Songs from Exodus: In The Basket


Each week, we will go through the books of the Bible, looking at a song that illustrates a passage from each book.

Exodus 1 recounts how Pharaoh tried to wipe out the Israelites by killing all their male children. Exodus 2 is the story of how God spared Moses’ life by inspiring his parents to hide him in the bulrushes, and by leading Pharaoh’s daughter to find him and take pity on him. Poet Voices reflects on this in their song, “In The Basket.”

A little baby placed in a basket
Was put in a river to save his soul
A Hebrew son; his name was Moses
He was found by the house of Pharaoh

They didn’t know what they had in the basket
Didn’t know what he’d become
Didn’t know, from the cradle to the casket
He would be the chosen one

Verse two pivots to a powerful pro-life message:

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  1. Precious! Thanks for the post!

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for your support of the old and new iterations of this series!

  2. I had forgotten about this song!!! Love it!! Love the message! Thanks for the post Daniel!!!!!