Bobby Clark suffers stroke

Original Cathedral Quartet tenor Bobby Clark suffered two strokes on January 27th and 28th. He spent about two weeks in intensive care. A family member posted to his Facebook page this evening that he is beginning therapy, adding, “We will not know the true damage just yet, but I covet your prayers for him.”

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  1. My prayers go out to Bobby and his family.

  2. So sorry to hear about this. I was blessed to know Bobby from the times we attended the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion when our son was on the programs. Ofcourse I already knew what a great singer he was from his time with the Cathedrals. Praying for good news and for his family during this time.

  3. I met Bobby in 1995 at the GOGR and was honored to get to play a few songs on the program in a group put together with Bobby, Jack Tony Buddy Burton and Doug was the bass singer. We had a great time hanging with Bobby. My wife loved his voice. God Bless Bobby.

  4. Daniel, I guess I have known Bobby longer than most, having met him around 1954 when we were both teenagers. Now we’re both living in Texas. I visited Bobby on Monday February 10, and stayed about an hour talking about quartets. We can only pray for his recovery.
    I’m sorry to see an old friend with a marvelous voice struck down as he is, but we serve a savior that can still perform miracles. Jim Toney, lead singer with the original Toney Brothers.

    • I am delighted to hear that he is doing well enough to talk with a friend for an hour!

  5. i just found out about my dear friend Bobby. Bobby Clark is in a class all by himself in my book. I love him personally and admire him professionally. i have been singing his song “I Know” continuously for more than a month in my preparation for concerts; I even have my wife, Linda singing it. Please convey our love and prayers to him and his family. Squire and Linda Parsons

    • And on a side note, you are one of my heroes and it is an incredible honor that you would visit this site.

      • As another side note. That might be the coolest post in your site’s history.

        Back on topic, I really enjoyed getting introduced during the Cathedrals reunion from the 90s. Really great singer and seems like a really genuine guy. Sorry to here about this difficult time he is having. Praying for improvement!

      • It’s top ten, for sure.

  6. Hi Daniel, I am 81 yrs old and just found your site. One of my greatest joys as a young man was going to hear the best two quartets ever. The only other group that was on the same level was the Cathedrals. I like your site. Keep up the great work for southern gospel music. Bless you, Ernie.

  7. So sorry to hear this, have some of the Cathedral cds but not sure if he is on any of them. I will definitely pray for him and his family.