Video of the Klaudt Indian Family

After years of hearing about the Klaudt Indian Family, I finally got the chance to hear some of their records a few months back.

But it is an entirely different thing to see a video of them performing:

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  1. Very good Daniel. This was a great group of people when they were singing. Who ever put that video on youtube Thank You. Guess they had probably retired before you were born.

    • I have looked for years for info on the Cloud Family. My parents weren”t Christian, but my Mother loved a gospel music show that came on every Sunday from Spokane, WA. They are one of the reasons I came to the Lord. Thank you so much!!!
      Lord bless,


      • Thank you Lori. That was the only reason we were placed here on earth. To accept Christ as our personal savior and tell others. I will see you in heaven. Please look me up.

      • I love the way you put that – living in the light of Heaven as a vivid reality!

  2. Yes, I think they did.

    I believe it was A.B. Kendall, a guy about my age who also loves SG history and has a treasure trove of classic recordings.

    • thank you Daniel. it encourages me.

  3. Very Cool!

  4. Wow, this morning the 20-comment feed was not quite enough to catch me up! Daniel, your blog is getting quite a bit of traffic right now … “Guy Penrod” brings you up on the 2nd page of Google results. It brings Aaron Swain up on the first! Wow!

    (There not being an open thread, I picked the most recent one. Hope that’s OK.)

  5. Yes, it’s been crazy around here, but in a good way. 🙂

    And yes, it’s been so long since I did an open thread that it’s OK to comment here, just so long as you watched the video at the top. 😉 (OK, I’m kidding. But do watch it if you have the time!)

  6. The PC police would be all over that today.

  7. Actually, they really were Native American – the mom of the group (“Little Soldier” Klaudt) grew up on an Indian reservation, and the whole family was registered with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (or whatever it was called) as official, registered Indians.

    So even though they might not have otherwise worn traditional Indian garb in their daily life, they had as much right to do it as I would to don a traditional Polish, English, or Scottish outfit.

  8. As best I recall, the father was German and “Mama Cloud”, as she was affectionately called was full-blooded Indian. When I was a kid in the early 1950s I had a 78rpm recording of the Klaudt Indian Family singing “I’m Bound For The Kingdom.” It was not only a good recording (as played on an old hand-crank Victrola) but it started this little guy to dreaming of following in their manner of ministry. They were evangelists first and singers second.

    They are the only group to this day that I’ve ever seen use a bass/baritone saxophone. They used it very effectively at the Memphis Quartet Convention. They appeared in full colorful native costume, all seven or eight of them, or perhaps even more, and made a huge hit with the crowd.

    Melvin Klaudt is carrying on the family tradition of ministry. I’m not sure where the other siblings are now. But I’m deeply indebted to them for their inspiration of Christian music integrity.

    Thanks ever so much for the video, Daniel.

  9. Yes, you’re right on the ethnic background. I understand that Raymond lives in California and Vernon passed away a few years ago – not sure about the rest.

  10. I’m proud of my heritage, too, but you ain’t catching me in a kilt!!!

    I do own a necktie in Murray plaid, though.

  11. Yeah, I’ve never worn a kilt, and I’m not in a huge rush to. :o)

    But I have worn a high priest’s outfit for seminars I’ve done on the Tabernacle and the high priest. 🙂


    • I remember playing with Ken when we were in our pre-teen years. The Klaudt Family came to Madisonville, KY and sang. My parents were members of The Graham Quartet who helped with the booking of groups to come into the “old” Madisonville High School back in the 50’s. This is the first time I have seen anything about Ken since those days, but I have always remembered him.

    • You are not Ken.


  14. I met the Klaudt Indian Family in the early 50’s. I fell in love with the entire family, not only their music but also for their Christian inspiration. My husband and I attended every concert we could and as our children came along, they were taken to the singings. They all grew up loving the” Indians”.
    We have every LP they made and still play them.
    We still keep in touch with the remaining family members and went to hear them the last two times all the boys preformed together after we lost both Mom and Dad Klaudt, then a few years later we lost Vernon.
    The family were not only great musicians, they ministered the gospel too.
    How we wish we could be able to have access to more videos of this wonderful family singing as they did over the many years. Thanks to the person who posted the video on You Tube. It is such a blessing.

