The Booth Brothers…live

Especially after last year’s fan awards results, nobody questions that the Booth Brothers are among the hottest acts going right now in Southern Gospel. But since their music leans toward the progressive end of the spectrum, many of their fans haven’t seen them quite like this:

Alan Kendall, who posted that video, posted two others from the same night: I’ve Been Changed (with guest bass Tracy Crouch) and Over the Moon.

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  1. Great video! That’s why these guys are my favorite group. They can do many styles and all of them well.

  2. These guys are far my favorite group! I could listen everynight to them. They are so sweet and kind when you talk to them. The Lord is really using them!!!!!!!

  3. Daniel,
    They actually do this at most of their concerts, at least ones I have been. Of course, they don’t always have the luxury of having a bass singer present.

    I think that is why the Booth Brothers are so popular. They create a remarkable concert experience. That type of experience does not always transfer to a studio recording.

    Then, you have some artists who create wonderful studio recordings but are lousy in concert. That is a whole other story…

  4. Yes, it is…

    They don’t have a live keyboardist with them most of the time, though? Either way, I’ll have to go and check them out sometime. 🙂

  5. Daniel, you have never seen these guys!!!! I c an’t believe it. You are in for a real treat!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to see the Booth brothers, the Hoopers, Triumpant, the Talley Trio and Aaron Wilburn and the Arnold’s on Jan. 31. It is part of my Christmas present!!!!! It is in Yukon, OKla. and we’ve got front row seats. Eat your heart out (lol)

  6. Well, I have seen them at NQC, but they’ve yet to come through my area for a full concert.

  7. Daniel…I suspected you had never been to a Booth Borhters concert. You always label them progressive. While their cds at times have progressive elements, you really need to see them in concert.

    Not a concert with 2-3 other groups but a concert with them alone. There is a reason they are number 1 right now and it is not all about their singing. They are masters of “moments” in concert. They connect like no one else.

    In concert they do songs around one mike with guitar, light tracks, acapella. They also go full tilt and high energy too so there is variety. They are funny and they are serious.

    Make the drive to see them alone some time. Your SG horizons will be expanded big time. You might finally “get” what everyone else sees in them. You would like it for sure.

    Think about the difference in seeing the Perrys at NQC for 16 minutes and seeing them for 2 hours. Same thing (maybe more so) with the BB.

  8. Thanks for posting the link. The 3 Booth videos and the scrap iron quartet singing “Standing By the River” at GOGR are just a few small samples of what goes on at the reunion. But the Booth Brothers have pretty much always encompassed all ends of the spectrum in gospel music. Usually their table products like “Pure Southern Gospel” and “Beyond the Cross” and their “Live in Lakeland” cds are some of their most popular recordings. A lot of their concerts I’ve been to have been very traditional, and steeped in Mosie Lister material.

  9. I’m going to see the Booth Brothers this Friday with the Diplomats…
    I can’t WAIT to hear them with Joe Brown knocking out the bottom on bass!!!!