Sony’s Thoughts: He’s Leading the Way

The title of this post reflects my theme song this year. After a couple months of being off the road, we start traveling again next weekend. At times life can be overwhelming but I’m so grateful that God continues to lead and to guide.

I have experienced the quiet times where I couldn’t hear God’s voice to know which way He was leading but He has been faithful, at just the right time, to let me know what direction He wants me to take. My responsibility then is to follow Him in complete obedience, knowing that the path He takes me down will bring Him glory, and that is why I am here.

If you feel like God is changing your direction but you don’t know where He is leading, don’t fear. Keep patiently waiting. In His time, He will show you the new path He has laid out for your life. Then you can say with me, “Thank You, Lord, for leading the way! Wherever You lead me, I will follow.”

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