Paul Ellis returns to Liberty Quartet

paul ellisOn January 17, 2013, Liberty Quartet announced the departure of baritone Jordan Cragun. Various individuals—Tim Parton, Dehner Franks, Obadiah Neasham, and Liberty alumnus Doran Ritchey—have filled in over the last year as they searched for a permanent replacement. Yesterday afternoon, almost exactly a year to the day after Cragun’s departure, they announced that they have found a replacement: Former member Paul Ellis is returning.

Former Liberty Quartet tenor Keith Waggoner, who is now the chairman of Liberty Ministries (the group’s oversight board), commented:

Paul and his lovely wife, Kim, have three children: Emily, who is a junior at Northwest Nazarene University and will be getting married on June 20th; Connor, who is a senior in high school; and Grace, who is in eighth grade. Kim, a gifted vocalist and musician in her own right, is thrilled for Paul to be part of Liberty’s ministry again. We are blessed to have this incredible couple and add them as siblings to the Liberty Quartet family. Make plans now to see Liberty Quartet when they are in your neck of the woods and welcome Paul (back) to the group.

I believe the future is brighter than ever for Liberty and their ministry. Remember, when God says, “wait,” there is always a reason. As we surrender to His timing and His plans, we can truly say, “Good things DO come to those who wait on the Lord.”

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  1. Paul is a fine Christian gentleman and a wonderful vocalist; he was a well qualified, much loved, and integral part of Liberty during his previous run with them. God’s provision is always “in time, on time, every time” — and this example is no exception. God’s provisions during the long time of transition in 2013 were also wonderful. But we long-time Liberty fans and friends out here in the west welcome Paul back to the family, and look forward to what God has for the ministry!

  2. Here is a video of Paul singing at Northwest Gospelfest a couple years ago:

  3. Thanks for sharing the news, Daniel. You guys are going to love Paul. He is truly one of the most versatile vocalists I’ve heard sing. The guy can sing anything from baritone to tenor and sing it well. I cannot wait to hear this new lineup!

    • I think I remember hearing that he was the old tenor; do I remember correctly?

      • I believe he has sung both tenor and lead for Liberty Quartet in the past.

      • OK. I seem to think that my earliest Liberty recording has him on tenor. Well, if he has indeed (now) sung all three parts except bass, there’s an onstage comedy routine waiting to happen. 🙂

      • He actually started out as baritone for Liberty before switching to tenor. He also sang lead on several songs in albums past. I’m sure Royce will have fun with that.

      • OK, neat! I’m pretty sure he’s on one album I have, that has Dan Gilbert on lead and (as I recall) Doran Ritchey on baritone. I think it was the last album right before you joined. That’s still, to this day, the earliest Liberty album I have. Liberty albums from the early years just aren’t laying around Goodwills in this area or for sale on iTunes (last I checked).