Friday News Roundup #219

Worth Knowing

  • Songwriter Arthur Smith, who wrote songs like “I’ve Been With Jesus,” “The Fourth Man,” and “I Saw A Man,” passed away on April 3. He was 93.
  • Carolyn Reese, wife of Kingsmen Quartet bass singer Ray Dean Reese, has had several medical concerns over the last few months. Earlier this week, she was in ICU, with tests being run; the Kingsmen posted earlier this week that she has been doing well enough to be moved to a regular room. They will post the latest updates at their Facebook page.

Worth Reading

This week’s Letter to the Editor: Among the many responses to Pat Barker’s decision to come off the road, this one stood out:

I still recall my disappointment following Tracy Crouch’s departure from the Dixie Echoes. I thought no one could ever fill his shoes. By the time Pat Barker left, I realized that he had left them larger than he found them. Throughout his time with the Mark Trammell Quartet, Pat Barker has not only been my favorite bass singer, but also my favorite artist in the genre. While I will greatly miss him, I admire his willingness to put his family first. – Michael Mount

Worth Watching

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  1. Southern Gospel Jubilee on the campus of Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City tonight. The Rochesters as well as groups from Heartland, Southwest Baptist Church, and many others will be singing.

  2. Daniel,

    I think this is the same Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith who wrote “Feuding Banjo’s” that became “Dueling Banjo’s” in the movie Deliverance. Google him and you’ll find out he was a very interesting fellow.

  3. I’m wondering, as I always do when I see your Worth Watching segment, why they are worth watching,
    as the Old Paths above. What makes it worth watching to you?

    • The powerful, doctrinally solid lyric. (The vocal performance helps, too.)

      • It is awesome. How do you find these Worth Watching segments — surely you can’t listen
        to every group who sings? I’m just interested, as I love minutia. That’s meant to be a
        compliment, as you are very, very good at what you do. Sometimes I wonder if you sleep.

      • I watch a lot of videos each week – usually dozens – and pick the one that I think is most exceptional, whether for doctrinal, vocal, comedic, historical, or other reasons.

      • Where do you find the videos to watch, if you don’t mind my asking? I surely would like to watch
        them, but you probably have people who send them to you, I would guess.

      • Two main sources: Facebook liked pages and YouTube subscriptions.

  4. I saw the Kingsmen Thursday night at Sand Spring Baptist Church at Lawrenceburg,KY. They were as good as I have seen them in years. Chris Jenkins is a great addition to the group.