CD Interviews: Jodi Hosterman on Love Came Through (Skyline Boys)


In the CD interviews column, instead of sharing a reviewer’s thoughts about a project, we interview the artist to get his own thoughts. Here, Skyline Boys tenor Jodi Hosterman—whom many of you will also remember from his time with the Inspirations and with the Kingdom Heirs—shares his thoughts on his current group’s latest release, Love Came Through.

Daniel: What would you name as the project’s strongest song? If it’s a different song, do you have a personal favorite?

Jodi: First of all, let me start out by thanking you for the opportunity to highlight our music to your audience. One of the strengths of the Skyline Boys is our diversity of music. We cover a wide range of styles from progressive to a little country and our fans have come to expect the unexpected from us musically. That being said, all of our songs will appeal to a wide audience. If you don’t like the song that just played, that’s ok because something totally different is coming next. I’m going to pass on naming a strongest song but I will pick a favorite. “Sing It Brother, Sing It” has been a real crowd favorite for us. It’s a fast song that our crowds are really enjoying and when the people are enjoying a song, it makes it that much easier to sing.

Daniel: There are a few songs on this project that readers might have heard before. One of them is “Makes Me Wanna Go,” written by lead singer Brian Alvey when he was with Tribute Quartet. Can you share a little about what Alvey brings to the group, both as a singer and as a songwriter?

Jodi: Brian has been a very good addition for us. He is a supremely talented singer. He rarely misses a pitch and has the ability to sing a fast song or a ballad with equal sensitivity. Aside from the song you mentioned, we haven’t explored any of Brian’s other songs. This song made it onto the album due to the fact that our song selection leaned a little ballad-heavy. During tracking, Brian pitched this song to us and we all immediately loved it. It was just what the album needed—an up-tempo, quartet song.

Daniel: One of your feature songs is “He’s All I Need,” a Kingsmen classic that has become a tenor standard. Whose idea was it that you do the song?

Jodi: This question has an interesting answer. Before I rejoined the group, the recording cycle was already in motion. Meaning, the songs had been selected and the dates were set for the studio. I came on board and found out that we were cutting this song. I’ve been singing professionally for 15 years and tend to shy away from tenor “standards.” I’m of the opinion that these songs are already being sung by every tenor in the country, so folks don’t need to hear one more guy singing them. But this particular song I had never had the opportunity to sing. I’d heard it a million times but had never sung it. We sang it in rehearsal before my first concert back with the group just to make sure we were all on the same page. I immediately fell in love with this song!! The lyrics are incredible and it fits me vocally like no other song ever has. It’s like it was written just for me. We use it for our invitation song in concert and it sets the tone for the message the Skyline Boys deliver every night.

Daniel: Has the first radio single been picked yet?

Jodi: The first single is “Makes Me Wanna Go.” It is already at radio and is just starting to pick up some momentum. We had a little difficulty in picking the first song to release as we have 4 songs that deserve consideration for release as singles. This is a great problem to have!! It means that folks can anticipate a lot of great music on the horizon from the Skyline Boys.

Daniel: When will Love Came Through be available?

Jodi: Love Came Through is available right now. You can get it off our table at concerts or through our web site, This is our best album to date and we are excited for folks to hear it. It has already been featured on Paul Heil’s The Gospel Greats radio program. Paul has been a big fan of the group for some time and we are grateful to him. There are a lot of great things in store for the Skyline Boys and we are anxious to discover what God has in store for us next!

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  1. Thank you Daniel for this interview. I can’t wait to get this CD. Love those Skyline Boys!

  2. I read on another blog just this week the Brian Avery had left this group. Is that correct?

    Thanks and thanks for the great site.

    • I don’t know. I did see videos Aaron Swain posted that had someone “filling in” on lead.

      • That was the blog where I read it. I read a few different sites and couldn’t remember. I went back and found the post:

        “They were traveling with a fill-in lead singer after Brian Alvey’s departure,”

        I also did not spell his name correctly. Sorry about that.

        Thanks for your response.

      • On that note, I find it more interesting that he (Brian Alvey) is traveling with Greater Vision this weekend…

      • He lives in Morristown, the same town as Greater Vision’s home base. If they need a sound man for the weekend, or someone to fill in, he could run sound or sing all three parts (but not all at once; I mean, he’s good, but not THAT good!)

      • I believe Gerald is having some vocal issues, and is having Brian sing in his place this weekend. Praying for Bro. Wolfe…

  3. Yes, that’s correct. On the Singing News website “Positions Available” section, they have listed that they are looking for a lead singer.

  4. Thanks for your prayers, Brian, but please focus them on a serious neck and shoulders issue I”m having physical therapy for… not a vocal issue. Thanks for your concern, tho. 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know more specifics, and sorry if I caused any confusion!

      • Don’t worry, Brian. I stay confused most of the time. 🙂