Penrod, Hall leave Gaither Vocal Band; Phelps, Lowry, English return

In what can safely be said to be one of Southern Gospel’s biggest stories in the last few years, Bill Gaither announced the departure of half the Gaither Vocal Band—lead singer Guy Penrod and baritone Marshall Hall—and the return of three alumni, David Phelps, Mark Lowry, and Michael English. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] Penrod will be pursuing a solo career that will include recording a family-friendly positive country album; Hall’s plans are unknown at this point.

Yes, the Gaither Vocal Band will now be a quintet. And knowing their penchant for complex harmonies, I doubt that they will do simple doubling of the tenor part.

* * *

And now I think I can say: I’ve actually known since October that Penrod wouldn’t be returning—but the person who told me said it on the condition that I didn’t post it. But it was just as well, since that left him room to change his mind without public reaction if he had chosen to. So that’s why I beat around the bush the way I did when answering your questions here and elsewhere. Sorry about that!

I definitely didn’t see Hall’s departure coming imminently, though.

(Oh, and when I posted this, I was hoping he had changed his mind.)

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  1. April 1st is a few months down the road, bro….

    • I really enjoy the Gaither Band. But am disappointed at the departure of Guy and Marshall. They were excellent in my opinion!


  2. Wait a minute, this is Daniel Mount’s blog…WOW! It’s true!

    Biggest news in years.

  3. Well we’ve got 2 tenors a bass, a baritone and a lead. Wonder who’s going to sing what? I am shocked that 2 of them are leaving at the same time. I never dreamed Mark would quit his solo. I thought he was slowing down and I thought David Phelps was happy singing different music and I could see maybe Michael coming back if asked. I would think if Bill was slowing up maybe he would have hired a bass! Maybe he’s like Gerald Wolfe when asked why do you not have a bass and he laughs and says cause we don’t want one (lol)

  4. That is, indeed, a gigantic story.

    However, if those first two comments were serious reactions, they were hilarious.

  5. #3. Good point.

    Initially I thought Grigs must have been referring to the fact that Mark Lowry isn’t getting every date till April; he’s keeping existing commitments through then. Not till I read your post did I realize what Grigs probably really meant.

    Man, I can be dense at times!

  6. It took me a little while to get it. I went backed and looked for references to April 1.

    I’m not really reacting to the story because it’s kind of too big to react to appropriately. However, it impacts me personally less than, say, if GV or L5 added a member … seriously, I only buy a few occasional songs from GVB. But I certainly recognize that they’re big.

  7. Well, it would be one thing for GV, with its current lineup, to add a bass, say Glenn Dustin. It would be another thing entirely for them to add Glenn Dustin and Jonathan Wilburn!

    Using GV as an example, that’s the closest comparison I can come up with.

  8. OK I am SOOOOO sad right now!!!! 🙁 🙁 This is NOT happening. Guy leaving was a suprise…but it came with a little warning. But MARSH?? NO!! 🙁 I don’t know what to think about the other three coming back. And a the Vocal Band now has FIVE members????

    • I think the prospect of 5-part harmony is the shining light in the dark news for those who want to see Gaither try something new. I think it could really be kinda cool if it’s done right.

    • Oh I am sad too! My grand daughter has watched Guy since she could walk, she’s 9 now and so sad!
      Why such a big change all at once? Are there future plans? I love them all but Guy will be terribly missed!!

      • Ditto Carolyn. Nobody can replace Guy, and I’m sure everyone would agree.

  9. I wonder what the plans are for LordSong and Stan Whitmire since Mark Lowry will be leaving the tour he was doing with them???

  10. I am heartbroken to lose Guy and Marshall at the same time! I’m 22 years old and have grown up with the GVB and I can’t really remember a time without Guy’s powerful vocal presence. I’m listening to the Give It Away album right now, pretending that

    Marshall’s voice had a unique quality that really grew on me, and I loved how close he and Wes had grown.

    It would be the understatement of the year to say I will miss them, Guy most of all…….but I don’t know what else to say.

    I am excited about the return of David Phelps and Mark Lowry; the lineup of Mark, David, Guy and Bill was one of my favorites!

    • I am with you – I hate to see those two leave.

  11. I am thrilled over this great news. I am especially glad to see Michael back. This is a dream Group come true. This Press release was even bigger than Libby Stuffle letting everyone in on the surprise that she put her Christmas tree up. WOW!!

  12. I don’t believe Libbi distributed a press release—I’m under the impression she just mentioned it in her e-newsletter. 🙂

    But yes, it’s decidedly bigger news. 🙂

  13. I’m excited like crazy. This is the only thing Bill could have done in the wake of Guy’s departure that would have kept the band on top.

    Imagine having to get used to yet another new singer just when I was starting to wonder how much longer the GVB could travel. Now instead we get not one, not two but THREE singers we all know and love returning to the fold.

    How much cooler could that be?

  14. After letting this news settle a bit, I have a better outlook on it. I was really not expecting this at all. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Guy is leaving. He has had quite a long run, and I can see where he may want to step back and only work when and where he wants to do so. But Marshall Hall’s departure really surprises me. I really loved him, not only for his great voice, but because he was an all-around package of musical talent. He was also great at arranging, songwriting, and producing. I really liked the package of he and Wes Hampton together and I will miss that.

    But what a surprise to see 3 former members returning! It adds such a great level of excitement and mystery to somewhat of a sad situation. I really can’t wait to see how that lineup sounds together. Contrary what many are saying, I do not think that these 3 “superstars” will overpower and eventually edge out Wes. I think Wes brings his own uniqueness to the group and his sincerity and humility shines through his performances. I actually think he and David Phelps will compliment each other well.

    I guess we just have to go on faith and look forward to great things out of everyone concerned. Bill Gaither has yet to disappoint!

  15. And another thing, I read another commentary stating that this person saw this as the “beginning of the end” of the GVB. A part of me wonders if this is the “beginning of the end” of Bill Gaither. Not him the person and not him with his involvement with the Homecoming stuff, but his involvement with the Gaither Vocal Band itself. When Marsh and Wes both came in, I thought Guy may be the one to “carry the torch,” so to speak, when Bill decides to take a step back.

    But with this recent news, I have to wonder if that was the purpose behind bringing Mark Lowry back, to not only fill a voice part, but to fill in as emcee whenever Bill decides to take a step back. Plus, lately he often stepped back and just let Guy, Marsh, and Wes sing as a trio. So perhaps the notion of having 5 members is also done with the idea that Bill will likely be slowing down a bit sooner or later.

  16. Maybe times are getting a bit tough for solo careers.

  17. Meagan,

    Your second post was my thought exactly.

    This could be what allows the GVB to keep singing for years, even decades, to come, and allow Bill to retire without a fan revolt.

  18. Just a few thoughts….1) Does it seem a bit dishonest, Ok, a lie to say this? “this time of rest was my idea… I look at this sabbatical as a gift that will refresh Guy and help him keep his body and spirit strong for the years to come.” (when you know Guy isn’t coming back)
    2) Heres a “gracious” way to kick a guy to the curb, ” Marshall Hall, … is a talented singer and producer… who will undoubtedly enjoy a solid future building on the experience”…(hmmm, maybe he would rather not have to “build on the experience” so soon…
    3) I think Mark has a voice that could go as low as Bill and could fill that bass spot periodically if needed.
    4) I think Michael English may have difficulties toting the mail in the lead spot, maybe Wes can handle most of those duties for the higher arranged songs?

