Friday News Roundup #215

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  • Singing News posted the 2014 Fan Awards top ten nominees here.

Worth Reading

This week’s featured Letter to the Editor is from J.E. Butler. Commenting on yesterday’s post, Doing the Little Things, he shared some stories of his own:

My son will soon be 35. When I was probably his age – 26 years ago, I purchased for him one of the green bus/piggy banks from the Cathedrals’ table during a concert. My son wanted to meet the bass singer – and he was carrying the bus/piggy bank when we went to meet George Younce. Seeing the bus, Younce reached in his pocket and came out with a $5 bill and put it in the bus without saying a word about it. I saw him do it – but no one else did. Legacy…which I think makes the name Legacy V so perfect…

On a night that Gus Gaches was traveling with L5 but not yet a member, my sister purchased probably $100+ from the Booth Brothers. After she had made her purchase, she noticed a CD by their dad, Ron Booth. My sister told Ronnie how much she loved to hear his dad sing. He reached over, grabbed his dad’s CD, and dropped it in her bag. Steps to a legacy – and a life-long fan not only of Ron Booth, but Ronnie and Michael.

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  1. I saw on Twitter where David Ragan was nominated in the top 10 and he is very deserving of a trophy. He done a great job with the Inspirations and is doing a phenomenal job with the Perrys. I don’t know him but just hearing this guy sing two different styles is a great achievement but the greatest is to have the heart and that right there is everything. He is an outstanding young talent with a beautiful family.

    Also I enjoyed the post Daniel on doing the little things that mean so much. There have been a lot of people that have done things for me and have helped me be a better person. Thanks for that reminder. I always check everyday to see what’s up on the blog and it never has let me down. There’s always something there that blesses my heart.