Todd Suttles joins Gaither Vocal Band

Yesterday afternoon, the Gaither Vocal Band announced that their new baritone will be Todd Suttles.

Last week, we featured several videos of Suttles filling in with the Gaither Vocal Band. Here’s one more video, of Suttles joining Wes Hampton in 2010 to sing “It Is Well”:

(Yes, we know the audio is a little out of sync, but the performance comes closer than anything else online to showcasing Suttles’ potential.)

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, for various reasons, but I find this too exciting to keep quiet on! I’m looking forward to hearing more of this lineup! Everything we’ve heard up to this point has been audience member videos of relatively poor quality, but hearing a small sample of studio quality recording in the announcement video, it sounds phenomenal! It’s sounds tighter and smoother.

    I’m excited to hear what direction the group goes into. You have David and Wes with their contemporary/modern sounds, Adam with his country/modern sounds, and Todd with that good ol’, soulful Black Gospel sound. There are endless possibilities.

    It appears also that Todd has a tremendous since of humor, and can’t stand still!! This will be a good fit to somewhat fill the void that Mark left.

    One last thing, Bill has a couple of bodyguards now, so don’t nobody go messin’ with him!!!

  2. Thank you Daniel. 🙂

  3. The clip is worth a second listen.. the first time was for the announcement, the second time for the music in the background. The first time through hearing the music in the background, it almost sounded like just old recordings of some standard Gaither songs. But on the second, closer listen, it sounds to me that they are all new recordings with the new group! Sounds Great!!

  4. It also sounds like Adam’s harmonica was added into “Jesus Is With Me”!! (6:27)

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that these are songs from the new CD they’re working on. It may well be something like Reunited.

      • That seems to be a pattern for Gaither. He introduces new groups singing the cornerstone GVB songs to let the fans compare the new to an established standard. Then, he pursues the new stuff and explores different direction that highlight the talent.

        I for one love that approach. My wife doesn’t understand why I have so many GVB albums. “They’re all the same songs” she says. But I say that even though they may be the same songs, they are unique in that each iteration of the group has offered it’s own special sound to the songs.

        Bottom line, Bill Gaither is a genius!!

  5. I’m very excited to hear this group! I must say, as much as I love every line-up the GVB has ever had, and love all the men who’ve ever been in it, this last line-up was not a favorite of mine. This new line-up could mean great things!

  6. Todd’s speaking voice sounds deeper than Gaither’s, but he has very good upper range when singing. He will make an excellant baritone.

  7. The video is also on Godtube with the audio fixed:

  8. It’s always nice to see who Bill’s new guy is after waiting for several months in anticipation. He sounds great!

  9. I am very excited about the new members! I think they are a great addition. They don’t have a common sound and they are giving Todd a opportunity despite not having southern gospel experience. The little I have seen from this video and other videos of them singing it looks like they enjoy being around each other. I look forward to seeing them in a couple months.

  10. Awesome line up… Maybe with these guys they can do some of their older stuff live again…eg I’ll worship only at the feet of Jesus, Whenever we agree together and stuff from I do believe… However, I hope Bill doesn’t re-record some of there older stuff. I’d love to hear them do some fresh songs, but not in the line they were going…Pure and Simple etc. I missed that classic Vocal Band feel in albums like God is Good, I do believe and even Everything good. They haven’t done any stuff in that vein again… I supposes options are endless now. Strong team…

    • It’s funny, I must be getting old. Both songs you named feel to me like newer songs. I hear “older stuff” and immediately think of songs like “Living Sacrifice”, “No Other Name But Jesus”, “Can’t Stop Talkin’ About Him” or “These Are They”. They’ve sung all of them since their initial recordings, but the first time for each was the early 80’s.

      • I’d like to hear them revisit stuff like ‘Glorious Morning’ or ‘Blessed Messiah’…those would be awesome if revived. Like I said…some of the old stuff live in concert is ok…but why rerecord songs that other GVB combinations have already done?