Sony’s Thoughts: Too Busy Serving?

This is conference season for the ministry I work for. From March 1 through last weekend, we were at a different convention every weekend. We now have two weeks off before we hit the road again. Since we’ve been home, I’ve had nights of not sleeping well so I’ve had a lot of sleep to catch up on. In the midst of all this, I’ve been reminded how easy it can be to “serve God” but yet be too busy for Him.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t let one day go by where I don’t pray and, with the app on my phone, I can usually find time to read a chapter from the Bible. It’s not the same, though, as uninterrupted, quality time with my Father. There is a grace on the road. I know I’m doing what God has called me to do, and I acknowledge Him and praise Him as I get a few slow minutes here and there. At the same time, it’s important to remember that God still desires all I have to give Him, and there is no excuse not to make extra time to be alone with Him when I get home.

I share this because I know a lot of ministry leaders read this, but I suppose this really applies to everybody. Whether you are a pastor, singer, evangelist, office worker, housewife, etc., don’t neglect to take the time to hear from your Heavenly Father. He has something He wants to speak to you. It may be a word of encouragement, a caution, some direction, maybe even a rebuke but it is worth listening. We cannot tell others how to live a Godly life if we are not doing everything we can to live Godly as well.

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the reminder.

  2. How true and of great import these words are. And how scary the thought that one could be in service while not having quality time with his Master, and think it okay. It is so easy to forget that as servants of Christ we are daily required to sit at His feet and there further deepen our relationship and acquire the much needed strength and wisdom for service. It is a requirement if we are to be very effective in our service. Without taking time to hear from God, our service can easily turn to “service,” – automated, with little stamina and very susceptible to discouragement.

    Indeed hearing from our heavenly Father is vital for spiritual growth. I’m reminded of a Bemba saying (Zambia) which says “umweo ni mukutwi” or “life is in the ear.” A song has sprung from this saying, which goes:

    Your life is in your ear, child listen and live
    Heed all His words and endless life He will give
    If you learn to hear His voice
    You will hear that gladsome noise [that will wake the dead]
    Let His words lead you all your days
    Child listen to the words your Father says

    This post has reminded me of how important listening to God daily is, and that service can spring from a heart enriched and energised from time spent with God, which should be daily. The quality of service is likely to suffer when that time is done away with or set aside for lengthy periods of time.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Brother John. You are absolutely right.

  3. As a pastor of over 30 years, I can attest to the danger of becoming consumed with service at the exclusion of relationship. Thank you for the reminder and the warning for us all.