Andrew Utech leaves Dixie Echoes

Last July, when the Dixie Echoes hired Alex Utech as their new bass singer, they hired his twin brother Andrew as a musician and bus driver. Last night, Andrew announced that he was leaving the group. In a Facebook post, he commented:

“I just wanted everyone to know I am no longer with the Dixie Echoes. I’m going with the Interstate Quartet. For booking or information call 256-424-2751 or 256-599-2052. Thanks to all the fans that have been there for me. Come see me again; you can’t miss it.”

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  1. On the Interstate Quartet’s brand-new FB page, both Utech brothers are pictured in what appears to be the group’s photo. Is Alex still a Dixie Echo?


    • I haven’t heard one way or another.

  2. Alex Utech is still a member of the Dixie Echoes. We will miss Andrew, but we fully understand his desire to sing, instead of playing the drums. He is such a talented you man, and we wish him well.

    • Thanks so much for clearing up the confusion!

    • Yes, thanks for clarifying that!

    • Then why is there a picture of both boys on the Interstate Quartet’s Facebook/Website?

      • Both boys were with the Interstate QT. before they came with The Dixie Echoes.