SGM FanFair Awards Nominations

The SGM FanFair Awards, one of several Internet-based awards has nominations open right now. Here are my picks:

  • Male Quartet: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • Mixed Quartet: The Perrys
  • Trio: The Mark Trammell Trio
  • Duet: left blank
  • Soloist: Christian Davis
  • Male Vocalist: Mark Trammell
  • Female Vocalist: Libbi Perry Stuffle
  • Lead: Joseph Habedank
  • Baritone: Mark Trammell
  • Tenor: Ernie Haase
  • Bass: Tim Duncan
  • Alto: Libbi Perry Stuffle
  • Soprano: left blank
  • Band: Kingdom Heirs Band
  • Pianist: Stewart Varnado / Dixie Echoes
  • Song: Walk Away Free / Perrys
  • Album: Come Thirsty / Perrys
  • Video/DVD: Get Away Jordan / Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • New Excelling Artist: The Ball Brothers
  • Young Excelling Individual: Eric Phillips
  • Living Legend Award: Mark Trammell

Your choices might not be the same as mine, but go on over and cast your vote!

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  1. I wouldn’t think that Christian Davis would qualify as a soloist since the majority, if not all, of his dates are with Mercy’s Mark.

  2. Have you seen the new SSQ project?

    I didn’t think the SSQ DVD was to be released until Jan. 23. Are you basing your vote on the PAX preview or just because you know it will be your favorite regardless?

  3. I think you’re right that he wouldn’t qualify. However, I don’t particularly care for most soloists, and his was the only solo album this year that I can remember particularly liking.

  4. I am basing my comments on the preview. I may have voted for another video if I could have thought of one. NQC 6, which I haven’t seen yet, is a compilation, as is the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion video set. Come to think of it, I forgot about Legacy Five’s Live in Music City, which I also haven’t seen yet. But they may well have been my choice had I remembered it.

  5. Daniel,
    According to the website link the nominating ballots were not accepted after November 10th, 2006. The final (5) voting ballot was supposed to be available on January 1, 2007.

  6. is CHristian Davis not the offical bass for Mercy’s Mark??? Isn’t he on their new cd?

  7. Yes, he is their official bass and is on their new CD (which is now almost a year old). But he recently released a solo CD which is better than the current Mercy’s Mark project.

  8. Hey, Daniel. I would have to take issue with your statement above!!! First, the Mercy’s Mark project has only been out since NQC 2006, not almost a year. Second, Christian’s project, “Make It Real,” is terrific, but I don’t believe the comparison between a solo project and a quartet project is particularly valid. I happen to think Mercy’s Mark’s “Something’s Happening” project is terrific, too.

  9. Come to think of it, you’re right about the MM project only being out since NQC. But they almost released it in late 2005, I think.

    I’ll still stick to Davis’ Make it Real being the better project, though. 🙂

  10. I realize updating a website can slip your mind, but my goodness. Why would the Fan Fair site leave a ballot up for more than two months after it’s out of date and then fail to post the final ballot when they said they would?

    You’d think if they expected to be taken seriously, they’d do a better job than this.