Singing News Fan Awards to return to NQC

Singing News and the National Quartet Convention announced yesterday afternoon that the Singing News Fan Awards will return to the NQC mainstage this year.

Rick Francis, Singing News’ Operations Manager, explained that the details had been in progress for several weeks, adding, “It just makes sense for the Singing News Fan Awards to take place during the week of NQC, during a time when the entire Southern Gospel music community —fans, artists, and industry—is together in one place. We are very pleased about this agreement.”

NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley added, “The Singing News Fan Awards and the NQC were inseparable institutions for decades, and we are delighted that the Fan Awards will once again call the NQC home.”

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  1. I’m assuming, then, that having the Fan Awards back at NQC will end the NQC Awards short tenure? It’s not mentioned in the release.

    • I didn’t comment on that in the main post, because the main post didn’t announce one way or another. However, I do notice that the NQC website’s home page lists both this press release as the top news item and still has the NQC Music Awards in the main menu (linking here: Perhaps the most likely scenario is that the webmaster just hasn’t updated it yet.

      • Looking at the Afternoon Showcase schedule, it appears the NQC Awards is no longer. I’m guessing that link is still active only to list the 2013 winners.

  2. This all implies that fans will actually be going to NQC this year.

    • Normally I wouldn’t approve a comment like this. But I decided to, because it provides a good opportunity to mention that, as a matter of fact, several artists appearing on mainstage this year have posted that multiple days of the convention have already sold out. One example:

      So if you want to go, don’t count on seats being available a few weeks from now – get them now!

      • Maybe I should have said “will go again after this year.” (:

      • With a 12,000 seat venue sold out for several of the days six months in advance, I think it’s safe to say that there is a lot of reason for optimism for the future of the event. Turning people away six months before an event? That’s Super Bowl and World Series kind of excitement.

      • Does anybody else find these sell-out claims confusing? It just seems like there was a lot of doom and gloom right after NQC 2013. It’s great news, I’m just confused.

        Maybe this news is because of the age old saying, “Location, Location, Lo-cation!”

      • Any doom and gloom I heard was on the part of pessimists on the outside. People on the inside, like Gerald Wolfe, consistently expressed a very high level of optimism that the move would be a runaway success. It looks like they knew what they were talking about. 🙂

  3. That was my first thought…will the NQC awards go away. Bet they do. Either way, I’m delighted that the Fan Awards are coming back home!

  4. Disappointing to read such sarcastic negative words from sgnsider. The success of the NQC and Singing News is critically important to the whole of SG and it’s health. I can handle skepticism but destructive sarcasm over such a serious matter is juvenile.

    I have often experienced that those who are unwilling to sign a name with their statements are considerably ignorant of the subject they insert themselves into and have accomished nothing that would lend them any credibility.

    This is NOT a game people. These decisions made by owners and board members are made with great care and concern. To spout off such unqualified words are insulting and devisive. If anyone has a BETTER idea, I recommend that you call or write these leaders and submit your thoughts. Evryone in the SG community is reasonably accessible. We are all interested in effective ways to improve our platform for the Gospel.

    Michael Booth

    Booth Brothers

    • I completely agree with and endorse everything you said. I was very hesitant to approve the comment, and the only reason I approved it was to bring up that, in fact, several days had already sold out.

      • It makes sense to have allowed the statement so that you could address such thoughts. It just breaks my heart when words are used to cut and sting. Opinions are good for discussion and many times bring issues to surface that can be improved.

        It’s not wrong to disagree but I believe it is wrong to intentionally inflict insult.

        Michael Booth

        Booth Brothers

      • I couldn’t have said it better. Disagreements are perfectly fine; it’s how we disagree that matters.

    • I know my dark sense of humor doesn’t make it seem like it, but I truly am happy that things are upbeat and hopeful. I honestly expected my comment would be a joke to Daniel and not published. However, since it has, let me just say that claims of sellouts aren’t always what they seem. Just because the venue has released all the tickets to sellers, just means the venue “sold out” it’s tickets; not that tickets aren’t for sell. As far as I can see, there are tickets still available for any and all shows at NQC. Obviously they may not be the best in the house, but unless I’m mistaken they are available (and with the seating arrangement there, that’ll be a discussion for another day). Time will tell. You don’t have to have a sold out house to be a success and I don’t think anyone expects a perfect move.

      • I had no problem purchasing tickets for all nights and the bonus day from the NQC website a couple of days ago. Sure I’m on the back row but I may try to upgrade seats after July which I understand is the last time to return tickets. Please correct me if this is not correct. However it goes I’ll be glad to be there.

  5. Man, this is great news! I’ve definitely been in the detractors seat for the last several years. The Fan Awards didn’t seem right somewhere or some other time than NQC. And NQC seemed to lose some prestige, in my opinion of course, without the awards there. I used to always look forward to Thursday night to hear who won. The two times I’ve been able to go, I made sure to be there Thursday to see the awards. For me, it was the most important night of the week. Glad they’re back. I hope they return to a night stage soon.

  6. Speaking as a Southern Gospel fan who has never been to NQC but always warned to go, I am thrilled with the location this year. It’s in an area that we have been to many times and love visiting. I have my cabin rented but due to illness in the family, I have procrastinated about purchasing my tickets. However you have just jump started that. Will be doing it first thing. I’ll be happy to take any seats and days available and hope it is a resounding success!

  7. Is the SGMA still going to hold it’s HOF Induction ceremony?