  19. Wow… This will be interesting. This also explains why Mark and David traveled with the other three guys towards the end of the year. I also wonder if Bill was thinking about bringing in Jason instead of Michael.

  20. I love David Phelps and I’m thrilled that he’s back with the GVB. But letting Marshall Hall go is a terrible mistake.

    Marsh is one of the most underestimated, underappreciated voices in professional music today. The GVB was at its absolute musical peak with Bill, Marsh, Guy and David. I understand that Guy wants to move on to something new, but the GVB just won’t be what it otherwise could be without Marshall Hall.

    I can’t say enough about Marsh … he brought energy and a cool, young vibe to the group. Yes, Wes is young, but Marsh is hip. GVB never took full advantage of what his voice had to offer, and now it will certainly miss him.

    On another note, David, I’m so glad you’re back. How I have missed your powerful voice on the tops of those lines. Welcome back. 🙂

    • I agree about Marshall Hall. He is awesome. It seemed to me that he and Guy brought the “anointing” to the group. I am so sad to see them both gone. I watched Marshall’s reaction to Guy sing on the REUNION DVD…very teary eyed. I’m sure he knew what was coming. Love you MARSHALL!

  21. Number 17….that was somewhat along my thoughts.

    The other thing is….what if the GVB IS set to disband? Did Guy and Marsh have the opportunity to get out (that’s not saying it very nicely…) and did? AND…maybe Guy’s “sabatical” WAS a “sabatical”! Maybe he needed time to pray and think about it. AND, maybe Bill got Mark and Michael and David (who already have other careers established) so he could let it all down easily. And as for Wes…hate to bring it up but there IS an extra tenor. 🙁 🙁 Anyways…I’m the last one who wants the GVb to disband but it’s a possibility.

  22. I’ve been following GVB faithfully since March 2002 (since I reconciled with the Lord). In my opinion this just looks like the beginning of the end for the GVB. I think the GVB will disband by the end of this year, or if not next year for sure! Bill is up in age, and I’ve read he has been having medical problems as of late, and let’s be realistic, he can’t do this forever! So it makes perfect sence to end it with a BANG! GVB reunion comes out this month and this is a great way to go out! I was pretty upset that we were all lied to when they knew Penrod would not return, (Penrod and Marsh were my favorites). It’s going to be interesting to see how this quintet will sound, but I will miss Guy and Marsh! Any word on what happened to Marsh????

    • As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, we were not necessarily lied to. Gaither may not have known Penrod was leaving when he issued his press release. Or Penrod could have mentioned he was thinking about leaving, and Gaither urged him to take a sabbatical first to see if all he needed was a break.

  23. Guy and Marsh were my favorites…I’m just glad both of them left at the same time!
    Now, I don’t care about the GVB anymore. I don’t like the “new” lineup!
    It’s still a shock for me, though…I will miss Marsh and Guy.
    I love these two men!
    Marsh was the coolest, member of the vocal band ever…I just love him, he has a very special voice and I hope, we will hear from him in the futur. GUY PENROD…is just the best singer ever…I always loved him. In my opinion, the gaither homecoming show isn’t the same without the nicest guy you can imagine -guy penrod!!…with the long geay hair, beatiful eyes, and …well…the greatst voice ever – the gvb is going to be boring without a man with long hair=)!!! I’m sad and happy at the same time. confused! Marsh and Guy could start a duet together, how about that?

    • I do not watch the Gaither Show since Guy left, I only watch shows that I recorded with Guy on them.

  24. Technically, it would be called a “duo.”

  25. It does not make sense to keep the band going if Bill were to retire. It’s his band, he has been there since day one, and unless he would still have something to do with GVB if he stopped singing, no one else will have the passion to keep it going unless his son or a family member were to take over.

  26. Why is everyone so set on the idea that Bill is planning to retire the group when he retires? Even if he does retire this year (and I don’t have any way of knowing yea or nay, and neither do you), there is no indication that he will retire the group at the same time!

    If anything, the men he chose to re-hire would seem to state just the opposite! If he was just gonna retire the group, he would have hired a new guy because it wouldn’t matter who he left the group to since he wouldn’t be leaving it to anyone.

  27. I am heart sick at this news. What troubles me most is that it sounds as though Marsh was let go. He brought something very special and unique to the group. He has an incredibly awesome voice and personality, and the loss of Marsh is just as great as the loss of Guy. The GVB will not be the same with out these two men. I am not excited about the new lineup, because with Guy, Marsh, & Wes, it was far and away the best sound of any group, ever! If it does turn out to be true that Marsh was let go, they lost me as a fan for ever. And I have been a loyal fan for over 11 years.

    • It seems to be a fairly common assumption that he was let go, but that’s something we simply don’t know. Plus, I think it seems unlikely, especially in light of this: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

  28. Ray, using your logic, the Stamps Music Company, and by extension the Stamps Quartet, should have either retired or changed its name the instant Frank Stamps resigned.

    And you are wrong about no one else having the passion. I’m sure that Mark Lowry all by himself could keep the group going for twenty-plus years.

  29. Well, the blog stated “Marsh was not mad at Bill”, why would that statement be made if he left on his own. I hope he does find his “sweet spot”. I certainly don’t want to make any assumptions, but it really does not sound as though leaving the GVB was Marsh’s choice, even if he is going to make the best of it.

  30. Just because Marsh didn’t come up with the idea (granting that assumption) doesn’t prove he was fired or forced to leave. I mean, I had a job that I loved in my late teens. I was initially hired on a temporary basis, and for a while my boss offered to keep me permanently. Then she realized that it was for the best – for both of us – that we not go that direction. (I already knew that it was best for her.) It hurt at the time, but since then I can certainly see that it was a good thing.

    When two adults can make a decision like that, it doesn’t have to be that one of them was taken advantage of, or left “out in the cold.” I would guess that Marsh is well taken care of, that he isn’t under pressure to make an impulsive decision about what he’s doing next, and that he surely could do about anything he wanted after several years in the GVB.

  31. Comment by Jenny 28. – my sentiments exactly!

  32. I am so sorry to hear the news that Guy and Marshall will no longer be with GVB. It will seem different to not having Guy around, as I have followed him for years. I was just beginning to appreciate Marshall’s great voice, he also will be missed. Since this had to happen – I am happy to see that David, Mark, and Michael will be back on board. I have really missed David. I am looking forward to hearing the five guys together. 2009 should be an exciting year ahead for them.

    God Bless each of you.

  33. #26 Meagan Williams said “I actually think he and David Phelps will compliment each other well.”

    David: “Hey man, good job, Wes.”
    Wes: “Nah, you’re the man, David. You are a freak of nature!”


