Dust of the transition…

This morning, during the domain transfer from SouthernGospelBlog.com to SouthernGospelJournal.com, the website’s host inadvertently pointed the domain at the wrong website for about 5-10 minutes. During that time, some RSS readers picked up a post from that website that contained content certainly not endorsed by Southern Gospel Journal. We apologize for the error; please ignore that post.

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7 Letters to the Editor

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  1. No problem…we know you’re Trinitarian all the way. 🙂

    • Thanks! I most certainly am!

      • I thought Daniel was referring to something with racy content. Is Brian joking or was it just a theologically heretical site? 🙂

      • The issue with the website to which my host accidentally (I trust!) pointed the IP for about five minutes was indeed a theological one.

      • That’s so funny—by your wording I think the first thought for most of us who hadn’t seen it was that it had some kind of inappropriate images.

  2. Oh, no! I missed something interesting!

  3. And that’s your story and you’re sticking t it? 😉