Sony’s Thoughts: God is Good … Even in the Valleys

The past couple years, I have become more and more aware of how good God is. I’ve known that in theory but I think for a long time, I took that truth for granted. So often when I talk to people, I find myself saying “God is so good” and He really is.

When thinking of God’s goodness, I often think of the things He’s done for me and those are the easiest things to thank Him for. Yet, the other day the Whisnant’s song came back to me which says “Even in the valley, God is good.” How true! Lord, help me to thank You for the valleys as well as the mountains, for it’s in the valley that You restore my soul.

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  1. 2008 was an extremely hard year for me, and it’s because of that that I believe that God’s good, especially in the valleys, not just even in the valleys. I’ve gotten a whole new worldview this past year, and God is definitely good!

  2. The only advantage to being on the mountaintop is the view to gain perspective. Nothing grows on the mountain peaks. All the growth takes place in the valley.

    No wonder we all relate to valley songs. Most of us live there and grow there.

  3. Wonderful perspectives. Isn’t it interesting that, as children, we can’t wait to grow up? As Christians, however, I think we often fight that growing process. Yet that is such a vital part of life and God knows that better than us for, without a battle, there would never be a victory.