  34. Wow! I am truly heartbroken over this news! I love David, Mark and Michael, but I most admire Guy Penrod. He is my all-time, hands-down favorite, and I am so sad that he will not now be part of GVB!!! Fortunately, I got to go backstage last Feb. and meet him in person. I will always be grateful for that opportunity. And I am so sorry about Marsh leaving as well. I think it is a big mistake for them to let him go. I have come to appreciate his wonderful, mellow sound, and I really have grown to love his talent. I know God is in control here, and all have prayed about this decision. But I am crushed that GVB will no longer include Guy. I’m very happy he will get more time to be with his family and to be at home, but I just love his music and passion and voice, and I don’t know how GVB will go on without him. 🙁

    • We don’t know that he was fired. He may have chosen to leave.

  35. Remember how we all felt when Mark Lowry left? “OH NO…IT JUST WON’T BE THE SAME”. Then remember how we all said “I CAN’T BELIEVE DAVID PHELPS IS LEAVING. IT JUST WON’T BE THE SAME!” Funny how we are saying the same thing about Guy and Marshall…

  36. #42 Yes, exactly!

    What’s even funnier is that people threw a fit when Mark left, and now that he’s coming back, people are throwing another fit!

    Make up your minds, people!

  37. Expressing feelings is NOT throwing a fit. We are entitled to feel how we do about the situation. And I never threw a fit about any of the member changes, I accepted their decisions and supported the new members. I am just having a hard time dealing with the decision to let Marsh go. But I continue to pray for the GVB and it’s current members and pray for Marsh and Guy and their families as they start this new period in their lives. I wish the very best for all of them. And please save your “we don’t know that he was fired” response. ALL the evidence points to Marsh having been let go.

  38. Yes, you are entitled to feel how you want to you feel about the situation. But that doesn’t mean you can say it here. This blog’s tagline (at the top) is “Positive Daily Commentary about Southern Gospel,” and I do my best to keep it that way.

    We don’t know that he was fired. And I don’t think it’s fair to say all the evidence points to him being let go, especially with Emily Sutherland’s blog taken into account.

  39. You are quite welcome to come, and quite welcome to post. You just have to keep your comments positive / constructive if you comment.

  40. I wasn’t being negative, I stated I wished the very best for them all, and I would be praying for them all. And Emily’s blog does NOT indicate it was Marsh’s choice. But none the less you are also entitled to your opinions. Many emotions are raw right now as people are trying to digest all that has happened. I am sorry if I offended anyone, that certainly wasn’t my intention. It probably would have been better to keep my thoughts to myself, but I never expected to be lambasted for expressing them either. As you’ve made it clear I am not wanted here, I will not return. Have a good day.

  41. I wanted to come back and apologize for posting anything before I had time to process all that I was feeling. I wound up posting out of strong emotions rather than reasoning – and for that I am sincerely sorry. I certainly do NOT want to make false or unfair accusations or assumptions – that serves absolutely no purpose and only hurts. So please forgive me, anyone that I offended or hurt by anything I posted, I honestly did not mean to do that.

  42. Tracey, thank you very much for saying that.

    I, in turn, apologize if I came across as sounding harsh. I really don’t mean to do that.

    To explain a little, I’ve handled so many comments in the last two or three days—including a number which were so bad I just had to delete them (yours wasn’t that bad!)—that I guess I got a little less patient than I should be.

  43. hey Daniel what do you mean by – Penrod will be recording a !family-friendly! positive country album – Do you think he will record an album with his family? Do you, or anyone els know if he already started to record?

  44. #50 I presume he means it will be family friendly as far as rated G type of thing. Meaning positive country music that isn’t about drinking, cheating etc. as country is still sometimes thought of.

  45. “family-friendly positive country album” is a round-about way of saying…not Gospel…

  46. DJPhil – Yeah, probably. Though I’m thinking he’ll include some Christian tracks.

  47. Question for Danie Mount: Guy recorded an album last summer
    I believe, although it was never released. It was slated to release sometime in 09 according to the Gaither store. Is this
    the same one you are referring to? Or is he recording another?
    Any idea when he will have a website up, or when the recording will release?

    I have had time to process alittle, and still feel the same as I did initially. Guy made GVB very special, and it just won’t be
    the same for me. Therefore I am moving on… . I am exicted
    about Guy’s solo career, and will focus my attention there.
    Please share what you can about his new career. I know
    many would appreciate it!

    • I do not know if it’s the same.

      I will be happy to cover his solo career here, if it’s in the Southern Gospel genre. However, I keep busy enough with Southern Gospel stories that if he decides to pursue another genre, which he is certainly welcome to do, I wouldn’t give it frequent coverage.

  48. My wife and I just listened to the interview with Bill Gaither. Good job. But as Bill was speaking of Michael and going to hell and back and how God forgives, etc. My wife turned to me and said Yeah, he forgives everyone but Kirk Talley. What is it with this Genre of music that will accept everything that has gone on including Adultery but Kirk is still black listed! Just an observation. If Mr. Gaither really believes what he said in your interview I’d like to see him put Kirk back on stage. Think that will happen?

  49. We mustn’t forget, there was several years before Bill put
    Michael back in the videos, on stage etc. Trust is something
    that is earned. Anyone can say they have repented, made
    things right… forgiveness is Godly and we should forgive,
    but trust is entirely another issue. Given time, and consistent
    living I am sure Kirk will be accepted again, but gaining trust
    again does not happen overnight. We should love and him and
    hold him up in prayer, God will take care of the rest.

    • gaithergirl, you have a great point. Trust is earned over time, an even longer period than the initial if the trust was lost along the way. For that reason, 15 years is a lot different than 3 or 4.

  50. I had a nice talk with my daughter today, and reflecting on the kind of man that Bill Gaither is, we have come to believe this about Bill’s decision: Bill knowing where Marshall Hall’s heart truly lies, decided that knowing he was taking the GVB in a new direction, decided to give Marsh his wings so that he could pursue his heart’s desire, and at the same time allow him to bring Mark back into the fold. I honestly believe Bill made a prayerful decision based on what he felt would be best for both Marsh and the GVB. I pray for Marsh and his future, wherever that may be, and for the GVB. And I actually now look forward to hearing the new group.

    • There has been word in the industry that Marsh told Gaither he wanted to leave to focus on songwriting and producing, and that this caught Gaither off guard.

  51. Daniel, thank you for the update.

  52. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson here, and that is to wait until all the facts come out before I respond. Thank you Daniel for keeping a cool head in all of this and attempting to get others to do as well. You’re doing a great job here!

  53. Thanks!

    I’m getting enough practice keeping people cooled down here that I should be able to apply for a job as a fireman in a couple of years. 😈

  54. But I do enjoy it. I like it better when everyone’s happy, but this is an interesting challenge, and I like those. 🙂

  55. lol…well I for one do NOT plan on causing any more fires in my postings here.

  56. Great 🙂

  57. Daniel Mount, I want to thank you for your throughts and for
    this blog. I found it out of desperation, while trying to find out
    more details of the GVB changes. I was heart sick over Guy’s
    leaving, even though I knew it was coming. I apologize for
    my emotional, negative comments. Guy is why I came to love SG in the first place, and I have followed his ministry for 13 years now. He is a very special man, not just another SG singer, but truly a man of God.

    Your comments have brought me back to my senses, and have
    brought me comfort. I guess this sounds kind of silly, but Guy’s
    ministry brought me through some very difficult times. Thank
    you for your caring comments and your patience.

