8 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Someone should buy the Palmetto State name and bring them back to Southern Gospel music.

    • I’d almost rather see a new group come up with a new name of its own. When there aren’t any members remaining in a group from that group’s glory days, sometimes it’s best to let that group name retire.

      • Yes,now that Jack and Harold are both gone the old PSQ is fading.I would like to see Tony Peace return to the road in some form.

  2. Well done Jack. Thanks for the great music! Now enjoy your blessed reward.

  3. Had some great concerts out here in CA with the two Jacks. Harold and Brian helped out, too! Great legacy.

    • Some of the finest talent in the history of Southern Gospel music passed through the Palmetto State Quartet. Jack Pittman was an often overlooked driving force in the industry. His contributions were many. He will be missed…

    • Jack Pittman was one of the most godly men in southern gospel music. My husband and I used to video PSQ with Jack’s permission. We have a wonderful video of Jack singing “Having a good time” My husband George put it on facebook.

  4. As a former member of Palmetto State, when we would sing older songs, we were often reminded of former group members’, and particularly Jack Pittman’s, legacy. I never did have a chance to meet him, but heard lots of great things about him from the fans who did. He was a well liked, well respected, and Godly man.