Poet Voices question

Who was the bass singer on Pilgrim Song (1999) – Tim Duncan or David Jordan?

EDIT: I had emailed Phil Cross the same question and just heard back: It was Tim Duncan. Thanks!

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  1. I think one of the best line-ups Poet Voices had was Phil, Dale, Scott and Tim.

  2. In fact, I personally think that was their best lineup, though the earlier one with Mike Allen was almost as good.

  3. Pilgrim Song was probably my least favorite project by Poet Voices. There were a couple of good songs on it but that’s about it (IMO of course). The next mainline CD (and with the same personnel), Pilgrim Song ranks up as one of my favorites they did.
    I’ll agree with Robert about Scott being the better baritone than Donny. That is just based on tones though. Donny would make a good lead singer, Scott just has the edge with a fuller sound.
    I’ll also agree with Daniel. “Love’s Sweet Story” and “Trust the Truth” with Tony Jarman and Mike Allen as the bookends were hard to beat.

  4. My favorite lineup was the group that recorded “Pilgrim Song,” although the project itself isn’t one of my favorites. A few really good songs, but too many that left me scratching my head. Way too many horns on the project.

    I agree that Scott has the better baritone voice, but Donny gave the group an added dimension. Donny could step up and take over the lead on songs that needed a punch that Phil couldn’t give. In concert, Donny did the lead on songs that Phil originally recorded the lead part on. They were much better live than on CD.

    I remember thinking at the time that if Dale, Phil, Donny, and Tim stick together for an extended run, they’ll be one of the best groups going. Wasn’t long after that Donny left.

  5. I really liked “Trust The Truth”. Each song on that album was great!

  6. Timeless1 is my favorite.

  7. I really enjoyed Timeless1, especially since it featured that great baritone, Scott Inman. The main thing I liked about that project was that it avoided all the same songs that every other group has been doing in their Hymns and Classics collections.

  8. I am %100 sure that David Jordan was on the entire recording………..Tim was dubbed on the songs that had solos!

    • Fascinating. A group is always in a pickle when a member leaves mid-recording, and sometimes that’s really the only option.

  9. Interesting, I’ve never heard that before. I’m listening the title track and it sure sounds like Duncan. He had more ‘cut’ that Jordan did. Of course that’s Donny on the solo…he and Duncan I believe both joined at the same time…shortly after NQC 99.

  10. Sure does sounds like Jordan on track 2, Oh Happy Day (a cappella).

  11. Why so many different line ups thru the years with PV?