Friday News Roundup #205

Worth Knowing

  • Last weekend, Jared Stuffle sang bass with The Perrys for the first time. He will be the Perrys’ regular bass vocalist as his father, Tracy Stuffle, continues to recover from a stroke. Tracy sings selected features on programs where he is healthy enough to make the trip.
  • Congratulations to Rodney Griffin, who just passed the twenty-year mark with Greater Vision.
  • Tim Lovelace’s mother Louise has passed away.
  • Songwriter Marty Millikin has passed away.
  • Colbert Croft has passed away. He had been married to Joyce Croft for 49 years. They wrote songs like “I Can’t Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand),” “I Believe When He Died He Died For Me,” and “Is That Footsteps That I Hear?”

Worth Watching

Here’s a video of The Old Paths’ debut performance of their new radio single, “Long Live The King”:

Greater Vision sings the Booth Brothers’ signature song:

Probably the best part is the reaction from the Booth Brothers. Michael: “Never sounded better!” Ronnie: “We’re doing ‘Lazarus’!”

Worth Discussing

Are there any other significant Southern Gospel stories from the past week?

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  1. Some great stuff in those videos right there! I ‘m curious if anyone got some video of Jared singing bass?

  2. Bro. Marty Millikin will be missed. He was a humble man and great pianist.

  3. The Old Paths are one of the best young groups on the road, and they seem to get better every time I hear them. Another great song that was pitched to them as well! (shocker, another classic from Miss Dianne!)

  4. Marty Millikin will be greatly missed all around this country. He was truly one of the greatest piano players in the country, but what made him so genuine was that he lived what he sang and wrote about. He has found that “Haven” that Dianne Wilkinson wrote about, a song that he so often sang.

  5. On The Perrys Greatest cd, how can one tell which ones are singing what? Like, who is singing lead on what song? I’ve just become infatuated with the Perrys and am trying to learn about the different singers in each group in what year; and it is a very daunting task when nothing is written along with each cd about which members are making up each cd.
    I think I’m making this complicated, but I’m just very anxious to know these things and no one to ask in person. So, if anyone out there can help me, I would surely greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Here’s a brief history on The Perrys

    • Sara, go to each of the groups’ web pages and you will find abundant information about each one. I like to do that, as I also want to know as much as possible about each and every one!

      Google the group name and you will find them that way.

      Happy hunting!

    • Sara/GA,

      One of my favorite resources to find out recording & personnel history is

      Here is the page about the Perrys:

      I hope this helps.

      • Andrew got me by a minute! Haha It’s a great website. I hope it helps!

      • To follow up on what Andrew and Brandon said: That site has a personnel list and a discography listing songs. If you compare the two back and forth, you can find who was on each project and work it out for yourself that way.

    • Here… This may help you. I use this website for a lot of information on southern gospel groups.

  6. Did I miss something? What happened to David Ragan with the Perrys? He is not on the website, no mentioned at all…

    • He’s still there. Just yesterday, I saw a new video posted with him in it. I suspect that possibly they have not had time to get their page updated on their website since he joined.

  7. According to this link (Looks like according to this link: ( it looks like Legacy 5’s kickstarter campaign CD is being distributed by Daywind/NewDay, with a release date of March 18th. I know in your original post Daniel about this CD you wondered whether or not it was going to distributed by Daywind. On that same link it looks like the new Gaither Vocal Band “Hymns” CD is being released on March 4th.

    • Thanks! I had learned that the L5 CD was going to be a Daywind release, but I had not heard the release date yet.

  8. That behind-the-scenes GVB vid is definitely not from 2013.

    • I didn’t post any in this thread, did I?


      • I think Canuk is referring to the GVB video that was on your “voting poll” post. Also, that is correct – the video is from 2009.

      • Ah, thanks for the catch. Well, the way the polling software is set up, I’m unable to edit a poll in progress. But rest assured that it will be disqualified from the final results and any votes for it will not count.

  9. I looked this morning on the gaither website and Adam Crabb is listed with the vocal band for the concert in Lubbock. Is it possible that he’s going to join them?

    • Yes, it is possible.

    • Looks like he’s with them for ALL the January concerts (and possibly beyond, as no one is listed at all on any concerts past that).

      Also I noticed that he is literally the ONLY male artist listed that is a singer other than the GVB members. The entire line-up for all three dates are:

      The Gaither Vocal Band
      Bill Gaither
      Wes Hampton
      David Phelps
      Adam Crabb
      Charlotte Ritchie
      Kevin Williams
      Matthew Holt

      Interesting. Also his placement on the list is interesting. But then, it likely means nothing by itself because on one of the cruises it lists the GVB as being the only confirmed group, and lists only Bill, Wes and David, and that’s even later in the year.

      But, do I think Adam has joined and they’re just confirming a baritone before they make an official announcement? Yes, yes I do. Do I have any proof? No.

      • I also find it interesting that Gene McDonald’s Facebook cover photo shows him singing with the GVB, including Adam Crabb. ( I don’t know if it means anything, but I do find it interesting.

        Personally I look for an announcement either this week or next, and I think it will be Adam Crabb and Gene McDonald. I think we’ll see Bill and gene sharing the Baritone/Bass spot, depending on which one needs to be featured, a powerhouse bass (Gene) or a finesse bass (Bill, though Gene also has a lot of finesse), much like Wes and David share the split the lead/tenor role. I think Adam Crabb will share the Baritone/Lead spot, though he could probably swing some tenor.

        So much versatility with that lineup. If he wants to step back and let them sing as a quartet, he can. If he want to step in and add some counter-harmonies, he can.

        The Travis Cottrell option is still out there, but his names seems to have fallen off the discussion radar lately.

      • Oh, and Gene McDonald’s touring calendar is exactly blank after this weekend.

      • My 3rd paragraph above is in reference to Bill. I somehow deleted “Bill would have” from the beginning of the paragraph.

        One more thing, there’s always the possibility that he will go back to a 4-man group, but not likely. I think David and Wes enjoy the sharing of tenor. They get to rest and save their voice more in concerts. (David Phelps refers to it as “insurance”) 🙂

      • On the other hand, Adam Crabb posted on his FB page that he is looking for churches to fill the rest of his 2014 calendar. So…? :-/

      • That doesn’t mean much. I never doubted he’d keep doing solo dates, too. Most GVB members who already have a solo career keep it even after joining. Remember, the GVB doesn’t tour year around.

      • This is true…he could have a list of GVB dates from Bill, and is looking to fill the rest of the year with solo dates.

        I always wonder how much they chuckle if and when they read all of us speculating what they’re going to do! 🙂

  10. BTW the Dove Brothers have hired Mark McPherson as their new tenor.

    • “Congratulations to Rodney Griffin,” and then it doesn’t say what for, so what for?

      • Twenty years with Greater Vision.

      • Thanks for your kindness, Josh. You didn’t have to answer, but you did. It’s called class.

      • Thanks. I try to be helpful when see others asking something I know the answer to.

  11. In other sea-side news (see what I did there) I saw on another blog that Aaron & Amanda Crabb have/are quitting their jobs at the Cornerstone Church and are moving to Hendersonville, Tennessee.

    I must assume that means there’s going to be a spot open with Canton Junction as well.

    • Not necessarily; doesn’t Tim Duncan live in Tennessee as well?