Peg McKamey sustains head injuries in serious fall

This afternoon, The McKameys and their booking agency, The Harper Agency, announced on Facebook┬áthat Peg McKamey Bean suffered head injuries in a serious fall on Wednesday morning. This weekend’s concerts have been postponed. Prayer is requested for Peg and for her family.

UPDATE (2/14/2014):┬áThe McKameys posted on Facebook: “Peg is doing much better today and may go home tomorrow,thank you for the prayers!.”

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  1. Prayers going out for Peg!

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to this wonderful lady and her family. She has been an inspiration to me and so many others through the years. May God bless her with a full, speedy recovery, and bless her to be back on the road singing His praises very soon. Thank you, Daniel, for the notification of this need.


  4. Peg will be kicking off her shoe at upcoming concerts in no time. Praying for her quick and speedy recovery, although she is already healed in the Name of Jesus.

  5. I saw Peg and her family for the first time this month at the Winter Jubilee in Florida and what a blessing I received when she sang The God on the Mountain……..I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as full of the Spirit as she was when she was singing. My prayers go out to her and her family.

  6. I love Peg. I met them the first on a cruise back in 1990. The McKamey’s Dixie Melody the Perrys and I was with the Anchormen. Let me tell you we had a wonderful time in the Lord and just as Mary Wood says she was full and running over with the Joy of the Lord. Daniel had a post about first impressions a while back and being on the cruise with her was one of those that have stuck with me all these years. Great experience!

  7. What a Godly lady Peg is! One can just see it on her face when she is singing. I just love her, and my prayers
    for her will continue to go up.

  8. I love peg. I went to the quartet convection in Louisville for 15 yrs. And I loved to hear the mckameys. My prayers go out to her and pray. That she will be up and about real soon.

  9. I’ve known the McKameys for several years. As a DJ I always enjoy using their music to Bless others. They include a scripture reference for each song—awesome! I will pray for Peg and her family during this difficult time.

  10. Daniel – is there any recent update that you can post here? Thanks

    • She was released from the hospital and is home; that’s all I know at this point.