The Craguns Announce Formation

From left to right: Nick Adams, Elena Cragun, Jordan Cragun, Ray Cragun

From left to right: Nick Adams, Elena Cragun, Jordan Cragun, Ray Cragun

This evening, former Liberty Quartet baritone Jordan Cragun announced the launch of his new group, The Craguns. He will be joined by his wife, soprano Elena Cragun; his father, bass singer Ray Cragun, and his cousin, tenor Nick Adams.

The family’s musical roots run deep, and aren’t limited to Cragun’s short but strong run as Liberty Quartet’s baritone. Ray Cragun, who has been a senior pastor for two decades, has built his own following as a member of various college and regional quartets. Jordan Cragun is also Kim Collingsworth’s nephew.

“We could not be more excited to unveil this new and unique group to the Gospel music world”, Jordan Cragun commented. “I’m so thankful for the prayers and support we have already received from so many. I know this is going to be an incredible journey!” 

The Craguns have launched a website with several full-song previews at

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  1. Are they going to be a full-time or part-time group?

    • The line is so blurred these days that it hadn’t even occurred to me to ask. What matters to me is if they have the talent level to be taken seriously on a national scale, and based on the previews they’ve posted, I think they do.

      • I agree. The previews on the website were excellent to me… I had heard Jordan with Liberty, but I was impressed with both Elena and Ray.

      • Elena’s tone and placement reminded me of Jordan’s cousins, and that’s a high compliment. 🙂

      • Took me a second, but I gotcha! And I’m not the musical-mind you are, so I can’t say whether or not I agree or disagree, but she has a very pleasing voice, especially for someone who hasn’t sung professionally before.

      • Well, she has a clear/pure tone. Obviously, she’s not a genetic carbon copy of their vocal style, but she’s much more in that vein than, say. the Vestal Goodman/Libbi Perry Stuffle school, or the Amber Nelon Thompson school, or the Kim Hopper school.

      • Thanks for putting it in “layman’s” terms. 😉 I agree with you there! She has a very clear tone, she enunciated well, and she had a very soothing, “easy-listening” vocal.

  2. I used to get emails from you! I even have a folder full of emails from you but suddenly I stopped getting them and I don’t understand why! I hope, from now on I will start getting them again!

    Thank you in advance,
    Dianne Troutt

  3. Nice surprise! Nick Adams sang at our church last year with a bible college (GBS) group. This group sounds really good! Can’t wait to hear more from them.

  4. Sounds like a great formation.

    This is an all-family group. Nick is another of Kim’s nephews. Therefore, the group is comprised of a dad & 3 cousins (one by marriage).

  5. Upon listening to the music clips available on their website, I found their music very enjoyable, very-nicely arranged, and most of all, done with a spirit that touched my heart. Had to replay the selections, as the music really ministers and it simply is beautiful! I would encourage everyone to visit their website to experience their music for themselves.
    I don’t personally know any of the members, but… certainly wish the Lord richly blesses their efforts in the ministry! I would say… this is definitely a group to watch! I can see big things happening for them!

  6. This is one of the many reasons why I so appreciate you and the work you do here Daniel, because I get to learn about new artists/groups who I probably would not get a chance to find out about here in Southern Gospel starved New Jersey.

  7. With a few breaks, the Craguns will be around for a while. If “I Want to Be A Servant” was on iTunes I would have already bought it. From a picky music fan, this group is good! Hope they make it!