Friday News Roundup #212


Worth Knowing

  • A fundraising campaign has been launched on Indiegogo (a site similar to Kickstarter) to fund a CD celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing Company. The CD should contain forgotten gems from the Stamps-Baxter catalog.
  • The Woodsmen Quartet announced that lead singer Jim Hutson will be rejoining the group, and Daniel Rivera (who has sung with Blackwood Legacy, Promise, and The Toney Brothers) will be coming on board as tenor.

Worth Reading

When discussing the possibility that the Gaither Vocal Band could be working on an album of classic songs with new vocals, reader Joseph submitted this Letter to the Editor:

That seems to be a pattern for Gaither. He introduces new groups singing the cornerstone GVB songs to let the fans compare the new to an established standard. Then, he pursues the new stuff and explores different direction that highlight the talent.

I for one love that approach. My wife doesn’t understand why I have so many GVB albums. “They’re all the same songs” she says. But I say that even though they may be the same songs, they are unique in that each iteration of the group has offered it’s own special sound to the songs.

Bottom line, Bill Gaither is a genius!!

Worth Watching

Worth Discussing

Are there any other significant Southern Gospel news stories from the week that we have yet to cover?

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  1. Dear Editor,

    Groups often do Christmas CDs, but have any groups ever done Resurrection/ Passion Week CDs? It would seem so ideal, because there are many songs about the cross, blood being shed, the resurrection, etc. Groups could do songs in any order or they could proceed chronologically through the week with songs about the various Passion Week events.

    Unlike Christmas albums which are usually only played between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a Resurrection CD would have year-round appeal to Christians.

    It would be nice to see Southern Gospel groups come out with some Resurrection albums!

    Daniel’s Siblings

    • I don’t know of any formally organized Easter projects, but I can think of a couple that definitely had a loose resurrection theme: “High and Lifted Up” by the Cathedrals and “Serving a Risen Savior” by Greater Vision.

  2. I know one thing. It takes a lot of guts to share a story like that and then sing such a powerful song right after it. I love the Booth Brothers. Such great men. Thanks for sharing the video.

    • So poignant to hear that word from Ronnie, I agree. I could tell that came from his heart. We never know fully what someone has walked through.

  3. Daniel, thanks for spotlighting my post! I’m honored!

    Here’s a good article about Jason Crabb on, a secular news site run by Glenn Beck’s media company. Good to see a southern gospel artist getting some mainstream attention!

    • That is a great article in The Blaze on Jason Crabb. It is so refreshing to see God get the attention in the secular world. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Pray, pray and pray for people to take notice how much God really loves us.

  4. Does anybody know if Tim Riley is coming off the road again ? I saw that Gold City had a different bass singer this weekend.

    • As far as I know, Tim has been sick and Joe Brown (former Diplomats bass) has been filling in.

    • I read that he is ill with an infection in his vocal cords, but he will return to the road soon.

  5. I just came across the video of Jacob Jake Crowley singing Jesus Loves Me. This kid, at 16, seems to have
    the same ability to make a connection through his voice and conviction that I find with Guy Penrod.
    Who is he and how do we find out more about him?
    Steven Smith

  6. Daniel, thanks for having the lyrics to the “Prodigal Son” on your site. I couldn’t find them online until I found them here. A much-appreciated resource!