Promise Trio disbands

Promise Trio announced yesterday that they are disbanding. Baritone Matt Baker will be embarking on a solo ministry; tenor T.J. Evans will be joining Jake Sammons and Kasey Kemp in the trio Declaration.

The group finds its roots in May 2010, when tenor Jacob Kitson, lead singer Joe Kitson, and baritone singer Jon Epley founded Statement of Faith. Later in 2010, Jon Epley left to join The Inspirations. In December 2010, he was replaced by David Mann. In May 2011, Jacob Kitson came off the road, and the name Statement of Faith retired with him. David Mann announced that he would carry the group forward with a new name, Promise. David Mann left earlier this year to rejoin the Blackwood Quartet, the group he was part of before joining Statement of Faith. T.J. Evans carried the group forward for several more months before this announcement.

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  1. Hate to hear this. Worked with them several times. Great talent and class acts. Tough to keep a new group on the road these days. I wish them the best!!

    • I’ve been privileged to travel with Promise for a whole summer and fill in as their tenor. They are great guys with great hearts for God! Unfortunately, starting a full-time southern Gospel group from scratch can be tough and very challenging financially. So it was best for Dave to move where he did and TJ and Matt to move on as well. TJ is one of the finest vocalists I’ve heard in the industry and he is a very genuine and godly man. I’ve also had the privilege to sing with both Jake and Kasey. Both are great guys and this new trio of Declaration will certainly be one of the best in the industry! I wish them all the best as they move on and serve God!

      • Pat, it was a privilege to work with you guys and share the same stage! You guys are awesome and I’ll never forget the kindness y’all showed toward us while I was with them filling in.

  2. Boo-hoo! 🙁

  3. Where did Joe Kitson go?

  4. What a shame. Sorta figured this was coming with David’s departure. Great talents to be sure.