Friday News Roundup #211

Worth Knowing

  • Rich Crist of the (retiring) Crist Family will be joining the staff of the Crist Family’s record company, Crossroads, in March.
  • Gaither Music is up for a small business award in its hometown; their small business profile contains a number of fascinating details about the company.

Worth Reading

From this week’s Letters to the Editor, here are reader Dustin’s reflections on Southern Gospel’s Most Successful Soloists:

I’m late to a good conversation, but there is a lot of merit about writing your own songs as a soloist. There have not been many successful solo artists in gospel music. Only a few. And I’d say while many of the successful soloists remained successful and have their core, reliable fans, it’s easy for the “momentum” to stale up a bit among premier quartet fans. Southern gospel is a quartet world. When somebody leaves a big named group, fans anticipate the new vocalist, compare a group’s current personnel with combinations of past personnel. When you get a CD by a quartet or trio, you’re hearing different voices. And each new vocalist can bring a different dynamic to the group’s overall sound. Not so with a soloist. Also, emcee work must be good…keeping the audience engaged for an hour or more all by yourself can be tasking enough for a preacher. So it really helps to have a dynamic personality, as well as being extremely ministry minded.

Everyone needs a few heroes. Squire Parsons is one of mine. It was a highlight of my week when he commented on the site for the first time, sharing thoughts and prayers on the post about Bobby Clark’s stroke:

I just found out about my dear friend Bobby. Bobby Clark is in a class all by himself in my book. I love him personally and admire him professionally. i have been singing his song “I Know” continuously for more than a month in my preparation for concerts; I even have my wife, Linda singing it. Please convey our love and prayers to him and his family. Squire and Linda Parsons

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

Were there any other Southern Gospel news stories of significance this week?

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  1. I can’t agree more with Dustin’s comments. I would say his last sentence applies to Mike Holcomb. In this case, it’s a dynamic preacher who is also a dynamic singer. Great combination! On a side note, maybe as an idea for another post, what are/have been the most successful duos in Southern Gospel music? Right now only two come to mind for me. That is The LeBeaus and Wilburn & Wilburn. I am sure there are others that I am missing. I would say duos are a rarity in the SG genre.

    • Three of the genre’s most successful duos would be the Happy Two, Buck & Dottie Rambo, and Wilburn & Wilburn. But Buck & Dottie’s success may or may not count, since it came after the Rambos’ success.

  2. There have been a lot of great Bluegrass/Bluegrass Gospel duos over the years; however, they are typically accompanied by a complete band–Dailey & Vincent, The Stanley Brothers, and Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs all come to mind. While none of those groups/duos were exclusively gospel, they did bring many songs to the table that have become very popular gospel songs. Some examples would be Dailey & Vincent’s “I Believe” and The Stanley Brothers’ “Rank Stranger.”

  3. I wish we could see and hear more of the LeBeaus nationally…or at least East coast! Their rendition of “While the Ages Roll” is one of the best I’ve ever heard. I’d love to hear it again! Joy FM plays some of their songs, but that is the only place I hear them.

    • Probably the reason you only hear them on JoyFM is that they appear to only be touring in NC and SC right now – in other words, touring regionally in JoyFM’s region.

      • I figured as much. 🙂 I even tried to find their version of the song on YouTube, but it’s not there!

        Thanks Daniel~~

  4. The Gaithers and I see each other at many Pacer games (our seats are in the same section)…sometimes we share tickets back and forth….here’s another interesting fact..they recently had an employee retire after working for them for 40 years….quite a testimony for a ministry….

  5. Hi Daniel, I thought ( if it is ok ) to post a question on ” you decide Saturday”. What do you think about the NQC move? What positives and or negatives do you see with the new location and other changes I think will be happening? I will start, Pigeon Forge is beautiful!

  6. Mark Lowry, Jake Hess, Bill Gaither, Vestal Goodman and Guy Penrod sing over some tea outdoors. Gaither’s Hawaiian Homecoming video is fantastic, and this clip always puts a smile on my face whenever I watch it.

    • Thanks John…that was a good one! I miss those 4 on Homecomings!

      • You’re welcome, April!

  7. I’m puzzled about something in the article about Bill Gaither. It states that Gaither Studio opened in 1994. That’s off by about two decades, unless they are leaving out the part of the studio’s lifetime when it was know as Pinebrook. I’m not real clear on the timeframe when the name change occurred.

    Interesting personal tidbit: my mom and her sisters recorded at Pinebrook in 1974. The studio was so new to the Gaithers that Danny and Bill both, at various times, sat in on the sessions. I was four years old, and my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to the sessions. I was so disappointed.

  8. What happened to the Kingdom Heirs / Triumphant post?

    • Sorry, but “no comment.”

      • Daniel,

        I came to the site to show my wife the announcement and it was gone. For a little while I thought maybe I saw it on another blog. Now that I know you pulled the story I don’t feel like I am having memory issues. 🙂

  9. OK, but is it still on? It is still showing up on the NQC site?

  10. Well the most exciting post in a while -the ones concerning the Kingdom Heirs-has been taken down I see. It contained good news, some testimony, reconciliation. And then the good news is gone. This is what frustrates a lot of people who try to follow southern gospel news and events.

    • Agreed…and with no explanation

      • I agree, it is rather curious.

  11. My assumption (based on prior examples) would be that comments got to an unacceptable point…..

    • A couple of people contacted me, concerned if their comment had been offensive, and assured me it was unintentional if so. Nothing prevents me from at least clarifying that part: The comments were fine.

      I have been known to close comments on a post where the comments got nasty, but in my recollection, I have only ever been in a position where I had to take a story down two or three times, and it has never been because of comments.

      With that said, I am in a position where I am not able to comment further, and I again apologize.

      • Thanks, Daniel.

      • That is integrity at it’s best….!!!!