Friday News Roundup #204

A note: For the time being, I’m planning to move to posting five days per week, taking Saturdays and Sundays off. So the Saturday News Roundup will become a Friday News Roundup. As always, if something especially newsworthy happens on a weekend, or after a weekday’s main post is up, I’ll post it.

Worth Knowing

  • Last week’s roundup mentioned that Jeff Whisnant’s father, John Whisnant Sr., sustained serious injuries in a car accident. Sadly, he has passed away as a result of those injuries. Jeff Whisnant offered some thoughts here.
  • In case you missed it amidst the Christmas Eve festivities, the big story of the week was that the Mark Trammell Quartet is leaving Daywind to start their own label.

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

It’s open thread Friday—you decide!

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  1. According to some on social media, Marty Millikin has passed away from cancer. He wrote “Jesus Is All I Need” that the Collingsworth family recorded and was an outstanding piano player in his own right. Here are a few videos…

    Jesus Is All I Need – by Marty Millikin

    Goodbye World Goodbye – Marty Millikin and Kim Collingsworth

    Jesus Is All I Need – Collingsworth Family

  2. Good video of the Kingdom Heirs. Jerry Martin is a very underrated tenor. Having been with several top quartets, I wonder why he hasn’t ever won a favorite tenor award?

    • Favorite tenor awards tend to go to individuals in one of two categories: (1) Tenors with the #1 fan-voted overall group for the last couple of years, whether or not the tenor has been there a long time, and (2) Tenors who have been with a top 5/top 10 group for 10+ years and are one of the core members. During Martin’s Kingsmen years, category (1) was the Cathedrals and then Gold City; during his Dove Brothers years, it was probably Greater Vision, and during his Kingdom Heirs years, it is probably the Booth Brothers and, recently, the Booth Brothers and the Collingsworth Family. Category 2 winners tend to be group managers and legends from previous category (1) groups, like Ernie Haase (who won with the Cathedrals and has his own group) and Brian Free (who won with Gold City and has his own group); both have won with the group that made them famous and then later with their own group.

  3. Daniel, I took this video at NQC on all-quartet night. What a night of singing it was!

    • Yes, sir, it was exceptional!

  4. Good for you Daniel! You have more than earned time off for yourself.

    Happy New Year and thank you for another great year of news and looking forward to the 2014 news!

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome! Happy New Year to you, too!

  5. Just searching for your review of The Perrys Center Stage Live, it wasn’t there! I saw Gaither’s Nashville Homecoming review and maybe something else, but I just didn’t see the one I was searching for. Is it somewhere else, or am I wrong?
    (Happy New Year, Daniel

    • Sara, the Perrys recorded that project in 1996. I didn’t start this site until ten years later, in 2006; in fact, I didn’t even discover Southern Gospel until 2004, eight years after that release date.

      • Gol-lee, that’s hard to believe as you are so knowledgeable about SGM I would have thought you had been listening since you were a tiny baby in a crib and your mama and daddy put cds in there to stop you from crying! This just begs the question: how did you get started listening to SGM in the first place in 2004?

      • I borrowed a Cathedrals CD from the local library to see what it was liked. The CD was High and Lifted Up, and I was hooked as soon as I heard the song “Death Has Died.”

      • And how old were you in 2004?

  6. I already miss it being on Saturday.

    • Sorry! I know it’s been a daily Saturday tradition for over four years now, and some traditions are hard to break! 🙂

  7. Just wondering if some of the artists that stop by here could add their thoughts to this. My question is if you were born earlier, lets say in the 1930’s or 1940’s, or thereabouts, would you still have wanted to get into this line of work, given the style of quartets/method of travelling, etc back then?? Maybe your passion for this type of music would’ve got you in no matter what! :-))

  8. Here is the link for the obituary of Marty Millikin.

  9. What happened to the 50000th comment contest? Was it abandoned?

  10. Ah, you announced it in the comments. No wonder i did not see it.

  11. I am home this morning with a sick child. I saw that Joseph Habedank listed a meeting this morning where he was giving his testimony. The service was streamed live and I watched. He told what the Lord had done for him in the last year. He has been delivered from an addiction to prescription painkillers. His testimony and singing was very heartfelt and you can see the grace of God in his life. It is a reminder that we never know what someone may be dealing with in their life. Please pray for him and his wife as he lives free of this addiction. And pray that the Lord will use his testimony to help others see that there is deliverance from whatever sin is controlling their life.

    • Praise God! I wish Joseph the very best and will be sending prayers up for him.

  12. Here is a link to Joseph Habedank’s music and testimony yesterday morning.