  15. I met the Klaudt family when I was a young boy. They used to park their bus at our farm in Northern Indiana, while doing concerts around the area.
    I have since moved to the Atlanta area, so I have been in contact with them in recent years. I attended Vernon’s funeral and was able to get reaquainted with the family and also their former piano player, Ralph Siebel. Another former painist, Joey Hamby, is in the ministry in Texas.
    They were the type of family that I tried to pattern myself after. They had a personal relationship with the One they were singing about.

  16. The Klaudt Indian family performed at our chuch, when i was a child. We gave food and clothing to them and i rember them here at our house in Abbeville S.C. My Mother just told me that members of the family stayed with my Aunt Florene Lewis for a while . She was my Daddy’s sister .. i have been trying to find out information about the family and often wondered about you all. My daughter Candace was successful today , by changing the spelling .. I thought it was Clout or Cloudt .. I was ama zed at the legacy that has been left by your family and even tho i was a child , i had fond memories of you all ,. You all had an impact on us all and so glad to learn all the exciting history about your family !!! God Bless each and every one of you!!! I still love Indian music to this day .. my daughter foun d and indian song that i love and sent it to me today .. After watching the video , ir reminded me , once again of you all !! So glad i finally know about you !!!

  17. I saw the Klaudt Indian Family at a concert in Kansas City when I was very young, probably 7 or 8 years old, and LOVED THEM. I would like to get some of the recordings. I talked to Vernon on the phone once around 1998, we were hoping to get them to come to a Chataqua celebration in Kansas, but we couldn’t get it worked out in time. Thank you for putting these videos on here.

  18. Remember as a small boy back in the 50’s seeing and hearing them when they came to Sullivan, Illinois. Mom had one of their song books. My grandmother has several of their 78’s. She would play them all the time. Remember Ms. Lillian playing on the organ. Was a wonderful time even for a small boy.

  19. You ain’t Ken.

    • Howdy Crawford,

      I ain’t Ken either. I like your sense of humor. Blaze on!!!!

  20. I heard the klaudt family on tv 10/24/10, it really lifted my spirits…When you’re alone alot,good gospel singing really lifts you up.

  21. Remembering some great times after we met the family in Miami in the late 60’s. The neighbors couldn’t figure out what that big bus was doing parked in front of our house when we had everyone over for dinner. We had the privilege of cruising along the southern coastline of Florida in that bus when they were performing in local churches. Great memories. Still get “glorybumps” when I think of Vernon singing “How Great Thou Art.”

  22. My daddy, Raymond Pearce had insurance with Ken Klaudt in Atlanta area and we were priviledge to be able to go hear the Klaudt Indian Family minister thru song many times. He also had them sing at our church.

  23. I remember the Cloud family back in the 50s. My Grandfather was a pentacostal minister & their sheet music & from other gospel singers was always lying around his house. I remember on a foldout music sheet the Cloud family on the title page was there in their full array. When I was @6 my grandfather went to preach at an Indian church in Lumberton, Robeson county, NC. Whites, blacks & Lumbee Indians had 1/3 of each. Well I always a good talker & I took up with some of the older boys that night he was preaching there. Down the street was a little country store. They took me down there and bought me some pop. We got along well until my Grandfather found us in the store. He was just relieved he found me. Anyhow it wasn’t probably about 1/2 a block. I never will forget that day.

  24. In the early 1960’s the Klaudt Indian Family sang and ministered at a FGBMI Saturday breakfast meeting in Denver, Colorado at an old hotel.

    I was impressed with the young man member of the family that sang solo and thot at the time he was a better quality singer than the famous Hollywood production of Elvis. Plus he sang with great clarity so the older members of the audience could hear every word clearly. What a pleasure it was to have the Klaudts as breakfast guests.

    I cannot remember the soloists first name and would like to know his name if anyone can enlighten me.
    Hopefully, there are still recordings available !

    • That was Ken Klaudt. We will be releasing some DVD’s and CD’s of the Family’s Favorites in the near future through our Family ‘s Public Charity, the “Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation”.

  25. I remember Ray Klaudt. He was a teacher at my elementary school in Duluth,GA back in the late ’60s early ’70s. A very nice,soft spoken man.

  26. Iam looking to do a booking at our church in sevierville tn we have a regulare singing 2nd satutday of each month let me know if your available in jan or feb 2014 R C ANDERSON church phone 865 908 7190 my cell 865 740 7090

    • R.C., the Klaudt Indian Family has been retired for over thirty years.