Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases, January 2013

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon, Sonlite, Gaither Music Group, Stow Town, New Haven, Difference Media, Song Garden, Mansion, and major independent group releases where known.

January 2014

  • January: A New Season, Mike Holcomb (Song Garden)
  • January: Your Walk Talks, Mark Trammell Quartet (Crimson Road)
  • January: Love Came Through, Skylie Boys (independent)
  • 1/3: Willie Wynn and Friends, Willie Wynn and Friends (Independent / Would He Write Songs)
  • 1/7: Triplicity, Red Roots (Daywind/New Day)
  • 1/21: Drive, Doug Anderson (Stow Town / Provident)
  • 1/21: A Gathering, The Hoskins Family (Daywind/New Day)
  • 1/24: Best of the Booth Brothers, Booth Brothers (Gaither Music Group / Capitol)

February 2014

  • 2/4: Oh What a Savior, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound (CD/DVD) (Gaither Music Group / Capitol)
  • 2/18: Unashamed, Brian Free & Assurance (Daywind/New Day)
  • 2/18: The Test of Time, The Talleys (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 2/18: I’d Do It All Over Again, Easter Brothers (Pisgah Ridge/Crossroads)

March 2014

  • 3/4: Hymns, Gaither Vocal Band (Gaither Music Group / Capitol)
  • 3/18: A New Season, Matthew Hagee (Difference Media / Capitol)
  • 3/25: Great Day, Legacy Five (Daywind / New Day)

April 2014

  • 4/8: Into His Presence, The Perrys (Stow Town / Provident)

Is this list missing anything significant, especially among major independent releases? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I don’t know specific dates, but Mark Trammell Quartet’s “Your Walk Talks,” already available for pre-order, will probably ship out this month. Legacy Five’s new one is projected for the first week of March.

    • Daywind does distribute the L5 project, and I anticipate getting an official release date from them at some point.

      I sure hope the Mark Trammell Quartet project does indeed ship this month. I pre-ordered a copy, and my anticipation level is through the roof. But I don’t know for sure that it’s coming out this month, so I haven’t said so.

      • Preview it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEVgGzqdO3Q

        Video description says available in January.

      • Thanks. I have not been able to find a release date yet.

      • If you will go to the Mark Trammell website, you can get a heck of a deal on this new cd. I know, cause I just got mine through Paypal and the whole transaction took less than a minute! As they say, a word to the wise — (or bargain hunter) — you know the rest. Or maybe, the early bird catches the, um, worm………………..Later.

  2. What are the chances of 2 new releases at practically the same time having the same title? Mike Holcombe and Matthew Hagee both have titles New Season.

  3. I know of another group that will have a release soon with Mansion Entertainment. Can you guess who that is Daniel? Lol

    • Is there a title, release date, and imprint (if applicable) set yet?

      • Not sure. I heard the mix yesterday and I’m just a little bit excited. I will find all that info. out later and let you know.

  4. The GVB is still listed on the Capitol website, as the main release for March 4.

    • I have it in the post; did you notice a typo in the post, or something else wrong? Sorry, I’m just a little confused.

      • You said “The Gaither Vocal Band Hymns CD, originally slated for earlier in the year, has been bumped back to March 4th. It has been removed from the currently visible Capitol Christian upcoming releases page”.

        Also – Mark Lowry’s Unforgettable Classics is due out January 28 – I don’t know the label.

      • Ah; sorry. I forgot to edit that sentence out of the draft. Good catch, and it’s gone now.

        I guess, then, that the post was internally inconsistent, because I had also listed the CD under the March releases.

      • I thought Mark Lowry’s Unforgettable Classics was already released (April 2013?). Is he releasing another album under the same name?

      • I meant to include, “or has it just not been released yet?” in the comment above about Mark Lowry’s CD.

  5. I used to get emails from Southern Gospel Blog.com but I don’t anymore! Why?

    • Did you change emails? Perhaps you unsubscribed accidentally? And perhaps your email provider is putting them in your spam folder. Check your spam folder just in case.

  6. Well…. may not be a major independent release…. but Willie Wynn and Friends (Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Gaither, Ben Speer, Ponder Sykes & Wright, Gene McDonald, Elmer Cole, Dave Maddox, Sweetwater and more) is available at http://www.williewynn.com and http://www.woodywright.net

    ORB remakes, hymns, covers, originals…. yikes…. everybody needs one!

    • That’s major enough for me. 🙂 So that I can list it correctly, do you have a release date and label? Or is the label custom?

  7. Isn’t Wes Hampton supposed to be releasing something? http://blog.musicscribe.com/?p=15087 This seems to indicate it.

    • If anyone can track down a title, release date, and label, I’d be happy to include it.

  8. Aren’t The Perrys supposed to release a new record on their new label, Stow Town Records sometime in March?

    • If they are, it’s not on the StowTown/Provident coming soon website listing yet.

      • The Perrys announced that their next album (first on StowTown) will be released on April 8th and be called “Into His Presence.”

      • Thanks!

  9. The Skyline Boys just released a new CD called “Love Came Through”. It’s an independent release. http://www.springside.com/SKYLINE-BOYS-_-LOVE-CAME-THROUGH-CD/productinfo/SBLT-CD

  10. Gaither.com confirms that the Hymns cd will feature the old lineup with Lowry and English.

  11. Just for continuity’s sake…you can list Daywind’s releases as Daywind/New Day. In case any stores check this list and want to know how to order 🙂

    • Hmm; okay. I certainly hadn’t thought of bookstores as a possible audience for this column; I don’t think I’ve ever had a comment from one, or an email letting me know they read it. But it’s certainly a possibility that some might.

      • I just noticed you had Stow Town/Provident and Gaither/Capitol, etc. listed out. That’s all! Thanks for staying up to date on all these releases!

      • OK. Well, the reason I did that probably makes perfect sense to me and to nobody else: I find out about Stow Town, New Haven, and Gaither Music Group releases from the Provident and Capitol websites. But I find out about Daywind releases from Daywind staffers. So I put it there depending on how I found out about a release. But, as I said, that probably makes perfect sense to me and to nobody else. 🙂 🙂