taping, you’re not a Homecoming Friend.

        This sounded simpler in my head.

    • Daniel, that is very good to hear. 🙂

  11. Will be interesting to see which event if any will be effected by so many events going on in the same area in 2014 ! I wish them all success !

  12. Does anyone know if the group “Forgiven” is Forgiven Trio or Forgiven Quartet?

    • The schedule doesn’t say. Perhaps one group or both have Facebook presences and have made remarks regarding an appearance.

    • Wednesday night is Forgiven Trio.

  13. Yes, I knew that AJ. But when you’re a featured artist on the Gaither homecoming tour, you are a Homecoming Friend. I was just wondering how groups like the GVB, Collingsworth, Isaacs, Booths, Easters, e.t.c, will be able to attend both NQC and Gaither’s Family Fest in May, since they are the artists that make Family Fest a Gaither Homecoming event.

  14. I don’t see the Freemans listed. Hope an updated schedule will include them.