  58. Read with interest all the comments, and I truly trust they will be blessed as a group. I always think of the saying ‘once bitten twice shy’. Remember all these guys left the group to pursue their own interests. Just a thought. It sounds a great lineup but for how long ? My opinion no more fires please.

  59. gaithergirl – Apology definitely accepted! When the news came out, I knew that many people would be disappointed at his leaving, so I knew I’d need patience to keep the peace. I’m glad it actually helped for you! 🙂

  60. Daniel, I, like gaithergirl, found your website while searching for info about Guy. In an indirect way, through his music ministry, Guy led my husband to the Lord a few years ago. Needless to say that gives Guy a very special place in my heart so the GVB will not be the same without him for me. I do appreciate you positive comments only policy. There are way too many negative things being said and that doesn’t accomplish anything. I can’t imagine Guy straying far away from the southern gospel field so hopefully you can follow his career and have lots of info for us. Thanks for keeping us grounded.
    Also, thanks to gaithergirl for your comments.

  61. Daniel, I forgot to ask. Any chance you could do an interview with Guy?

  62. I’d love to interview Guy. I’ve said it indirectly a couple of different ways, but let me put it like this: I don’t have an email or a phone number for him. If any readers have either, drop me an email at with the information, and I’d be delighted to contact him regarding an interview.

  63. My husband and I are huge GVB fans. We went on their 2007 Alaska Cruise and I got to talk to Guy. He is the sweetest, most humble Christian man you will ever find. I was shocked with this big shake-up. I listened to Bill’s Jan 15 interview and I think I have figured this whole thing out. I think Bill feels he has limited years left and wants to out with a big bang. For a while I think he has wanted to replace Wes and Marsh with David and Mark. But i don’t think Guy could go along with that and do that to his friends. i’m not saying either is wrong-but they had very different visions and if Bill was going to let those guys go-he would do the honorable thing and retire. When the time came-Bill had Guy take a break, hoping he would come back. Guess who filled in for Guy? Why Mark and David-and they don’t even sing the same part as Guy. Jason was just a filler for Guy. Mark and David knew they were rejoining the GVB. When Guy stuck by his decision-Bill picked Michael to give him back his super-star group. Wes was given a reprieve when Bill realized how well his voice sounded with David and to somehow relieve his conscience. There is just no way Guy had a burning desire to go solo. He is not ego driven-His life is Christ centered. He is a humble servant. Thinking back to the cruise, Guy said some interesting things that make more sense now. When I told how much I liked the way this group blended (much better than with David and Russ-who could not or would not blend their voices)Guy said that I really need to tell Bill that. And when Guy gave his morning devotional, he chose to talk about the need for Christians to be one as Jesus and God the Father are one-Guy said that was the message God had given to him. Great message but a little strange for a group of virtual strangers from all over the country who were happy as punch to be there. I am sure God will work all this out to His Glory, but as I told Guy, He is my favorite singer ever and I am heartbroken.


  64. Are you the same person who posted this at another post here?

  65. I tried to post yesterday, but nothing showed up. sorry if I messed up

  66. I think you posted it in a different thread.

  67. #73…Wow! Strangely enough, that does make sense. Could be, who knows?

  68. Bill said in the Jan 15 interview that the changes had been in the works for a couple of months, but only came together in the last week or so. He also said he had “agonized” over the changes and it had taken a toll on him. This was not a case of Guy and Marsh leaving to pursue greener pastures

  69. Wouldn’t you just love to hear from Guy/Marsh themselves!
    I wonder if we will ever know the truth behind this story?

  70. Usually we will hear everyone’s side of the story. But sometimes we have to be patient, since it sometimes takes them a little while to decide just what they want to do.

  71. I was surprised to hear about the changes, but the fact is that if you are paying attention, it should not have been a big surprise that Guy has left the group. As for Marsh, he is a great singer and a great person, but as Daniel has put it, there is no evidence that he was fired. Just because people don’t like the change it doesn’t mean that he was fired. Let us not forget that the name of the group is the GAITHER Vocal Band, so Mr. Gaither can do whatever he wants with it. I am excited about the new group and I am looking forward to seeing them at FamilyFest.

  72. BJ Diden, You will have to explain your comment about
    paying attention. I thought I was paying attention, but didn’t
    see this coming…

  73. Gaithergirl, I have listened to Bill’s radio interview wth Daniel Britt. He said Guy had given them 14 years and it was time for a change. I have watched the Reunion DVD and the conversation Bill had with Michael English. Michael said that he never wanted a solo career and “this” was all he ever wanted to do. He said he was glad to be given the chance to be “back doing this again”. That sounds to me like he knew at that time that he was back with the Vocal Band. And watching the part of the video that was shown on The Gospel Music Channel was like watching an infomercial for the new group. At least 60% of the camera shots were of Mark, Michael and David. Very little Guy and Wes, and no Marsh. So, will we ever know the truth? Probably not, and if we do, it won’t come from Bill Gaither.
    And, yes, I understand that Bill Gaither owns the group and he can do and say whatever he wants. And the group will go on.
    I wish only the best for all of them and my prayers are with Guy and Marsh and their families.

  74. By “this,” Michael could have originally meant no more than singing with them again at that taping. But at any rate it worked out conveniently.

  75. Oh, and as to the infomercial: That could have easily been put together recently, after the change was known.

  76. In a previous interview, I thought Guy said he wasn’t leaving the Vocal Band no matter what! So sad he did… When I first heard the news, I was like, “No, this can’t be happening!”. Been a huge fan of the Gaither Vocal Band, I went to see their concert in Rotterdam, Netherlands in March last year. I am from India, though. Why Rotterdam? Because it’s the closest place from India where they ever had a concert. Went there just to see the GVB Concert 🙂 Been collecting all their homecoming videos… After hearing the news, I just don’t feel like doing that anymore 🙁 Guy was my favorite!! I’m glad I met him back in Rotterdam. It was really an honor. Me and my friends (A Quartet) are gonna sing “In that great gettin’ up the morning” this Sunday night in a youth conference. I’d like to dedicate the song for Guy… Any GVB (hardcore) fans out there? Please mail me at

  77. I saw the snippet of Michael saying “back doing this again” and I thought he meant restored and back in fellowship with folks he had walked away from.

    He’s not kidding when he said he should be dead by now—so the restoration God has worked in him is pretty radical. (I was just thankful and happy to see him back approaching healthy.) Never thought the GVB would change as drastically as it did…

  78. Rita, I’ve gotta agree w/ you about the Reunion videos. It did
    all seem to be Michael & David. I ordered two sets because these will possiblly be the last ones w/Guy. I really hope I didn’t waste my money! (haven’t rec’d them yet!) If they are
    mostly about the new/old guys I really don’t want them.

