Group’s Sound Equipment stolen

This post ended up becoming something far different than it was originally intended to be. You see, reader TA sent me a link to two articles with a pretty amazing story. The Ball Brothers, identified in the article as a professional Gospel group, had $9000 worth of sound equipment stolen from the house of group member Stephen Ball. The police were investigating the case and talking to a pawn shop owner when the thief came in and was nabbed on the spot.

Fascinating? Yes.

But it turns out it’s a different Ball Brothers.

First off, I noticed that this was in the Illinois/Indiana area. Though they grew up there, I knew they’d moved to Georgia. When I mentioned that to reader TA, he did some sleuthing of his own and found that the sound equipment was stolen from the house of a Stephen F. Ball, while the baritone for the Ball Brothers we know was named Stephen L. (Lee) Ball.

I emailed Daniel Ball of the Ball Brothers (the Ball Brothers we know), and he emailed back that it wasn’t them. He added: “It must be another group. I tried looking them up but couldn’t find anything on them.”

So now we have the interesting question of how many professional Gospel groups there could be with the exact same name and a group member with the same first and last names.

This story has a moral, contained in the time-tested adage “look before you leap.” There were enough details right that it would have been easy to follow the temptation to post a story with a blaring headline, “BALL BROTHERS LOSE $9000 IN EQUIPMENT; THIEF CAPTURED MIRACULOUSLY.” But as I looked through the story, some details just didn’t line up, and reader TA, upon hearing of my reservations, found some of his own. So instead of posting the headline quickly, and getting the scoop (which I think I might have ended up with anyhow), I sat back and waited for the details to sort themselves out. Far better to let someone else get the scoop than to be first–with the wrong one.

That out of the way, has anyone heard of these Ball Brothers?

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