Joseph Brown leaves The Diplomats

Yesterday afternoon, Joseph Brown announced on Facebook that he will be leaving The Diplomats:

As of January 3rd, 2014, I have resigned as bass singer for the Diplomats. I appreciate the opportunities I have had with this fine group and  all the friends I have made traveling and singing Gospel Music across the country. I feel it is time for a change in my life and ministry. Looking forward to what God has in store for me and my family.  Thanks to the Diplomats for 8 years of some great times and happy memories. Please pray for my family and me, that we will always be in His will. God Bless.

The Diplomats commented:

For the past 8 years, we have had the honor to have what we believe one of the finest bass singers to ever sing gospel music. Joe Brown has made many fans across the country. Not only will his voice be missed but his dear friendship! Our prayers are with him and wife Debbie as they start a new journey in God’s work. Thanks, The Diplomats [Minor edits for punctuation]

Brown has never received the recognition he deserved; vocally, he’s consistently been in the genre’s top ten most talented bass singers. Here’s hoping his changes in life and ministry will still involve Southern Gospel.

We posted a feature interview with him six years ago, here.

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  1. Joe Brown is a fine man with a great personality. He’s one of the best bass singers I’ve heard. I wish he and his family the best.

  2. Didn’t get to sing with the Diplomats very often, but when I did, I sure did enjoy listening to him sing!! Hope he continues to sing.

  3. Joe Brown is a great bass singer. I’ve heard him several times back when I was in the DBB. Hopefully he will get back out with another quartet because not just the great singing he does but the great person he goes a long way. He can hurt you with a low note for sure and Daniel you are exactly right when you say he never got the recognition he deserved.

  4. I love Joe. Great singer and a better person. Wish you the best my friend.