    I too, am pretty down about Guy & Marsh leaving. But I do believe there are other possibilities than you mentioned. It is
    entirely possible that circumstances arose that made Guy feel
    it would be best to be w/his family more. He was gone alot. If he
    goes solo he can be with his guys more. I understand how you feel because I feel the same way, but there has to circumstances/reasons we know nothing about. As for Marsh, none of us know what took place. I guess this is where we just have to trust in Bill Gaither. I honestly believe he loves those guys (especially Guy, who he has known so long.) I can’t
    imagine he would cold-heartedly let them go just to form this
    new/old (whatever) group. Please don’t misunderstand, I am
    NOT happy, but I also can’t turn Bill into the bad guy. If that were true all that he stands for would be false. Just some food for thought… .

  79. Sorry to post again, but I have some further thoughts that I just need to get off my chest. Guy has become very special to me through the years, and his ministry got me through things I do not care to remember. Because of this, the news of his leaving was a terrible blow for me.

    I honestly feel it could have been made alot easier for all his fans. The statement that Guy was “tired” for all those months is just demeaning to us all. Of course we are not entitled to personal information, but come on! They could at least have treated us as intelligent human beings. I do agree with the statement that we ,as fans, the ones that actually spend our own money on their product, do deserve alittle more than that! And then, SUDDENLY it is not just Guy leaving (already trying to cope with that), Marsh is GONE as well! Just like that,
    they are both gone w/o any real explanation!

    And, now, we are supposed to be overjoyed w/the new (well,
    whatever) group? Now, I know their trying to protect our artists privacy, and maybe Bill’s, but the fans are the ones who got the real “short end of the stick’! I have many times had to sacrifice to buy their product and attend concerts (I know, my choice), but if we all chose not to support them financially,
    they would have no business/ministry! I just strongly feel that
    we were not treated as if we even matter. SO, now I have finally said what I have felt since the announcement was made about Guy.

    I have no interest in attending further concerts, and will not
    be buying the current GVB products. Thank you for allowing me
    to finally speak my mind.

  80. One more throught, if Guy had the need to be more available to his family, or if there was the need for him to be home, why didn’t they just say he felt the need to be nearer home. Everyone would have understood that! They could have avoided all this speculation and rumors just by be being more truthful with us, the fans! Same with Marsh. Maybe peoplel
    would be more willing to embrace the new group.

  81. I love the GVB! Having been a DJ at 13 (I was popular with the old folks…:) I followed many quartets. Remember people this economy. I heard from a fairly reliable source a few years back that GVB members were salaried and made approx. 100K…no setting up tape tables, driving bus…the best gig in an industry that relied on love offerings, etc. Probably the opportunity to have a reliable income and still do solo gigs is attractive. Why would anyone leave that type of gig? I wish them the best, but do wonder if the passing of the legends is affecting all this as well.

  82. I know what you mean, gaithergirl!

  83. Gaithergirl, I’ve just watched volume 2 of the Reunion videos and having seen both of them now, I’ll tell you that you did not waste your money. The group with Marsh, Guy and Wes is featured on a few songs and Guy still sounds great and in my opinion, he is the most sincere artist on the videos. This is my last purchase also.
    And what I said about the truth not coming from Bill Gaither, I didn’t mean to make him sound like a bad guy. I just don’t think he will ever tell the whole story. We’ll have to hear it from Guy and Marsh. Guy’s ministry has gotten me through some tough times the last three years and he’ll always be my favorite. Hopefully we’ll hear more from him.
    I agree with you also about truthful. I’ve always heard that sometimes the truth hurts – but not as much as a lie.

  84. Rita, thank you so much! I can’t wait to see both the DVD’s!
    And thank you for your kind remarks. It does hurt! Someone
    said it was “Guy’s story to tell”, and they are probably right,
    but it would be great to hear from Guy and Marsh. If we just
    had websites up and running soon that would help alot!

    May God bless you and yours.

  85. I understand your concern and frustration. I’m not always happy with every personnel change in a favorite group, either.

    But I do my best to keep this site positive. So, even if you’re mostly disappointed in something, whenever you post, could you at least try to look for something positive, a silver lining in the clouds?


  86. I’m very excited about David & Michael coming back! Also Mark is great! My favorite was when it was Bill, Mark, David & Guy. I will miss Guy & Marsh but I think the new group is going to be awsome!

  87. Daniel, sorry about the slightly negative comments. Guess I just needed to vent a little. I do know that if you look for the bad in something you can certainly find it. I’ll miss Guy but if I never know the “rest of the story” it won’t be the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Bill Gaither has done so much for so many people and had it not been for him most of us would never have known Guy, Marsh, Wes or many of the other wonderful Christian artists out there. The Vocal Band will continue to sing praises to a wonderful God. Hopefully we’ll hear from Guy and Marsh, maybe with a homecoming concert. I know God will bless them and their families in whatever they do.
    Thank you for this website and if I post anything else, I’ll be sure to be positive.
    Is it proper to give my e-mail address here so that I may correspond with other fans?

  88. Rita, apology accepted – thanks!

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see one or both still showing up at Homecomings – after all, Russ Taff, David Phelps, Michael English, and I think others have made numerous post-GVB Homecoming appearances.

    I am generally reluctant to have people post emails here, but in this circumstance I suppose it would do no harm.

  89. Sorry Daniel, it won’t happen again. You have a wonderful website here!

  90. Apology accepted – thank you very much!

    Now that we’re to post 100 (wow!), I’ll make a personal comment. In case everyone was wondering, of all the lead singers the GVB has ever had, Guy Penrod was definitely my favorite. He was an amazing vocalist and I appreciate the sacrifices he made to spend fourteen years on the road with the group.

    So nothing I’ve said above was because I didn’t like him and was glad to see him go. Nothing could be farther from the truth – I’ll definitely miss him.

    But also, Gaither never fails to put together amazing combinations of voices, and I’m looking forward to the future, too!

  91. This has been an amazing post to watch over the last week. I wish people could remember back when Mark Lowry left and then David Phelps. The same negative comments were thrown about. I’ll never buy another CD etc…. Daniel you have it so right. In everything we do there is a season. Change happens. I was disappointed when Dave Kyllonen left the Couriers. Boy am I showing my age. But the group continued for many years. And now the three and back together. Everyone loves these guys so let’s stop putting them on a pedastal and just pray for them and their families. I think that’s what they would want us to do.

  92. I to am very sorry to hear Guy and Marsh are leaving the group, but am so happy that David is coming back. If anyone can hit a note and bring people to there knees its David. This is not saying that Wes does not got a beautiful voice he does, but the more beautiful voices singing Gods praises just makes the group stronger.

  93. I am really sad about Guy and Marsh. Both had wonderful amazing
    voices and there was alway a sweet expression of God’s love on their faces. I am really upset because my family and I bought tickets for the Huntsville AL concert before any announcement of Marshall and Guy Penrod’s leaving. I would have not paid fifty bucks for a ticket had I known. And if it had not been for Ernie Haas and the Signature Sound I would have wanted my money back. I hope it comes together but my days of looking forward to GVB concerts are over.

  94. Just wondering if there is any word yet on what label Guy will go with, and if there is a website? I know these things take time, and he may not be ready yet for the process, but I just
    don’t want to miss any news… .

