Dallas Rogers, Melton Campbell return to Inspirations

Two months ago, the Inspirations announced that former lead singer Matt Dibler had returned. Yesterday evening, they announced that two more alumni, tenor Dallas Rogers and baritone Melton Campbell, are also returning to the group. In a statement posted to Facebook, the group commented:

Well it’s time to finally make the announcement… After much prayer and consideration, we can now announce the official 2014 lineup for The Inspirations!! We could not be happier to announce that Dallas Rogers is returning to sing tenor, and Melton Campbell is returning to sing baritone! That means the 4 singers will now be Jon Epley at bass, Melton Campbell at baritone, Matt Dibler at lead, and Dallas Rogers at tenor. The positive feedback and support from our fans has been AMAZING during this time of transition, but as Martin Cook stated, we are “excited beyond words” about this new lineup! We believe that God has worked in a mighty way to bring all of this together, and the new sound of these 4 voices is something you are definitely gonna want to hear! We can’t wait to hit the road this weekend and look forward to seeing all of you in the following months and years. Thank you all for the kindness and patience you have shown us, and we will do our best to continue on with this wonderful tradition of The Inspirations– good ole Southern Gospel Quartet singing! We love y’all!

Dibler and Campbell are cornerstones of the recent years of the Inspirations’ legacy; both were members for most of the 2000s, when the group rose back to the top of the genre. Dallas Rogers’ run at tenor in the late 2000s left a shorter but still significant mark.

It is heartwarming to see the Inspirations enter their fiftieth anniversary year with a vocal lineup that fully does justice to one of the greatest legacies the genre has seen.

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  1. This is really cool! Matt & Melton were meat in the Mike & Archie sandwich. They were in the Inspirations when I first remember hearing the group. Though I’m not as familiar with Dallas, what I heard makes me think this group is going to be awesome! What a way to celebrate the 5-0!

    Also, I wish someone did something for the Inspirations to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

    • Excellent! Although the Inspirations are considered “mountain gospel,” in my view, they are the best example of a true southern gospel quartet. The clean cut look, matching suits and a live band help make seeing them an experience as opposed to just a concert…

  2. This is great news. Was able to see this group last weekend and Jeff Easter filled in at baritone (and did a great job). They were fantastic. This is one of the best quartets traveling and cant wait to hear a new recording.

  3. This is wonderful news! There is just no other group who equals the Inspirations. The main thing that has always blessed us the most and kept us interested in this group is their humility. Honestly, I believe it is so important for us to stay humble and low before God in order to retain His anointing on what we do. When we become too self-assured and too self-promoting, our focus goes from God to self, the glory is no longer on what we do, and it comes across as merely empty, shallow entertainment, which does nothing to nurture the spirit. It only appeases the flesh. We have loved and followed The Inspirations for years and have always been so blessed by the way they have maintained their initial integrity. We really enjoyed the short time Dallas was with them, and, of course things just haven’t felt right without Melton. We can’t wait to see what new and amazing things God does with and through The Inspirations this year! Wow…thanks so much for sharing this great news! You are a blessing, Daniel. We so enjoy your site!

  4. Great News, Dallas Rogers I would say is one of the Top 5 Tenors in Southern Gospel Music. This guy just delivers every time he sings.

  5. While I don’t like to name favorites in any group (at least not in a public forum), I have always thought that Dallas Rogers was the perfect fit for the post-Archie Watkins Inspirations. His voice sounds to me like an eerie cross between Archie and Vestal Goodman. I was disappointed when he left so quickly during his last tenure with the group. As for Melton Campbell, at times he reminds me of Troy Burns, not only in his voice but in his stage presence. With Matt Dibler back as well, I am really exited to see what the future holds for this group. BTW, is anyone besides me REALLY enjoying Jon Epley as a bass singer?

    • I’m with you; I, too, shy away from naming favorites in public. But I will join you in the compliments to Dallas Rogers’ vocal ability. He’s got enough mountain stylings in his voice to fit the Inspirations sound, but it’s also just different enough to lend his own identity to the mix.

      I’m also REALLY enjoying Jon Epley as a bass singer. He’s very different than Mike Holcomb stylistically, but he’s incredibly strong – one of the best out there – at the style he sings.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! The Inspirations are a group of 4 powerhouse vocalists once again. This is the best possible line up that I could have ever imagined!

  6. Thanks y’all! We sure appreciate the positive feedback, and thanks for spreading the news, Daniel. We are very, very excited about the future!

  7. I’m glad to see Melton back, I saw them only once when he was with them and I thought he was one of the best singers I’ve heard!

  8. ” Dallas Rogersโ€™ run at tenor in the late 2000s left a shorter but still significant mark.”

    Ha. I see what you did there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That wasn’t intentional! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This is the best possible news I could have heard. I’ve been wondering what they were up to with the revolving door they’d had, worrying that they might have been treading water until retiring. Then, BOOM! Dallas, the most Archie-like of the previous tenors, and Melton, one of my favorite baritones, round out the group.

    Well played, gentlemen…well played. I look forward to your return to my home area this year!