CD Review: Ephesians One (Karen Peck and New River)

Rating: 4 stars

Members: Karen Peck Gooch, Susan Peck Jackson, Devin McGlamery

Although Karen Peck and New River are already working on their next CD, I didn’t want to miss giving their latest CD a mention. If you like this group for their great sound and strong lyrics, you will not be disappointed with this recording.

The CD starts with the title song, “Ephesians Chapter One,” which is an uptempo number with a great message.

Karen Peck Gooch and Marcia Henry wrote “Waitin’ On The Lord.” That combination of writers should be an indication of how good the song is. John Darin Rowsey and Susan Peck Jackson wrote the rowsing song, “Everything You Need.” Karen does a great job on “There’s Somethin’ Goin’ On (When Momma Prays).”  Probably the most typical KPNR song and one of my favorites is “That’s When I Knew I Was Home” which features Devin.

The highlight of the project for me was having them bring back “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown.” I loved listening to the Nelons sing that song years ago and have really enjoyed hearing Karen sing it once again. I’ve seen them do it in concert and it seems like there are others who like it as well.

Other songs on this project include their recent #1 song, “I Want to Thank You,” “It’s Gonna Have to Be God,” “The Cradle and the Grave,” “All You Need When You Need It,” and “Spirit of Jesus.”

I am really glad to see Karen and Susan doing more songwriting these days and look forward to hearing their next project.

~ Sony

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  1. This is a really good recording, and I, too, was so happy that KPNR did a re-make of “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown.” I’ve always loved that song, ever since Janet Paschal sang it with the group, and I loved Karen singing it, too. This re-make is well-done, too–just enough variety in musical instrumentation to be different while still keeping the integrity of the song, the beat still easy to clap along with, etc.