  95. Gaithergirl …. I am so on the same wavelength as you as far as Guy is concerned.
    He is the one that got me interested in SG. His singing, which is not just singing but ministry and preaching, has been life changing for me in my walk as a Christian.
    Guy is the REAL THING!!
    I do really hope there will be an interview with Guy soon; and that we can get more details on his future career.
    I’m sure Wes can supply contact details 🙂

  96. Need to look for the silver lining? Here it is. If Guy is pursuing a solo career that will mean concerts. That means that instead of hearing Guy for just a brief time during each homcoming concert we will hear him for a whole concert! I thought he was great with the GVB but I’ll take a whole 90 minutes of him over 20 or so minutes of him singing with the group (at a HC concert) any time.

  97. Whoo Hoo!

  98. I agree totally….

  99. I agree as well ……. just imagine a 4 hour concert with only Guy!!!!!!! Oh that would be a dream come true 🙂

  100. Maybe we should form a Guy Penrod fan club?

  101. Rita, sounds good to me!

  102. YES PLEASE! I would definitely be part of a Guy fan club:)
    There just is no one quite like him!

  103. great idea!

  104. A Marsh Hall fan club would be great too. Do these guys know how much we miss them?

  105. Unless they take their time to read these boards, probably

  106. Gaithergirl and Carolyn, I was thinking the same thing. I emailed Wes and asked him to tell Marsh and especially Guy that they were missed. I did read Emily’s blog on the Gaither web site that two of the “new members” would not be at the concert on the 12th and Marsh will be filling in. That’s good to hear. I wish she would give an update on Guy.
    I sure am glad I found the website.

  107. Sorry, I meant THIS website.

  108. My heart aches to see Guy and Marsh go! I do know that Marsh said he liked to do worship type music. Perhaps he will do some more recording like Boundless… which I just love! I do think he was absolutely great with the GVB! An amazing singer! I too will miss the Wes and Marsh “togetherness” that they expressed so well on stage. I loved watching them perform…..their closeness was so evident (as well as Bill and Guy). I wonder how that will be with the new group? God always leads us on to bigger and better things! Just hope we hear about what God is doing with Guy and Marsh down the road!!! They will certainly be missed!

    I wonder how difficult this transition is for Wes!! Must be really hard!!

  109. I am excited and a bit sad at the same time. I have read through a lot of the comments and I agree that there was a strong bonding between Marshall and Wes, and now that will not be allowed to blossom further.

    A lot has been said about Guy wanting to move in a new direction, similar to what Mark and David and Russ and others did. But no definitive rationale as to why Marshall left. Yes, I believe that old can be good … but Marshall was new and vibrant and wonderful.

    Perhaps, as suggested, Bill felt he wanted to take the group in a new direction, that perhaps didn’t fit with or set well with Marshall. I believe that Bill and Marshall need to make a joint an truthful (even if difficult) statement as to the reason or reasons that Marshall is no longer a part of the GVB.

    I will not go as far as some and suggest that I will no longer follow and enjoy the group, because I think that Mark and David bring their own special taent to bear. I never saw Michael English when he was part of the group, and unfortunately he will have to prove he belongs.

    Bill himself is getting a bit long in the tooth, and perhaps these changes are the prelude to his own stepping away from the group. Only time will tell. We will have to wait to see how God’s hand reaches out and touches this new/old quintet.

  110. Even though I’ll often chime in, I am generally pretty content to let conversations in this blog’s comments section run their course, so long as they are not getting too heated. But I will comment on the ongoing discussion about the recent Gaither Vocal Band lineup changes. Several readers here have posted urging Bill Gaither to make a public statement to tell the fans more about what happened.

    We’ve already heard quite a bit from Bill Gaither and Marshall Hall. First Gaither did a press release and an extensive interview with Daniel Britt. More recently, we’ve had several blog posts from Emily Sutherland and a post or two from Wes Hampton. Several of these share thoughts directly from Hall.

    And here’s the thing: While we might not know every detail about the change, we know all we need to know. Hall is planning to pursue a worship leader position, and Penrod is planning to pursue a solo career, and they appear to remain on good terms with Gaither. As an example, take this recent Wes Hampton blog post:

    “Marsh will be filling in during the Ft. Myers concert this next weekend! Mark and David have some last schedule conflicts, so Marsh has graciously stepped in to help Bill and the GVB out. What a guy he is. So, for all those critics out there who seem to know what’s going on and say that there’s bad blood between Marsh and Bill and whomever else…there you go.”

    That tells us enough to know that Hall didn’t leave on bad terms, and that’s really all we need to know. Even if Gaither did raise the idea, it could have been in the context of accelerating a move that Hall was already contemplating himself.

    I haven’t closed comments on those threads yet, because I generally avoid doing that whenever possible. But seriously, folks, I don’t think we need to know more than we already do.

  111. Just a thought here. When Mark Lowry posted on You Tube, the new song “Satisfied”, with Bill Gaither, Mark Lowry, Michael English, and Wes Hampton, maybe Mark was trying to tell us something then, about the Gaither Vocal Band changing members. I do not know, but that came to my mind, when I watched that video.

  112. If there is one constant in the pantheon of human existence it is change. We are most always resistant to it, yet excited after indulging in it for some time.
    That being said, change is a constant in Southern Gospel Music. How many different line-ups have we seen of the Stamps, the Blackwoods, the Statesmen, the Kingsmen, the Florida Boys and yes…even my beloved Cathedral Quartet. Each change was made for a reason and each one, though leaving diasapointment at old friends leaving, brings an excitement that usually makes us cling to them even more.
    The Gaither Vocal Band has went through several different incarnations of personnel over the years. Perhaps the best mix was Gaither, Penrod, Lowry, Phelps and Burger. If so, then we should be delighted to see the return of three -fifths of that line-up with the added voices of Michael English to replace Penrod and Hampton to add insurance and a variable.
    The other thing that one has to consider is this. GVB has for over three years been second string in the Gaither family to the top quartet in the land, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. So in order to re-establish GVB as at least equals of Ernie and Sig., Bill needed “star power”. That’s what he got when he brought back Phelps and Lowry.
    So sit back and enjoy the new group. A least with this line-up we know what wer’re getting!

  113. I have read every post here, and it seems that some folks are “setting a lot of store” (as old folks used to say) on people. Every member of GVB is a human with a gift. Let’s remember to keep our eyes on Jesus!!!! All of these changes will work out for good.

  114. I had a brief moment to greet Marshall here in Dallas at a Homecoming Friends concert. I have seldom come so close to feeling like I was peering into the face of Jesus as when Marshall looked at me. I’d love to find out where he leads worship. I would travel to his city for that experience. If anyone knows, please send details. Thanks.

  115. For all the Guy Penrod fans, on the new website there is a fan club of sorts for various artists. There is one for Guy with quite a few comments from his fans. Some really nice posts are on there. I hope Guy reads them.

  116. Wow.. never realized so many others felt the same as I do.. much as I love Michael, David, Mark and Wes.. to me the heart of the GVB has become Marshall and Guy. As it has been said, there are parts to this that only the group members know, but it is hard to accept that Marshall would leave voluntarily of his own accord, I saw such a joy in him to be on stage there.. that had nothing to do with money and everything to do with a love for the Lord and for people. And as others have said how many times the day was just a little too long..but just a few minutes sitting down listening and watching Guy’s all-out heartfelt joyful worship .. that feeling that he 100% truly believed in the goodness of God and that everything was going to be alright– how in Heaven’s name will they replace that?? I know that I have no heart to even try to do so. I have a strong feeling I will be buying Guy and Marshall’s projects in future. God bless u all..

