A Change in Posting Schedule

When this site launched, I decided to put up a post every weekday (and some Saturdays). Early in this site’s history, I missed a day or two—once when the Eastern power grid went down and power was out for more than twenty-four hours! I think it has been five or six years since I missed a day.

That’s good, to a point. But there’s a downside: There are days when I’ve written a post just to keep the streak going. That’s not the most effective use of your time, and I apologize.

Some posts—like last Tuesday’s—could have just as easily been one line in a News Roundup. If something can be communicated just as effectively with one sentence, then it probably should be.

From this point forward, I plan to post only when I have something to say. That should still come out to several posts per week most weeks, and certainly, there will be weeks when every day will have a post. But I won’t waste your time just to keep a streak running.

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  1. I think I’m getting where you’re coming from but for me personally you have never wasted my time. I have always found something interesting in everything you write. When you do the news round up its a reminder for me to keep the ones who have been sick, injured or even someone’s passing, in my thoughts and prayers. So see its never a waste.

  2. I get what you are saying, but will miss the daily post. This is where I get news and info and also good topic discussions. I just told a friend last week to check the posts out because I thought they were really good. I personally dont feel my time had been waisted, but as I said I understand. Keep up the good work and please keep the topic discussions coming too. I dont post on them a lot because much of the time everything that needs to be said has already been said, but I read all the comments and learn from them.
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. There comes a time! As I approached 3100 consecutive daily broadcast schedules for enLighten – and with the years creeping by (now well into my 8th decade here on God’s good earth) – I realized the day was coming and began talking with management about stepping down. I love Southern Gospel music and the folks in it and all of the listeners the station has … but it was coming time for someone new to take the Channel to the next level.

    My final total days was 3196, close to your total number of posts, Daniel. Please don’t stop completely … Southern Gospel needs you! I still post occasionally on http://www.sogoradio.com.

    • It’s interesting how close our numbers are. I’ve currently written 3,187 posts, nine short of your daily totals. The site has had 3,449 published posts altogether, and I’ve been active in coordinating many of the ones I didn’t write.

    • This is one of the many reasons why this forum is beneficial to so many people. I miss hearing Marlin on Enlighten, and now I know there is a way I can still “keep in touch” with him – via his occasional blogs on sogoradio. By the way, Marlin, if you read this, this is Bruce from Parsippany NJ

  4. Daniel – please don’t understimate the value in a “one-line” post. Many of us visit your site daily, enjoying the news and updates along the way, but also using your brief posts as valuable fodder for discussion. Your site has become much more than a news source – but has become a community for many southern gospel followers. You have established a great tone for discussion in this safe, non-combative forum where we have the joy of staying connected with one another as well as hearing fresh insights and perspectives from artists along the way. Thanks for keeping the discussion going!

    • Thanks to everyone! If a news story is big enough that it deserves its own day, but can be expressed succinctly, I’ll express it succinctly. Length and importance, as you observe, are not always correlated. My point earlier was that a booking agency switch is a minor enough story that I could have saved it for a Friday News Roundup.

  5. I was actually surprised you didn’t use last Tuesday for a April Fools Joke. Or is that something that’s left behind in the switch from a blog to a journal?

    • It actually got left behind before that, after I read and was convicted by Proverbs 26:18-19.

  6. Thanks to everyone! The plan is still to cover the same news stories. It’s just that I’ll move the ones that aren’t so big that they need their own post (e.g. a high-profile group lineup change) to Friday News Roundups. You’ll still see the same sorts of news items you saw before.


  8. thanks for allowing these messages reach us out here on the world wide web have a blessed day in Jesus name

  9. Streaks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But if it is done just for the sake of keeping the streak alive then the effectiveness might be compromised. (Iam not inferring anything about this site)

    For example…Cal Ripken (baseball) played in 2632 consecutive games but decided that it was time to a day off and ended the streak. Certainly he could have played another day but for what purpose? I am sure he also played when he was not a 100% healthy to keep the streak going as well.

    I appreciate your dedication to this site and the updates you provide but i can also appreciate that if there is not something “noteworthy” to mention that you take the day off.

    Hope this makes some sense.. 🙂

    Keep up the good work! Blessings!

    • should have read. “but decided that it was time to “take” a day off and ended the streak.

    • “But if it is done just for the sake of keeping the streak alive then the effectiveness might be compromised.” Thanks for not inferring anything, as you also noted, but that’s exactly the point I was trying to make. I don’t want to compromise the effectiveness of the site by just posting to keep the streak alive. That’s why I plan to break it on purpose – probably Wednesday or Thursday, news stories permitting, since I have the monthly new releases post scheduled for tomorrow.

  10. just keep the posts coming…and we’ll overlook it if you miss a day here and there- for any reason; but we’ll miss it nonetheless if you do. It’ll make the next one that much more enjoyable. And as far as ‘streaks’ go – keep it going, or not…it’s up to you…

  11. Daniel, I fully understand your decision, and fully agree with the sentiments of the above posts. As I get older, I find myself disliking change more and more, but this is a change we will grow accustomed to. Sometimes life demands a close examination and often times a refocusing of our efforts.

    Yes. I will miss clicking on your site daily to see what my favorites are doing or, being introduced to “new” favorites.

    • I’m not retiring – just cutting back to, perhaps, an average of 3 posts/week instead of 5. You can still keep up with what your favorites are doing here!

  12. I think it’s a good idea. Quality beats quantity.

    • A similar example: We subscribe to the World Magazine. They used to publish an edition every week. A number of years back they went to an every other week schedule. I think they too want more quality in what they researched and published. So I don’t mind you going to a less frequent schedule, Daniel. Just know that I will be looking forward to the times you do post something, since I know it will be good. 🙂

  13. Daniel, I always enjoy your post. I don’t often respond to then but enjoy keeping up with what’s going on and you are certainly in the know. When I read your post today and got to the last couple of words the comic Ray Stevens came to my mind and I thought you was a takin’ up that thing called streaking. Look out Ethel close yore eyes, ‘Here comes the Streaker’

  14. Very honorable of you. I enjoy your posts, even when there are no major news events to report and will miss the daily posts, but respect your decision. Thank you for your faithfulness.