Friday News Roundup #207

Worth Knowing

  • Legacy Five has signed a long-term recording contract with Daywind Records. Daywind will release their Kickstarter-funded project, Great Day, on March 25. Legacy Five is holding a contest, asking fans to pick the cover photo for the CD, here.
  • Rebels Quartet bass singer Rick Fair will be leaving the group due to demands of his day job. The group is seeking a replacement, asking interested bass singers to contact them at

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

Are there any other significant Southern Gospel news stories from the past week?

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  1. I’m hearing that Dallas Rogers is back with the Inspirations and Melton Campbell could possibly be returning…If that’s the case, I’m pumped!

    • The Inspirations posted a photo on their f.b. page with them in the line-up.

    • Wow! What would this mean for Dallas Rogers and Restored? According to their website, they have dates scheduled well into 2014. I always thought Dallas was a perfect fit with the Inspirations and would be thrilled if he has returned!

      • Interesting…I was told from a very reliable source about 2 months ago that Dallas Rogers & Restored no longer existed.

      • I was told that same information by a reliable source as well: their Facebook page, which no longer exists. I see that Chris Walton ended up with Emmaus Road Quartet. Not sure where Robbie Moore is now. Dallas, however, is apparently back with the Inspirations, if this comment on that FB picture of the lineup is accurate:

        “We were told tonight that Dallas and Matt are back full time. Not sure on Melton. We were pushing for it tho.”

        It’s worth noting that this does not seem to be why Restored disbanded.

      • I noticed dates all the way to the end of 2014 listed for Restored on the “Gospel Gigs” website. Maybe these were posted before the group disbanded. If their facebook page revealed they were disbanded, that should be enough confirmation. I am thrilled if Dallas is back with the Inspirations and thought he was the best tenor I have heard with them when he was with them for a short time before. I hope he stays around, as I think the combination of him on the high notes and Jon on the low notes sets the foundation for a very strong quartet!

  2. Hey, Daniel, I like the new blog title. Has a nice professional sound to it, in keeping with the professionalism that’s always shown here. I kinda wish you’d done it a little earlier, though, since I just nominated the old title for an SGN Scoops Diamond Award!

    • Thanks! Sorry, that hadn’t even crossed my mind!


    Speculation can now end, the GVB hymns CD will feature Lowry and English!

  4. Tracy appeared with the Perry’s last Saturday night in Temple, TX. He got a standing ovation when he entered the stage. He also sang a few songs with them and it was a blessing to all. The rest of the group was outstanding as usual.

    • I’m so excited to be going to see the Perrys tomorrow night in Fitzgerald, GA. and I do so hope Tracy is able to make it on the stage there. I’ve never been to a gospel event of any kind and I cannot wait! I’m planning to enjoy every minute. I think Karen Peck and NR are going to perform, and someone else I can’t remember. I didn’t know anyone else was going to be there besides the Perrys. What an unexpected treat!

  5. I love Debra Perry-Reed, former singer with the Perry’s… She now has a group with her husband Christopher Reed called Debra Perry and Jaidyn’s Call. A young man, Zach Smith, joined them and they are wonderful. Look them up and give them a listen if you haven’t already. You will be pleasantly surprised. They were at the NQC last year and will be there again this year. Have a song, “Gone, Gone, Gone” #63 on the Singing News Charts. Please listen to them and be blessed. Call them for an event at your church….