  117. Daniel, may I ask some questions and make some comments?
    Recently, someone asked why in the current issue of Homecoming magazine, Guy’s departure was handled with ONE
    line! After fourteen years of carrying the GVB, wouldn’t you think he would rate alittle more than that! Wow! People who work just a few years often rate much more respect than that when they leave the workplace! Makes one wonder, did he really resign from Vocal Band, or was he asked to leave?

    This whole issue is not going away. If you visit the Gaither forums almost every other post is entitled Guy Penrod. There is an enormous amount of people still upset over this issue.

    Then there is this question, is Guy at some point truly going solo, or is this situation like the Candy Christmas, Denise Hopper thing, where they disappear from the gosple music scene, and not heard from again… . Will we hear from Guy again?

    I am not trying to stir up any kind of trouble, I just want to understand what has/is happening. One line from Gaither just doesn’t do it!

    • All I know is that GVB wont be the same without Guy Penrod !!!!!and I dont think it will be the same. I’Ll miss him .

  118. Amen to that Gaithergirl.

  119. I,ve just learned of the changes to gvb and am surprised. We have to remember that this group has changed many times and for the best, the old 3 members coming back is like going home. We will enjoy them and who knows Guy and Wes could be back.The story is about singers singing Gospel music.Over the years most group change singers, Oak Ridge Boys,Imperials, the list never end. but the end of the Story is to Sing to The LORD! we WILL BE BLESSED BY THE MUSIC

  120. I,ve just learned of the changes to gvb and am surprised. We have to remember that this group has changed many times and for the best, the old 3 members coming back is like going home. We will enjoy them and who knows Guy and Marshall could be back.The story is about singers singing Gospel music.Over the years most group change singers, Oak Ridge Boys,Imperials, the list never end. but the end of the Story is to Sing to The LORD! we WILL BE BLESSED BY THE MUSIC

  121. Marshall halls singing Jesus loves me took me back some 80 yrs. This I recall as a child…In him I see a man of God and I truly feel that Jesus is his direction…Please let him know his
    singing is not a 10 but an 11…I am 85 yrs.old and southern gospel has and always will be in my heart…God bless him and his family…With Christian love,I am…Joe sahadi

  122. I am a spinal cord injury patient. I have been bedfast for 11 years. In my human mind – I get just a little cranky when watch “Give it Away”. They put out a pointed message that they were having the singing time of their lives.

    I wonder if these professionals know how much some of us out in the world identify with the joking, friendship, mischief, etc. that these men can truly enjoy.

    Please no one criticize me. This is the first message like this I have ever typed out.

    I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Gaither can quickly put out a DVD with the new singers so that “house potatoes” can start to identify and enjoy what the GVB now is.

    Please pray for me. I am having difficulty staying in bed all the time.

  123. Thanks for all the input everyone has made on this topic. Conspiracy? Maybe it is simply God doing His job, not waiting for our human directions. His will, not mine, be done.

  124. I hate to see Guy and Marshall leaving GVB. They have added so much to it over the time I have been a fan!
    I hope that Marshall will stay in Gospel Music whether solo or with someone else. I love his voice, his heart when singing, and his writing talent!
    I am sorry to hear that Guy is going to go over to secular music whether “family friendly” or otherwise. There are too few really dedicated Gospel singers today and I refuse to listen to “gospel” by someone who is in the secular world. He will be missed by many I am sure.
    However, I do love to see that David and Mark are back with the group. I don’t care much for Michael English (just a style preferrence, nothing personal). But, I am sure they will have a great sound. Just not nearly as good as with Guy and Marshall aboard.

    • Isn’t that sort of like saying that if you’re a Christian, you must have a job in a Christian industtry? Guy Penrod can sing any gnere he wants to sing. And who knows, maybe he can influence some of the other folks in country music. And I’m pretty sure Guy Penrod WON’T be singing beer-drinkin’ & cheatin’ songs! I rarely listen to anything other than SG or Christian music, but I believe there are some in the Country music world who obviously keep their songs family-friendly – such as the most recent Tim McGraw and Faith Hill music, since they became parents. Sugarland is another Country group (duo) who sing family-friendly; Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, and others.

      • Well put Peggy!
        If Guy’s solo CD ‘BREATHE DEEP’ isn’t Christian, then I don’t know what is 🙂

  125. Jan, Guy has not given up gospel music. He has a gospel concert in Branson, Mo. on August 30th.

  126. I am so unhappy with Guy and Marsh leaving. Marsh was the biggest thing that happened to the GVD. If I didn’t have the tickets purchased for Mpls Mn, I would not go. I will go, but I will miss Marsh, he will be so missed. Not a word of why he went, you gave us the impression that he just simply left without Bill even giving an explanation. It will not the same without Guy and Marsh. Probably be my last concert and member. However, that all said, David Phelps is and always be awesome. Mark is usually over the top and I don’t espically think he’s funny. Marsh, wherever you are.. you were my favorite!!!

  127. I agree with you about my last concert. I am going to Minneapolis to visit my son and bought tickets on presale before Guy’s departure was announced. I’ll go, but it won’t be the same. I agree about Mark also. I’m not a David Phelps fan but as long as Wes is there it will be ok. I miss the lineup of Guy, Marsh and Wes.

  128. Being home bound I have much time for s/g music and sound
    and heard it many times performed as most of my family is from
    S.C. Hearing Marshall Hall singing Jesus loves me ,in my opinion,
    put him at the top…Bravo again and stay in the path you have taken…In my 85 yrs. listening to s/g I must say you have a very
    bright future…God bless you and yours…Joe sahadi


  130. Laurie, check out to order Guy’s first solo CD.

  131. I truly believe that Marsh leaving was because he feels led more toward worship music rather than just christian entertainment. I realize christian entertainment is awesome and I love it as well, however worship brings a totally different perspective when it is the passion that drives you. “HE inhabits the praises of his people.” I could always see a different passion as Marsh sang some of his most touching songs. Very sincere, very personal…….

    • AMEN!!

  132. Would someone please let me know why Marshall Hall was asked to leave the Gaither Vocal Band. The article above on this page is clear what Guy Penrod was going to do; however, only one small “blurb” that Marshall’s plans are unknown. I totally enjoyed and was blessed by his singing and am curious as to what he is going to be doing. Thank you.

  133. Carl—It is not known why he left. Sorry!

    He is now a worship leader—for a church in Arizona, if I’m recalling correctly.

  134. Being a fan of the GVB, all the changes brought great sounds. I missed David and Mark when they left. Now their back along with Michael. What a sound that will be. I can’t get enough of listening to Michael. Now he’s back with the GVB. Thank you Jesus. I love Guy also and was sad to see him go. God has plans for all of us. If it’s Gods will for Guy to return, he will. Michael is living proof of an almighty God. I thank God for the GVB; the homecomings, reunions and the spiritual uplift.

