CD Review: “All the Way” (Higher Hope)

All the Way - Higher HopeThis CD is a is a good example of a regional group that performs at professional quality. All the Way is Higher Hope’s debut project and was released by Lamp Music Group / Mountain Top Records.

The project has a pleasant mix of new and old songs. The project starts with a recently composed song, “If You Believe.” The song is written by Ricky Atkinson and was previously recorded by Ricky Atkinson & Compassion.

The next three songs are a trio of classics–the LeFevre’s “Sweeter as the Days Go By,” the Hemphill’s “Paid in Full” (not the same song as the Florida Boys anthem featuring Rick Busby), and Ronnie Hinson’s “He Can.”

Group soprano Jenna Boyd wrote five of the songs on the project, “The Moment that You Ask,” “Good to Know,” “All the Way,” “Nothing Greater,” and “Jesus Walks With Me.”

The project has three other familiar songs, the Kingsmen tune “He’s All I Need,” Carroll McGruder’s “To Me He’s Become Everything” and the classic song “When He Reached Down His Hand for Me.”

The packaging and artwork are professionally done. The songwriters are credited and copyright information is given–something that is, I believe, a legal requirement, but nonetheless something that many groups omit.

No one song on the project jumped out as ideal for being a radio single. Of course, this is not necessarily bad, because when no one song particularly stands out from the others, it just shows that the entire project is of roughly equal quality.

The project is well-done and enjoyable.

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