  135. Still miss the old gvb…Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall and Wes in my
    opinion performed gospil music in a rating of 10 plus…Marshall have a happy birthday and with Christ your path much success in your future…Joe Sahadi

    • Amen Joseph – I’ve been watching GIVE IT AWAY DVD. No one can top the Guy-Marsh-Wes combination. One senses a deep friendship and ‘connection’ between those 3. It cannot get any better. Thankfully we have all 14 years of Guy on DVD. And Guy’s new career is going to SOAR – he has an ARMY of prayer warriors praying for him.

  136. Just an update on Marshall Hall and where his ministry has led him. See >

  137. Marshall Hall Fans is on Facebook >


  139. i wish guy would come back to the gaither vocal band. i think he has
    a beatuiful voice and i think he made that group what is is today?

  140. never be another group like guy,marsh and wes.guy sings better than michael marsh sings better than mark.david may sing higher than wes but wes is good also and he is,the real deal

  141. I hated to see Guy and Marsh go, but I’m certainly not disappointed in the Reunited Group. There is no one who can sing like David Phelps. When he left the group it broke my heart. I love Michael English and Wes. Mark brings a great gift to the GVB too. I don’t think there will ever be anyone that will ever be as great a singer as David Phelps. Michael English has a passionate voice, Wes is an awesome singer and adds so much to the group. Mark is a great singer plus he’s so doggone funny. Love Bill too. I have so many of their videos, hope someday I can see them in person. Listening to them causes me to worship and bask in the presence of the Lord. Thanks to the GVB….you’re all awesome.

  142. Glad David Phelps is back, he makes the GVB sound good even without Guy penrod. He is the real deal too.

  143. I am excited to have Phelps back but i can’t figure out how it will be without Guy and Marshall…I will miss them big, I wish them well. I am sad……

  144. Like so many others, I felt blessed whenever I saw and heard Guy Penrod sing with the group. I have and like his CD, Breath Deep, but love him singing gospel and love The Best of Guy Penrod DVD and CD. Just listening to it helps me through down times. It’s almost like a light went out when his shining face was gone from the Gaither group. I hope he returns to gospel full time one day, but not if it is too hard on his family life. I hope he’s singing gospel now, and not just country. And I pray for him and his family. Did a Guy Penrod fan club ever form?

  145. Just finished reading all the post, and it’s interesting to read them now, almost 2 years since the GVB changes. I wonder how many people feel today compared with how they felt 2 years ago?

    I’d like to give my view from a different perspective.I am a newcomer to the GVB. Two years ago, I went with a friend, who is a Music Minister, to see Casting Crowns in Shreveport, La. I didn’t really want to go, but I enjoy hanging with my friend, who is like a son to me. Just so happens that Michael English was singing a few songs during the concert. His testimony touched my heart, and I loved his passion and voice. Months later, the same Music Minister, asked me to go see the GVB in Tyler, Texas. I said no! I just wasn’t interested. I had never heard them before, even though as a child and young person in the church, I grew up on Bill & Gloria’s music. My friend, knowing I loved Michael, told me he was in the group. I was then convinced to go!

    Going to that concert changed my life! I had been struggling with so many things in my life. Seemed like I was constantly in a valley, with no joy, and a belief that although I knew God loved everyone, I was convinced I wasn’t part of that group. I hated myself, and I believed that there was no way I was worthy of God’s love, or anyone else. When I left that concert, I didn’t truly know how big a difference it had made in my life. God used that concert, and one of the GVB, to bring about amazing changes in my life over the last year. Funny thing was, it wasn’t Michael English. It was a crazy guy, with an angel voice named Mark Lowry.

    First, let me say, Mark did not change my life! God changed my life, but he has used Mark in many ways over the last two years, to show me how God’s grace and love, is also for me. Two years ago, I would have never been able to believe that God loved me, but today, the past holds no chains on me. I don’t have to go through the valleys, or let Satan control my life, because my victory over Satan was won at Calvary. The joy I have now, can never be taken from me because God is faithful, and He is in control of my life forever. I still make mistakes, but I grown and learn in all situations, and all trial, hurts, and pains.

    Because of Michael, I heard Mark, and because of Mark’s availability to being used by God, I found God’s love, a love that was always there for me, but a love I couldn’t see. So, when Mark sings, my heart melts knowing where I was, and how far I have come.

    What started as wanting to hear Michael English, became a night of laughter for me because of Mark. I had not laughed in years, and I laughed more that night than I can ever remember. Because of that laughter I wanted to laugh more. I went to YouTube and everyday I would find anything and everything I could of the GVB, of Mark Lowry, anything that would make me laugh. That laughter lead me to twitter, to Mark’s website and blogs and the more I laughed, the more I read, and the more I read, the more I starting getting the message of God’s love for me.

    What I am trying to say is God’s plan for me, the places He has taken me, He has used many people in my life, each one with a different purpose. If Michael English had not been on that stage with Casting Crowns, and if Michael hadn’t rejoined the GVB, and if Mark hadn’t rejoined the GVB, I’m not sure I would be here today. God used Michael to reach me, but He used Mark to show me about God’s love and grace, and to show me I could laugh again. In the last year I have started back to college and studying for a degree in “Biblical Counseling”. Within my church I am serving and helping others to get through some of the same struggles I have been through.

    Guys, I understand how much you love Marshall and Guy. I love them too! And one of the things I have come to see by watching all the Homecoming videos is that the Homecoming Family is exactly that! They are a family! And it’s a family that you are always a part of, no matter where you go, or what you do. I watch the videos and I see a family that is there for each other, no matter what they have done, or how they have failed. But I can promise you that I am who I am, and where I am today, because of those changes Bill made in the GVB. They directly impacted my life! I do thank guys like Mark, and Michael, and so many others for allowing God to use them. What does the Ray Boltz song say, “Thank You for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am so glad you gave”!

    We don’t always understand changes, but God understands and knows what is best for our lives.We should trust that God can use all things for His glory, even if we don’t like them or understand.

  146. Amen my brother! Well said…A befitting and perfect closure for this thread!

  147. Susan, I have had the privledge to attend two of Guy’s concert. I can assure you he is still singing gospel. I have never been as blessed at any concerts as I was his. He actually preaches more than he sings.

    But I must also say this. During the time he ‘disappeared’ from view, I was crushed. I didn’t know at the time that I was facing a battle w/breast cancer, and was a very sick lady. I made several ugly remarks on this site, for which I am sorry and M still embarrased. I really am not a hateful person, but you would not know that from the attitude you all saw.

    Having seen Guy live, I know all that happened was God ordained. God’s timing is perfect, and I don’t want to question God, but humanly speaking, it seems Guy should have been doing this a long time before now.

    After reading your testimony, I felt very humbled for displaying the horrible attitude I did. God’s ways are not our ways, and God is never late. Thank you for re-affirming what has become obvious to us all. You are a blessing…and God is so good.

  148. AMEN,Gaithergirl

  149. I do think that we should start a guy penrod fan club that would be awesome and let me know if you do and haow i can join.

  150. I soooo think we should start a guy penrod fanclub that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. I think the gaither bank is wonderful. i wish marshall hall would return!
    Fantastic harmonies and music!

  152. My church got Marshall Hall as there new worship leader back in September of last year.


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